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NordVPN Asus Router

I. Introduction

NordVPN is one of the most popular virtual private network (VPN) services available today. A VPN allows you to create a secure and encrypted tunnel between your device and the internet, protecting your online identity, data, and privacy.

Pairing NordVPN with an Asus router creates an extra layer of security and privacy for all devices connected to your home network. When enabled, all internet traffic flowing through the router is encrypted and masked, preventing hacking, throttling, and surveillance by internet service providers (ISPs) or malicious actors.

Here’s a quick rundown of how NordVPN works with Asus routers:

  • NordVPN routes your internet traffic through its servers, encrypting data and hiding your IP address. This prevents websites, advertisers, and ISPs from tracking your online activity or location.
  • Asus routers act as the gateway for internet connectivity for all devices on your home network. By installing and configuring NordVPN on the router itself, you protect all connected devices without needing to manually set up VPN access on each device.
  • Together, NordVPN and Asus routers create an encrypted tunnel where all internet traffic is secured before leaving your home network. This includes traffic from smartphones, laptops, smart home devices, gaming consoles, and more.

II. Setting up NordVPN on Asus Router

The process for setting up NordVPN on compatible Asus routers is straightforward using the web-based graphical user interface. Here is a step-by-step guide:


  • Asus router running one of the following firmware:
    • AsusWRT Merlin
    • AsusWRT
  • Access to router admin console through a web browser
  • Active NordVPN subscription
  1. Update Firmware Make sure your Asus router is running the latest AsusWRT Merlin or AsusWRT firmware. Firmware updates provide bug fixes, new features, and most importantly – security patches.

To check your router’s firmware version and download the latest update:

1. Login to the router admin console through your web browser. The default URL is usually

2. Navigate to Administration > Firmware Upgrade

3. Note down the current firmware version under “Current Firmware Version”.

4. On another device, visit to find and download the newest firmware binary file for manual installation if needed.

5. Return to the Firmware Upgrade page on your router, select the downloaded .trx file and click “Upload”. The router will install the firmware and automatically reboot once finished.

  1. Install VPN Client Export Package NordVPN provides an export package tailored to Asus routers that contains the necessary VPN client files and configurations.

To install:

1). Download the Asus VPN client export file from NordVPN website.

2). In your router’s admin console, go to Administration > Restore/Save/Upload Setting.

3). Under “Update setting file to router”, upload the NordVPN export file you downloaded. Allow the process to fully complete.

  1. Configure VPN Client Credentials The NordVPN export package handles much of the configuration automatically for Asus routers. However, your username and password still need to be specified.

Under the VPN menu:

1). Go to VPN Client > OpenVPN Client > Authentication

2). Enter your NordVPN username under “Username”.

3). Enter your NordVPN password under “Password”.

4). Leave other fields unchanged. Select “Apply” to save credentials.

Once credentials are saved, NordVPN is fully integrated into your Asus router! Continue to the next steps to connect and confirm functionality.

  1. Connect to NordVPN Server With the VPN client installed and authenticated, connecting to NordVPN’s servers to enable encryption is simple:

1). Go to VPN Client > OpenVPN Client

2). Beside the NordVPN connection under “Active Client”, click “Connect”.

Once connected, the interface will display details like new IP address, location, and connection duration.

To disconnect, click the “Disconnect” button.

  1. Testing and Verifying VPN Connection To confirm all traffic flowing through your router is now encrypted by NordVPN:

1. Connect a device like a laptop or mobile phone to your router’s Wi-Fi

2. On the connected device, browse to or

3. Check that the public IP address displayed matches NordVPN’s server IP in a location different from your actual location.

Additionally, you can run a leak test like DNS Leak Test to check if there are any lapses in security from DNS requests or other data leaks.

Configure Multiple VPN Connections Your Asus router running NordVPN allows you to store credentials and connect to multiple VPN server locations.

To add additional connections:

1. Download and import the desired VPN provider’s configuration files using Administration > Restore/Save/Upload Setting, similar to Step 2.

2. Specify unique credentials for each added VPN under Authentication.

3. Connect to the desired server using the VPN Client > OpenVPN Client menu.

4. Switch between the active VPN connections as needed without having to repeatedly enter credentials.

Reset Router to Factory Settings If you need to reset your Asus router to default factory conditions:

1. Use a sharp object like a paperclip to press and hold the recessed “Reset” button on the back of the router for up to 6 seconds while it’s powered on until the LED begins flashing, then release.

2. Allow the router to reboot and load factory firmware. Default IP address will be once reset.

All custom settings including NordVPN configuration will be erased, so you’ll need to reconfigure step-by-step after reset.

III. Best VPNs for Asus Routers

While this guide has focused specifically on NordVPN for Asus routers, many VPN providers have custom firmware or apps to simplify setup. Below are top-rated options:

  1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is an extremely fast and secure VPN service. Though priced higher than competitors, they offer excellent speeds that minimize connection lag when enabled through a router.

Compatibility: AsusWRT, AsusWRT Merlin Speed: Excellently fast speeds with minimal lag. Rarely dips by more than 10-15% when active. Security: Uses AES-256 encryption by default with support for a wide range of protocols. Based in privacy-friendly British Virgin Islands. Access: Unblocks Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and other geo-restricted platforms.

  1. Surfshark

Surfshark is a budget-friendly VPN known for providing access to streaming content. Also offers unique features like MultiHop connections for extra encryption.

Compatibility: AsusWRT Merlin Speed: Good speeds with typical 15-30% drop when connected. Occasional lag spikes. Security: AES-256 encryption with private DNS and leak protection enabled by default. Jurisdiction in British Virgin Islands. Access: Successfully unblocks Netflix, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, Hulu across most worldwide server locations.

  1. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN has a strong reputation for security and privacy. All plans are reasonably priced for the protection provided.

Compatibility: AsusWRT, AsusWRT Merlin Speed: Speeds are fast enough for HD streaming but slower connections can still buffer, expect a 25-35% speed reduction. Security: Uses AES-256 and SHA512 encryption with Perfect Forward Secrecy and built-in Tor access. Based in Switzerland. Access: Reliably works with US and UK Netflix only. BBC iPlayer also accessible.

IV. Tips for Setting Up VPN on Router

Utilizing VPN protection through an Asus router provides security for all connected devices easily. But there are some best practices to follow:

Avoid Free VPN Services Never use free VPN services – the risks outweigh any minor benefits. With free VPNs, YOUR data becomes the product. They earn revenue by collecting and selling your internet usage, defeating the entire purpose of privacy protection.

Choose Apps Over Browser Extensions When available for your devices, always choose VPN smartphone apps or desktop apps rather than browser-based VPN extensions. Apps provide encryption for your full device traffic rather than just browser data.

Enable VPN Router Auto-Reconnect Asus routers allow you to configure auto-reconnect for VPN connections if the session drops. Enable this feature so protection remains constant.

Use Double VPN for Extra Security For high-risk environments like public Wi-Fi, consider “MultiHop” connections (called Double VPN or Chained VPN by some providers). Traffic gets re-encrypted by routing through multiple VPN servers for exponentially better privacy.

Keep Firmware Up-To-Date As discovered security issues arise, new firmware versions patch vulnerabilities. Always keep your Asus router firmware updated to the latest releases for guaranteed safety.

Use Strong Encryption Standards Look for VPN providers utilizing AES 256-bit and SHA 512-bit encryption at a minimum for strongest protection of your data. Asus routers currently only support the OpenVPN protocol which relies on these standards.

V. Conclusion

Installing and configuring NordVPN or another leading VPN service on an Asus consumer router is simple using the web interface and following this guide. The benefits are immediate and substantial:

All devices connecting to your home or office network receive encrypted VPN tunnel protection automatically without individual configuration. This removes human error or oversight from securing every laptop, phone, tablet, or smart home gadget separately.

Routed VPN tunnels prevent hacking, throttling, and tracking by your internet service provider regardless of which sites or apps you access on protected devices. Privacy is ensured.

Geo-blocking and geo-restrictions on streaming sites like US Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime Video are bypassed on supported VPN providers. Access your favorite shows worldwide.

Ultimately, pairing NordVPN or Surfshark with Asus routing creates a powerful, encrypted gateway for all internet connectivity in your home or office. Protection and privacy become effortless, allowing peace of mind for working and streaming more securely.