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Mega cloud storage

MEGA is special compared to other cloud storage. They offer 20GB of free cloud storage.

Today, lots of people use cloud storage to save and protect their data. There are many different companies that offer cloud storage services. Some work better for different people or businesses. It can be difficult to pick the right one, but they all have good features and prices.

We are going to review a cloud storage provider. We will tell you all the details about security, sharing files, uploading, cost and other features. We will also let you know what is good and bad about them.

MEGA is a company that focuses on keeping your information private. They make sure that the things you put online are kept safe and secure.

Kim Dotcom created MEGA in 2013. It helps protect user privacy and security. Before MEGA, Kim Dotcom made another service called Megaupload in 2005. But it closed in 2012. MEGA has a lot of experience with storing things on the internet. This is because of something called Megaupload.

Dropbox has more users than MEGA. Dropbox is the most popular cloud storage service with 500 million users. MEGA only has 130 million users but it is very secure because it uses zero-knowledge encryption.

Their security system gives you control of your data. Nobody else can look at it. Only people you say can see your information. They make sure of it. Read more about their features, prices and customer help below.

MEGA online storage is special because it has 3 features that make it stand out. These features are really helpful and make MEGA a great choice.

MEGA is different from other cloud storage services. It focuses on keeping your data secure. MEGA is easy to use and signing up is simple too – just type in your mail and a strong password. MEGA will check if your password is strong enough. If it isn’t, MEGA will ask you to change it.

MEGA will send you a code called a master key. You will receive it in an electronic file. If you forgot your password, you can use a special key to get into your account. You should save this code somewhere safe, like on paper or in a file on your computer. MEGA is a cloud storage service with some special features. These are three of the best things that make it different from other services.

1. Secure access means that only certain people can get in a place or use something.

MEGA lets you get your data from anywhere. It also stops other people from seeing it. You can choose some people to view or change your files if you want. You can let them look only, add and change things, or have full control.

You want to share a file with someone who doesn’t have an account on MEGA? Just add them. Just type in their email address and they will be added to your contacts list. You can also work on the same document together, like you do on Google Drive.

  • Mega has a different way of uploading files. You can choose two different ways to upload:
  • Create a link and have a separate key.
  • Put the key into a link so it can be connected.

You get to choose if you want to use the first option or MEGA Pro. With MEGA Pro, people can make links safe with passwords and set a time when they will end. That can be very helpful.

2. End-to-end encryption is like a secret code.  IEncryption helps keep your data safe.  It stops people from taking something without asking first. is a service that helps you store your information online so it can be accessed from anywhere. It scrambles your data before it sends it to the servers so no one can read it, not even You are the only one who can unlock your files with a special key.

MEGA uses special codes to keep your files and messages safe. The codes are changed while the data is sent from one device to another, so that nobody else can read it. This type of protection is really important and helps keep your information safe.

3. Secure collaboration means that users can work together safely.  It is important for everyone to be safe when they are working together.

MEGA is a way to share things with other people and it is safe. It updates quickly so you can see what people are sharing right away. You can use your phone or tablet to look at files and folders from MEGA. You can also save and get the same files from any place with MEGA. It’s easy to set up automatic syncing too.

MEGA is a program that allows you to do many things. You can send emails, chat with people, call someone and even have video calls. No one can see the conversations. It also saves different versions of files so you don’t lose them.

If you do something wrong or delete a file, you can get it back. If you save a new file with the same name as another one, it will make two versions. If there are multiple versions of a file, look for a clock icon next to it.

MEGA is a great way to view pictures and watch movies. But it’s not the best for storing pictures and videos. It also doesn’t have partnerships with other companies to help you manage and share files, like Dropbox does. Dropbox works with Microsoft Office so you can edit files together.

There is an experience using MEGA in real life:


It can be dangerous to use cloud storage if you have important information. You should check to make sure that the company is safe and secure before using it.

Read our article before you move your files to cloud storage. It will tell you 7 important things to think about. Cloud storage companies use special protections like TLS protocol, two-factor authentication, and end-to-end encryption to keep your files safe.

MEGA makes sure your files are private. They make the files on your side secret by using a code that is only for you. It is called private encryption. AES 128-bit is used to protect the files which is still very good and safe.


I was very happy with the speed and waiting time when I used MEGA. It works fast no matter what plan you have chosen.

Sometimes the speed of transferring files into MEGA is slow. It might be because of your internet connection or who you get your internet from. But so far, people are happy with how fast they can upload to MEGA.

Sync and Share

MEGA’s goal is to make it easy to use on all your devices. They have done a good job with this. When you get the desktop app, it will create a folder on your device called MEGA sync.

After linking your account, you can upload files to MEGA. You can copy the file into a special folder, or click on “upload” in the system tray. You can also share files on MEGA’s website with a secret link. This is called zero-knowledge encryption, which means only people who know the key can see them.

You can attach a key to the link you share. You can also add passwords or make them expire after a certain amount of time.

You can let people access a folder by making a link. This link can have 3 levels of permission. The first level is read only, meaning the person can only read what is in the folder. The second level is read and write, meaning the person can look at and change what is in the folder. The third level is full access, which means the person can do anything with what’s inside the folder. If you want someone without a MEGA account to be able to add files to your folder, turn it into something called a “MEGAdrop” folder.

Desktop apply lets you share things too with its own link, but other people cannot be invited through this type of link.


MEGA is very secure. It works on computers with Windows, Linux, and macOS. That is special because most cloud storage services don’t work with Linux. The app makes it easy to control the settings and understand what’s happening.

The web interface is easy to use. You can see your folders by clicking the menu on the left side of the screen or “Recent”. You will see other lists like contacts, shared content, chat communication, and dashboard in that same menu. To do more things with a file, right-click it. There are tools for general tasks at the top right corner of your screen.

MEGA has apps for Android and iOS. When you open the app, you will see a file browser that takes up most of the screen. Here is a list of things you can do. You can chat with people, look at photos and videos, and check out other files. You can set the app to upload your videos and photos by itself. However, MEGA is not the best choice if you want to store lots of videos or pictures. keeps your data safe. Nobody can look at your data without you knowing about it. This is better than other cloud storage companies that do not have this protection. So it is a good choice for people who want to keep their data private and secure.

MEGA can get to your files, but it can’t open them. That means they cannot see what is inside them. MEGA uses AES-128 encryption which makes the response time faster and there is less lag. This also helps make the user experience better because it loads faster.

MEGA is a great cloud storage provider. It has strong security to keep your files safe. You get 50GB of storage for free! Plus, you can use passwords and links that only last a short time when sharing files. Even though it costs more than some other providers, MEGA is still a great choice. offers 2TB of secure cloud storage with encryption for only $8 a month. This is cheaper than MEGA which costs $11.20 a month. A NAS device might be even better and more secure for your special files!