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If you need a place to store things online, read this review about pCloud. It will help you decide if it is the right choice for you. They offer features that are a good value for the money. Some special things about them are: an extra secure folder called pCloud Crypto, a lifetime plan where you only pay once, and it is easy to learn how to use it.

I tried out pCloud and found some things that I liked and some things I did not like. After you read this, you will know if it is right for you. This is a long article with lots of details. I want to let you know that there are affiliate links in the article. Clicking them will not cost you anything, but I thought I should tell you about them.

pCloud is a tech company from Switzerland. It was set up in 2013. People talk about banks in Switzerland a lot. But there is also a tech company called pCloud from Switzerland. It can keep your private information safe and secure. It even got ranked as one of the best companies for keeping your data private!

The people at this company work hard to make something that is both easy to use and safe. That’s why the company has been successful. The service they provide is easy to use and understand. It helps people find what they are looking for quickly, giving them a better experience.

They made the environment easy to use for everyone. It was good until their competitor, Icedrive from the UK, came. Icedrive provides secure cloud storage.

It is important to think about security when comparing cloud storage services like pCloud and Icedrive. In 2014, someone got into Dropbox without permission and stole information from a lot of people. That is why it is important to consider security when deciding which service to use.

It is important to be safe and private when using pCloud. They want it to be secure, so they created a Crypto hacking challenge. This helps them keep everyone’s information protected.

They want to find someone who can get past their security system. If you can do it, they will give you $100,000!

pCloud saves your files in the cloud. That means it stores your files on the internet.

Before, all the files you uploaded were saved on computers in the US, in a state called Texas. Now, with a new data center in Luxembourg, you get to choose where your files will be kept. You can choose which server you want your files to go on.

It is unusual for people to have more control over their preferences. Only people who are new can pick the server location right now.

The company might give existing users the chance to change their storage location. It’s a possibility, so keep checking back for updates on this.

pCloud Review: Pros

This cloud storage service is very safe and simple to use. But there are even more advantages that make it better than other services. Here are 7 reasons why this one is the best.

  1. You can save and get whatever you want on the internet as quickly as possible. There is no limit to how fast or how much you can send or receive. You don’t need to worry about the size of files either – even if they are very big!

This cloud storage is a good way to share digital files quickly. It was tested and came in second place for how fast it is!

  1. Real-Time Synchronization means that when you change the file, it will update right away. This also means that everyone else can see the change right away too.

This feature is really cool because it works both ways. It updates your computer files when you use pCloud Drive. You can upload the file to the web portal and download it to your computer at the same time. That’s amazing!

It’s easy to upload many files to pCloud Drive. You can do it by dragging and dropping the files.

  1. This feature helps you upload links quickly and it works well.

This option lets you share files with other people. You can give them a link that will let them put data directly into your folder. You can even send one link for very big documents. You don’t need to email lots of little pieces at once.

  1. This cloud storage offers 20GB of free space. That might not be as much as other places offer for free.

This is a good way to share and get files. You decide which files people can see, change or delete. It’s also a great option if you think you might need more space.

pCloud gives you 10GB of space for free. You can get an extra 10GB if you invite other people to join pCloud. Each person who joins gives you 1GB more space.

  1. This cloud storage service lets you get your data even if you are not online. That means no matter where you go, you can still access your information.

If you want to open a folder on your computer without the internet, right click the folder in your pCloud Drive. This will let you access it offline. Eight million people use pCloud.

There are lots of good things about this service. Even if you don’t pay, they will still keep your files up to 10GB. That is why many people use it and why we suggest it for saving your stuff in the cloud.

  1. The pCloud is a tool that helps you to organize and take care of your files. You can control what happens with them.

If you use Google Drive a lot, it can help you find files. It makes the search results easier to understand. Google Drive will also keep deleted files in a special place called the trash for up to 180 days. And best of all, you can access your files from any device without having to pay extra.

  1. pCloud is a way to store your folders. Some of the folders can be kept private with passwords, and some can be opened by anyone.

You might be wondering why you don’t encrypt all of your data so it is safe. But this would make the product not user-friendly. You can choose to encrypt only the data that needs extra protection.

pCloud is a cloud storage service. It helps you access and store videos, pictures, and other kinds of files. It will also make sure the files are safe. It is one of the safest cloud storages available, but it may cost more.

They are always looking for ways to make things better.

The cloud storage business is always changing. They are always creating new things. It can be fun to think about what ideas they come up with next.

The new feature called “Preview-only Links” lets you play around and explore in the cloud storage space. It looks like there is a lot of fun stuff to do!

It’s not always easy or perfect. Things can be difficult at times.

I tried Windows on my computer, iPad, and Android phone. There is a special security feature called Crypto folder which costs $49.99 each year. I also need to pay another $49.99 every year for 500GB of cloud storage space. That means it will cost me a total of $100 every year for a 500GB encrypted cloud storage service.

If you are not happy with your purchase, you can get your money back within 10 days. So you can try it and see if you like it. The price might be high, but that could be worth it for your privacy and security. is a good option for cloud storage because it offers free security.

pCloud Folder

pCloud is a helpful tool to use. It has a special folder just for it. This folder is like other folders, but it lives online. You can put files and data into it and you can get those same things from any computer with internet access.

  • pCloud folder is an online storage system. It lets you save your data and access it from any device or location. pCloud folders have extra features. You can sync them across different devices so you can get your files from any device with the pCloud app. Also, you can share your files and folders with others and work together at the same time.
  • pCloud folder has strong security to keep your data safe. It can also be used to back up your files, so you can get them back if something happens. You can get your files on any type of device. These include computers, phones and tablets.

Dropbox is like having a folder on your computer. You can move things in and out of it. Any changes you make will be sent to the pCloud’s server right away.

pCloud Backup is Now on MAC and PC

I said that pCloud is always trying to make things better and improve. They just added a new feature called pCloud Backup. It helps you store things in the cloud.

You need to connect your backup to the pCloud drive in order to save folders from your computer. Check that you are using version 3.10 or higher for Windows and macOS computers.