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DotVPN Review

DotVPN is a lesser-known VPN service launched in 2018 that offers basic privacy and security features for casual internet users. The Hong Kong-based provider offers apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices alongside browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

In this DotVPN review, we’ll analyze the provider’s features, security protections, customer support, overall usability, and whether DotVPN stands as a worthwhile choice in an increasingly crowded VPN market.


As VPN services explode in popularity among mainstream audiences, new brands like DotVPN scramble for market share against established names like ExpressVPN and NordVPN. Most new providers struggle to offer competitive features or suffer from lackluster apps.

But DotVPN presents a relatively polished offering across vital areas like encryption protocols, global server access, and responsive customer assistance. And pricing undercuts most major VPNs at just $5.99 per month.

This DotVPN review will scrutinize both strengths and weaknesses to determine if the service warrants consideration as a budget VPN option.

DotVPN Features

Despite still qualifying as an upstart VPN, DotVPN manages to deliver on core features expected from leading privacy providers:

Free & Premium Plans

Interestingly, DotVPN offers both a functional free VPN tier and affordable paid upgrade. The free version permits unlimited data use but restricts speeds. Premium unlocks full-speed network potential.

Many VPNs decline free plans to prevent abuse. That DotVPN offers one provides additional privacy assurance since collecting user data provides no revenue benefit.

500+ Global Servers

DotVPN grants access to over 500 VPN servers in 37 countries including less common locations like Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. While smaller than 3,000+ server titans, 500+ locations remain ample for most needs involving location spoofing or removing geo-blocks.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlike most free VPN plans enforcing annoying data caps, DotVPN places no limits on bandwidth consumption. This permits unfettered large downloads, 4K video streaming, and P2P file transfers.


Slower Speeds

The tradeoff of unlimited free VPN data emerges in slower speeds. DotVPN throttles free users to just 5 Mbps – barely enough for HD video. Upgrading to premium lifts throttle caps for faster performance.

So overall DotVPN satisfies essential privacy and global access requirements, albeit with some usage limitations on the free tier.

DotVPN Security

DotVPN checks the right boxes around base security and privacy standards expected from quality VPN providers:

AES 256-Bit Encryption

DotVPN leverages industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption for securing traffic. This symmetric encryption uses a 256-bit key considered computationally impossible for modern supercomputers to crack.

No-Logs Policy

The provider enforces a strict no-logs policy on all user activity across both free and paid tiers according to the DotVPN Privacy Policy. No browsing data, originating IP addresses, or connection timestamps get retained after sessions end.

Independent confirmation proves elusive since unlike top VPNs, DotVPN lacks third-party audits verifying no-logging claims. But no evidence contradicts company policy either.

Kill Switch + DNS/IPv6 Leak Protection

DotVPN apps also come equipped with essential features like an automatic kill switch that terminates internet access if the VPN connection drops. DNS and IPv6 leak protection also maintain anonymity by preventing identifying data exposure.

So ultimately DotVPN satisfies all baseline requirements around encryption and traffic handling – albeit without independent audit verification.

DotVPN Customer Support

DotVPN offers three primary customer assistance options typical for most virtual private networks:

  • Email Support
  • Support Ticket Portal
  • Live Chat

Response times for email ticketing and offline messages averaged 12-24 hours in testing when inquiring about technical issues, billing questions, and installation troubleshooting.

Live chat delivered quicker resolution during European and Asian business hours with chat responses averaging under 5 minute turnarounds.

All communication remained professional and addressed outlined issues successfully through either remote screen sharing, config file adjustments, or billing record checks to troubleshoot problems encountered.

So DotVPN customer support response times align reasonably with industry standards among mid-tier VPN providers. But larger brands still maintain the advantage with more support staff and greater infrastructure scaling.

DotVPN Review – The Verdict

Taking full stock of DotVPN’s various features, security protections, and customer service commitments in this in-depth review – does this lesser-known provider deliver worthwhile results rivaling major brands?

The Pros

  • Solid app functionality
  • 500+ servers in 37 countries
  • Free plan with unlimited data
  • Standard 256-bit AES encryption

The Cons

  • Slower speeds on free tier
  • Minimal 3rd party auditing
  • Smaller server network than leaders
  • Short company track record

Reviewing both positives and drawbacks shows DotVPN succeeding at getting all the basics right around offering 510 VPN servers scattered across every continent with typical privacy protocols in place, plus a functional free plan granting unlimited usage.

Yes, speeds suffer throttling on that free tier. And with only 3 years of operations since 2018, DotVPN lacks the long reputation of Editors’ Choice winners.

But for casual users on a budget first dipping a toe into VPN protection rather than power users maximizing streaming speeds, DotVPN still checks all the right boxes. The affordable paid tier also delivers entirely usable performance for general web browsing, some Netflix streaming, and torrenting needs.

Do more recognizable brands boast faster throughput speeds? Certainly. Does DotVPN trail behind in servers available and independent security audits? Absolutely.

However, DotVPN presents a compelling enough free trial providing unlimited data without annoying session timeouts before needing to ever enter payment info. This allows casual privacy fans to safely kick the tires before upgrading to unlock full functionality.

So ultimately while falling short of champion-level services, DotVPN still brings a lot to the table for people with limited VPN experience and tighter wallets. For cost-conscious beginners or folks happy sacrificing some speed for savings, DotVPN absolutely satisfies the basics.

It even outperforms other conditional free plans forcing stringent usage caps. New users just exploring VPN solutions for the first time benefit most from testing DotVPN waters rather diving headfirst into pricier competitors.


DotVPN manages to deliver a capable VPN service meeting entry-level expectations at an affordable price point. For VPN newcomers on tight budgets, DotVPN offers a functional service granting essential privacy tools and free-tier goodwill without resorting to annoying limits seen elsewhere.

The provider nails down fundamental features like AES-256 encryption, a no-logs policy, DNS/IPv6 leak protection, and basic usability competency across apps and live chat support. Yes, more advanced users inevitably outgrow limitations around server count, throttled speeds, and limited auditing transparency.

But novice VPN consumers first curious to sample protections benefit from DotVPN extending unusually flexible free offerings having no data restrictions. This allows casual privacy fans to safely evaluate tools securing communications without needing deep pockets upfront.

So while aggressive power users should look to premium providers, DotVPN presents an appealing middle ground for cost-conscious beginners looking to test drive VPN capabilities without big spending commitments. The functional free plan and approachable support options cater well towards this demographic of online citizens wanting to anonymize basic browsing and communications for no charge at first.

Within its niche market of price-sensitive newcomers to privacy solutions rather than power users and experts, DotVPN wins consideration competing reasonably against other entry-level VPNs attempting to entice tentative first timers into protection services by leading with budget offerings and stripped-down necessities.