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Cloud Data Warehouse Solutions

In 2023, there will be 10 good options for keeping your data stored in the cloud. This is called a Cloud Data Warehouse. Check out these solutions to find the one that works best for you.

Every year, Solutions Review puts out a list of the best cloud data warehouse solutions. This list is based on what people think are the best products available. The editors chose the solutions by looking at what other people said about them online and using their own five-point criteria.

Solutions Review has a resource to help you find the best cloud data warehouse for your organization. It can be difficult to choose the right one. To make it easier, we have put up information about the best solutions in one place. We have also added videos that show how the solutions work so you can see them before deciding.

Cloud data warehouses are computer systems that help you store and manage your data. They can help you save time by organizing the data so it is easier to find what you need.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Redshift is a cloud data warehouse. It lets customers store lots of data, from a few hundred gigabytes to more than one million gigabytes. You can use it to query and analyze any kind of data. The queries run quickly with familiar tools like SQL. AWS has different levels of managing a group of computers. The level you use depends on what skills you have.

Google Cloud

Google has a product called BigQuery. This helps businesses analyze their data. You do not need servers to use it. It looks at data stored in many different ways and can capture new data quickly. BigQuery is part of the Google Cloud Platform. People can share what they learn with others through datasets, queries, spreadsheets and reports.


IBM Db2 is a program that can help store information. It works in clouds, special private clouds, and containers. It has special features like machine learning and automated scaling. You can write programs once and use them in different places without changing them. It also has fast query processing and works with IBM Db2, PDA and Oracle. Plus it has an engine called Apache Spark built-in too!


Microsoft Azure Synapse is a service to help you analyze data. It can help users get information from data using either fast or slow ways. It can also be used to add, look at, organize, and share data for business use or machine learning. Synapse has features to keep data safe. It keeps some of the information hidden and makes sure it stays secure.


Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse is a cloud service that helps keep data safe. It also helps people make apps with data. Oracle does the work for you like making sure everything is set up correctly, tuning it, and backing up the data. Oracle also has tools that help you put your own data in the warehouse, change it, make models with it, and look for insights. It even lets you do machine learning (using computers to think) and search multiple types of data at once.


Panoply is a tool that helps to keep your data safe on the internet. It does not require any special setup or organization for it to work. It can link to different kinds of data like numbers and other kinds of information. Panoply also stores the data in a special way and makes sure that it is always backed up so nothing gets lost.


SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is a service that helps people use data. It makes it possible to connect data from different places very quickly. It also helps people model, look at, and share the data in a safe way. The service has prebuilt models and tools to help understand the data. SAP works with partners to make sure the product is helpful for everyone.


Snowflake is like a warehouse that stores data. It works with Amazon Web Services and can take data from different kinds of sources such as JSON, Avro, and XML. It also has special features for using SQL to do updates, deletes, transactions and more. You don’t have to manage Snowflake or set up any infrastructure because it will do all the work for you quickly with its advanced technology.


Teradata helps people with data management. They have different kinds of tools for databases, cloud storage, and computers that store data. Teradata is a tool that helps businesses look for specific information in their databases, understand the data, and complete difficult tasks. Teradata works with its own clouds as well as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Yellowbrick Data

Yellowbrick Data offers a way to store data in the cloud. Yellowbrick is a data warehouse that can be used in different places like private and public servers, or on the edge of a network. It can do different types of tasks like batching and real-time work. Yellowbrick keeps improving to make it easier to use no matter where it is set up.