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Home » Internxt Review: A Deep Dive on This Security-Focused Cloud Storage Provider

Internxt Review: A Deep Dive on This Security-Focused Cloud Storage Provider

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With data breaches and privacy violations running rampant, it’s no surprise consumers are hungry for cloud storage solutions that put security first. Internxt aims to answer that need by offering zero-knowledge encrypted cloud storage that keeps user data safe.

But as a relatively young startup that just launched its services in 2019, how good is Internxt really? This in-depth review will scrutinize its security protections, features, usability, pricing, pros and cons, and determine if it’s a wise choice for cloud storage.

Company Background

Based in Valencia, Spain, Internxt is the brainchild of cloud security experts and ethical hackers who grew frustrated with existing storage providers violating user privacy. Internxt was formed in 2017 to remedy this by developing an ultra-secure and private cloud storage solution.

After two years of perfecting the architecture and design, Internxt Cloud Storage officially launched in 2019 with a strict focus on industry-leading security and privacy.

Security and Privacy Features

Internxt utilizes sophisticated encryption and security mechanisms to ensure complete user privacy:

Zero-Knowledge AES-256 Encryption

All files are encrypted client-side with AES-256 before uploading. Only the user holds the decryption keys. Not even Internxt can access your files.

Ethical Hacking Team Vetted Security

Internxt employs a team of ethical hackers that constantly probe the system for vulnerabilities to address. This ensures security stays cutting-edge.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

2FA provides an extra layer of account protection by requiring your password and a temporary passcode generated by an authenticator app.

GDPR Compliance

Being based in the EU, Internxt adheres to GDPR privacy standards, including data processing consent requirements and breach notification policies.

Minimal Personal Data Collection

Their privacy policy states Internxt only collects the minimal personal data required to operate the service. Files and activity data remain private.

With its ethical hacking team, GDPR compliance, zero-knowledge encryption, and more, Internxt offers state-of-the-art privacy and security.

Service Improvements

Internxt has enhanced their service with new features and capabilities:

Revamped Desktop App

The improved desktop app for Windows and Mac boasts a slicker interface, virtual drive functionality, and automatic file syncing.

Collaboration Capabilities

Users can now collaborate on files in real-time with document co-editing and commenting. Easy sharing via links is also available.

User Experience

On the user experience front, Internxt still has some room for polish but gets the fundamentals right:

Interface Design

The dashboard is cleanly designed but feels basic, lacking some of the visual appeal of Google Drive or Dropbox. Functions work as expected.

Mobile and Desktop Apps

The mobile apps need improvement but the desktop experience is excellent. Drive mounting streamlines access, and sync works reliably in the background.

File Transfer Speeds

Upload and download speeds are consistently fast, on par with top competitors. 100GB of files took around 5 minutes to sync up.

Pricing and Plans

Internxt offers four straightforward pricing tiers:

  • Basic: 100GB for $1/month
  • Pro: 500GB for $4/month
  • Business: 1TB for $7/month
  • Enterprise: Custom storage

Lifetime plans are also available, including:

  • 100GB for $79 one-time payment
  • 500GB for $299 one-time payment
  • 1TB for $589 one-time payment

A generous free plan provides 10GB of storage space to try the service.

Compared to Google Drive and Dropbox, Internxt comes in very affordable, especially for larger storage needs of Pro users and above.

Pros and Cons

Based on hands-on testing, here are the key upsides and downsides of Internxt:


  • State-of-the-art security with zero-knowledge encryption
  • Affordable pricing for substantial storage
  • Feature-rich desktop app with drive mounting
  • Fast upload and download speeds
  • Generous 10GB free plan


  • Mobile apps need improvement
  • Interface design feels a bit basic
  • Lacks advanced collaboration features
  • No offline access or sync for mobile apps
  • Maximum file size capped at 10GB


For privacy-focused individuals and businesses who put security first and foremost, Internxt Cloud Storage is a top choice, providing industry-leading encryption and privacy protections.

While the service is still maturing in some areas like mobile apps and collaborations features, its core storage functionality and security mechanisms are excellent. For any user needing a private and trusted place to store sensitive data online, Internxt is highly recommended.

As the service continues developing, the minor issues around UI and features are likely to improve over time. But the central privacy and security foundations Internxt is built on give it a major leg up on competitors when protecting user data is the top priority.