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Private Cloud Storage

Nirvanix CloudComplete Portfolio: Private Cloud Storage

Spending more every year on storage systems and tape silos to store, protect, and retain data that’s growing 50% annually is no longer an option. Management pressure is on to reduce costs and complexity without putting the organization’s information and intellectual property at risk.

As the leading provider of enterprise-class cloud storage services, Nirvanix is the only company that offers variable deployment options under its CloudComplete™ portfolio – public, hybrid and private cloud storage solutions – to precisely meet your business needs. While many organizations choose public or hybrid cloud storage solutions, others may choose a private cloud configuration which enables them to keep all their data onsite for privacy or compliance but still gain the economic benefits of the cloud.

Nirvanix Private Cloud Storage

Nirvanix Private Cloud Storage is designed to enable your organization to comply with the most stringent corporate or legal data retention policies by storing data within your own facility. It provides the scalability, ease-of-management and compelling economics of public cloud storage in the secure, controlled environment of your own data center – all in a complete solution, fully managed by Nirvanix. You provide the data center space, power, cooling, and a network connection and Nirvanix handles everything else.

The Private Cloud Storage solution is a local instance of a cloud storage node in your organization’s data center premises while you only pay for storage that you actually consume, in a true pay-as-you-go usage model. Leveraging the same technology that powers the Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network™, the Private Cloud solution provides seamless horizontal expansion, allowing the addition of nodes in any other of your data center locations all federated under a single namespace. You have granular control of how and where your data is stored using Nirvanix policy-based replication. You define the policy based on your business unit requirements, project requirements, or use case.

Wide Variety of Access Methods

Nirvanix Private Cloud Storage is accessible through Nirvanix CloudNAS® Gateways or the standards-based Nirvanix Web Services API. It is also fully integrated with leading backup and archiving software products and apFor a listing of integrated third-party software products and appliances.