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Top Free VPNs for Accessing the Internet in China

China’s extensive internet censorship and surveillance apparatus, colloquially known as the Great Firewall, presents challenges for foreigners visiting or living in the country who wish to freely access global content. While paid VPNs can bypass the firewall, quality free options are in high demand. This guide examines the top free VPNs suitable for unblocking sites and services blocked in China.

We’ll cover the capabilities of leading free VPNs and factors to consider when choosing a provider. Given the limitations of some free VPNs, we’ll also highlight unique alternative solutions for enjoying a free and open internet experience in China. By understanding the available options, foreigners in China can find services that align with their browsing priorities and budget.

Top Free VPNs for Use in China

For those seeking free solutions to bypass Chinese internet restrictions, these VPN providers show promising capabilities:

ProtonVPN – Offers unlimited bandwidth with medium speeds. No activity logs are kept. Allows torrenting. Provides only one free server located in Japan which may be periodically blocked.

Windscribe – Allows 10GB of monthly data on the free plan. Strict no-logging policy. Provides consistent speeds but minimal server choice. Requires an email address to sign up. – Limited to 2GB of data per month but offers five server options including US and Netherlands. Provides SSL encryption but throttles peer-to-peer traffic.

TunnelBear – Just 500MB of free data per month but fast speeds. Simple apps with an approachable interface. Very limited server selection as free user.

Hotspot Shield – Free version comes with daily 500MB data limit, which may be insufficient for streaming. Connects to Singapore and AnchorFree servers. Requires log in.

Betternet – Provides unlimited data, but slow speeds make HD streaming difficult. Connects through US and Netherlands. Supports P2P activity. Intrusive ads in the free version.

How to Choose a Free VPN for China Access

When evaluating free VPNs for use in China, consider these key factors:

Server Locations – Look for VPNs operating servers outside of China in stable locations less likely to be blocked, like Singapore, Japan, or the US.

Data Limits – Acceptable free data caps start around 2GB/month. Under 500MB is very restrictive. Unlimited data is ideal but rare among free tiers.

Connection Speeds – Free users often experience throttled speeds. Prioritize the fastest options to support streaming.

Platform Support – VPNs covering Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android provide flexibility to secure all devices.

Virtual Server Switching – Quickly swap server locations if speed or access issues arise.

Censorship Circumvention – The VPN should reliably bypass the Great Firewall for sites like Google, Facebook, and foreign news.

Alternative Solution – Outline VPN

While free VPNs can offer temporary blocking bypass, there are compelling reasons to opt for a paid solution like Outline VPN when staying in China long term.

Unrestricted access – No free VPN provides the consistent performance and reliability needed for indefinite daily use. Outline offers full-speed unlimited bandwidth.

Multiple global locations – Outline allows choosing from thousands of server options globally for maximum unblocking capability.

Enhanced privacy – Outline uses industry-standard encryption like AES-256 and SHA-256 for robust protection.

Accessibility from China – Outline’s distinct masking technology avoids deep packet inspection for successfully connecting from China.

Usability – Outline’s easy-to-use apps make VPN access simple across all major platforms.

Affordability – At just ~$5 USD monthly, Outline provides paid-grade VPN access at one of the lowest costs worldwide.

For foreigners staying in China for longer periods, investing in a paid solution like Outline often proves worthwhile to gain stable uncensored internet access.

Limitations of Free VPNs for China

While useful in a pinch, free VPNs carry notable downsides for long-term China usage:

  • Very limited data allowances unable to support daily video, music, and gaming
  • Restricted server locations increasing chances of periodic blocking
  • Throttled speeds inadequate for smooth HD streaming
  • Potential privacy risks from lack of true no-logging policies
  • Limited platform support omitting coverage for all devices
  • Disruptive advertisements and upsells hindering usability
  • Lack of 24/7 customer support for troubleshooting access issues

Free VPNs can supplement access needs for short China trips, but their constraints make paid solutions like Outline better options for extended stays.


Solutions like ProtonVPN, Windscribe, and TunnelBear can provide temporary free access to blocked content for visitors to China on a budget. But their low data caps, throttled speeds, scarce server choice, and other limitations hamper extensive daily use. For foreigners residing in China for work or study, investing in a low-cost paid service like Outline VPN often delivers the performance and stability needed to freely browse the global internet long term. With the right solution matched to duration and usage requirements, foreigners in China can enjoy open access regardless of censorship and restrictions.