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Cloud Backup for NAS

Network-Attached Storage (NAS) is a way to store your data safely in 2023. Keeping your files in the cloud helps to keep them safe and secure. It also means that they are backed up so you will not lose them.

Network attached storage (NAS) is a way to save lots of data and be able to get it from any place. It is now easier than ever before to make NAS, but even experienced users can have issues. To keep your information safe, research the five best companies that can store your data online. NAS can be damaged like an external hard drive. Fire or flood could ruin your data. Keep your data safe by using a NAS cloud backup service to save it in a different location.

Look for a website that can help you keep copies of your important files safe in case something bad happens to the originals. This is called an online backup provider. Look for one that has good reviews and a good price. Some companies do not offer a way to save the data from your NAS device. Others, like Carbonite, do but it can be very expensive. When choosing a provider for backing up your NAS device, look at how much it costs to store data. Think about other things like security, customer support, how easy it is to use and how fast you can transfer data.

  1. IDrive is a service that helps you back up your information. It is not expensive and it is easy to use. It works with any type of network storage system.
  2. CloudBerry Backup: This tool helps you control your backups.
  3. Backblaze B2: You can store data in the cloud cheaply with this one. It works with lots of different devices.
  4. MEGA: A good cloud storage option that works well with certain network boxes.
  5. Google Drive: If you want to use a famous company for your backups, try Google Drive.

IDrive is a great choice. It won’t cost too much and it will store your files in the cloud and back them up online. CloudBerry Backup is also good because it lets you control things. Backblaze B2 is simple and not too costly.

Fourth and fifth on the list are MEGA and Google Drive. MEGA works well with QNAP and Synology NAS devices. Google Drive has some nice features like working with Google Workspace.

There are 5 companies that can help you keep your data safe. They will store it and make sure it is backed up. They work with NAS devices.

There are lots of choices for backing up files online. Here are the best choices for NAS.


IDrive is a cloud storage service. It costs $59.62 per year for 5TB of storage. You can visit the website at Benefits of using IDrive include low cost, fast transfer speeds, secure encryption, and good cloud storage features. The downside is that you need to use a desktop connection to access it.

IDrive is the best backup provider online. IDrive is one of the top five services for NAS devices. The 5TB and 10TB personal plans will save your files from any kind of NAS device. You can use IDrive’s apps on your phone to save files or look at files you already backed up.

Plug your NAS into a desktop computer to do backups. This will make sure that the backup of your PC is always up-to-date. If you only plug it in for a few minutes, the backup won’t work properly.

When you use online backup, your data will be backed up quickly. You can sync and share files. Zero-knowledge encryption is a type of security that helps keep your information safe in the cloud.

Hybrid cloud storage is like getting a bigger hard drive for your device. It can store extra data.It stores lots of data and keeps it safe and secure.

A NAS can help you share files between different devices. IDrive is a special kind of NAS that helps you access your files both from home and online.

IDrive can help you keep your files safe. You can access them even when you are away from home. IDrive is also very inexpensive. IDrive costs $79.50 a year for 5TB of storage. That is less than 1 penny per gigabyte each month! IDrive is cheaper than Microsoft Azure if you need to use all the storage space. It has lots of good features, like security and low prices. You can read more about it in our IDrive review.

CloudBerry Backup

CloudBerry Backup is a program that can help you manage your storage. It costs $29.99 a year to use for 5TB of space, and comes with 200GB free. The website is . Pros include versatile tools, it works with many providers, and it has encryption to keep your data safe. Cons include no built-in storage and it can be hard to use at first.

CloudBerry Backup is different from other services. It does not give you room to keep things. It connects you with other providers that offer storage and then helps you control your backups. This way, it is easy to manage your backups even if the service itself doesn’t make it simple.

This program lets you plan when to back up your files. You can store different files in different places. You can use multiple devices, like extra hard drives and NAS drives, with lots of storage space for cloud backups.

IaaS Providers offer storage. This storage can be used for saving data and files.

CloudBerry Backup works with many different companies. It even has extra security if the company offers it. You can also mix different services to save your data. For example, you could have part of your data in hot storage and part in cold storage. You can also back up your data in multiple places at one time, or store important information separately from other files that are faster or cheaper to store.

CloudBerry charges money to use it. Duplicati is free. CloudBerry is not too expensive. Microsoft Azure has two kinds of storage that are cheaper – “cool” and “archive”. They cost less than a penny per GB each month.

Backblaze B2

Backblaze B2 is a storage service. It gives you 10GB for free and then after that it costs $0.005 per GB per month. You can find out more on the website It is good because it costs less than some other services, and has a fast courier backup system and works with many different programs. One bad thing is that it does not have great security features to keep your data safe. It can also be hard to use at times.

If you have a NAS or special computer, it may have a backup program already. For example, if you have a Synology NAS, use HyperBackup software. You need another service to store your data and Backblaze B2 offers that. Backblaze B2 is not easy to use but works with many backup programs. It is usually cheaper than other options and good for most NAS systems, especially if you are using TrueNAS or from one of the companies supported by Backblaze.

Backblaze B2 can keep your files safe with two-step protection and private encryption. You must turn them on to work. Private encryption is harder because you need to choose it and give a key each time you add something new. Server-side encryption is easier since it works for the whole storage area.

The Backblaze Fireball

Backblaze B2 storage is a good choice. You can get the Backblaze Fireball, which looks like a big box and holds 96TB of data. Plug it into your NAS and all your data will go in quickly – 10 Gbps fast! The initial backup will only take a few hours. If you have more than one NAS device, you won’t have to spend much time backing them up too.

This extra storage space costs money. You have to pay $75 for shipping, $550 for 30 days, and a $3,000 deposit that you can get back. This is useful if you need lots of data stored quickly; it would take over 100 days to back up 96TB on an 80 Mbps connection. You can also order 8TB hard drives with your data for $189 each and you will get your money back when you return the drive.

Backblaze B2 is a storage provider that is very inexpensive. You only need to pay $0.005 each month for every GB of storage you use. If you make 10,000 “class B” and 1,000 “class C” API calls after the first 2,500 are free, then you have to pay an extra $0.004. This price is cheaper than other services like it.


MEGA gives you 20GB for free. You can get 16TB for about $33 each month. It is secure, but it does not work with many other websites or programs.

MEGA CMD is a great way to save your things. It works with Synology and QNAP NAS drives. The bigger plans are very affordable, the security is top notch, and you can share and sync files easily.

We want our products to work with more providers. We especially want it to work on popular operating systems like TrueNAS. If you have a Synology or QNAP device, think about using MEGA.

MEGA’s Security

MEGA is a good way to keep your data safe. It has a type of code that lets only you get the information. In 2022, some issues were found with how it works. The company is fixing these problems.

MEGA is a safe way to store your files. It has two steps of protection and stores data in Canada, New Zealand, and the EU. This helps protect your data from bad weather or disasters. For 2TB of storage space it is more expensive than IDrive or Backblaze B2. But if you need 16TB of storage space it can be cheaper than other options.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a program that lets you store files online. You can get 15GB for free, or pay $49.99 per month to get 10TB of storage. It works with lots of different programs and comes from a big company. But it does not have the best security and privacy, and you don’t have full control over backups.

Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox are all good options to store copies of your NAS drive data. Google Drive is the best choice out of these three because it has bigger plans. You may need to be careful about security and features when using any of these, but they have great help and apps that can help you back up your Android phone.

You can connect to Google, Microsoft and other services with this product.

Google Drive is very useful. You can use it to store extra things in the cloud. Google Drive works with many apps like Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365 and Dropbox.

Google Drive is great for small businesses. It can do backups, share files and work with office software. You get 15GB free but you can pay for extra space like 100GB or 200GB for only a few dollars each month. Premium users can get even more storage.

Google Drive costs $49.99 for 10TB each month. This means that it is about 5 cents for every GB of storage you get. It may be cheaper to find other options, but Google will not cost too much if it works for you.

There are many ways to save your NAS online. You can pick a big company that is trusted or a smaller one with extra features. You can also use special software to combine different services. Make sure you make backups of your data so you don’t lose it!