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Cloud Storage For the Financial Services

Nirvanix Meets the Many Storage Needs of Today’s Financial Services Companies

The Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network meets the incessant growth of financial data by delivering a managed storage tier that economically scales on demand to petabytes. You never again will worry about over- or under-provisioning, even in today’s uncertain markets. The Cloud Storage Network’s high-performance storage complements the key transaction processing systems at banks, asset managers, insurance companies, and other financial institutions. You can consolidate workflows and eliminate the inefficiencies of disparate storage silos by using standards-based APIs or the Nirvanix CloudNAS to integrate storage with your key applications. And to further reduce costs, Nirvanix technologies integrate with leading deduplication and compression technologies from our partners.

The Nirvanix cloud helps you meet complex compliance requirements with features such as our policy-based geo-replication capabilities, secure encryption for data in flight and at rest, and strong password-controlled access using token-based authentication with server-side session management. The Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network is hardened and SAS 70-compliant. You can manage storage with a single namespace and expedite transactions by offering child accounts or whitelists to designated parties for quick access to financial files. We further reduce the cost and complexity of long-term retention by automatically migrating data to new disks on standard refresh cycles. With Nirvanix, you always have the secure, accessible, cost-effective storage to meet your compliance needs. You will flexibly adjust to a changing business landscape and leverage your financial information for competitive advantages.

Store Financial Information Cost-Effectively While Supporting Compliance and Collaboration – Key Benefits

Reduced Cost and Complexity

Consolidate repositories into a scalable, managed infrastructure

Secure Storage

Deploy secure storage, supports encrypted files and transfer via SSL

Highly Reliable

Gain policy-based automation for the highest data integrity

Highly Scalable

Meet unpredictable growth with scalable, cost-effective, on-demand storage


Can you continue to cost-effectively store ever-growing volumes of financial data?

Across the financial services industry, the volumes of unstructured data are growing. In addition to data produced by traditional databases and transaction processing systems, document-intensive operations like loan applications and claims processing as well as collecting “tick-level” trading data, archiving audio monitoring of call centers, and maintaining workgroup servers and mobile storage for employees are creating still more files to store. Banks, insurance companies, asset managers, and other institutions also must comply with stringent data retention and accessibility regulations. Tape storage makes it difficult to meet compliance requirements for data accessibility, and SAN and NAS are costly at the needed scales. Tiering storage means perpetually adding to already complex environments. Moreover, the businesses’ service expectations are increasing even if they cannot tell you what they will need 6 months from now.

The Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network delivers on-demand storage that flexibly scales from terabytes to petabytes at a fraction of the cost of in-house tiered storage. You can consolidate unstructured NAS and tape storage into one accessible archive, eliminating the complexity and expense associated with building out tiered storage. Our policy-based replication and robust security measures meet regulatory demands. Moreover, our solution consultants can help you to apply best practices and standardize your storage service catalog, using the Nirvanix cloud to achieve unsurpassed efficiencies.

Are you truly satisfying regulatory mandates and SLAs for offsite data protection?

Financial records are very sensitive, which is why IT staffs for institutions such as banks, insurance companies, and asset managers face stiff challenges. They must meet regulatory mandates like Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II, and Reg NMS, as well as internal SLAs, to ensure the security of data. They may need to retain this information offsite for years, while always satisfying rapid recovery time objectives (RTOs) for e-discovery needs. Yet, traditional storage solutions are near the end of their usefulness. Tape fails to meet tight RTOs and is notoriously error-prone. The improper handling of tapes is the cause of many high-profile data-loss incidents. In 2005, a major international bank lost tapes containing 4 million customer records, costing it some $200 million to notify each customer as demanded by Gramm-Leach-Bliley. Retaining an active mirror of a dataset also leaves much to be desired. Long-term retention requires multiple point-in-time copies, allowing a rollback of data to a previous state. Compliance archives must be immutable if they are to show the state of a system at a certain point in the past. Replication and mirroring may be fine for disaster recovery, but they fail to fully meet the data protection needs of financial institutions today.

With the Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network, you will safeguard your financial archives and satisfy compliance mandates. Nirvanix’s policy-based replication technology enables you to store datasets at one or more SAS 70-compliant storage nodes. Nirvanix solutions encrypt data both in flight and at rest and the integrity of your files is checked and verified. You also can create multiple password-protected child accounts to make designated storage areas available to selected parties or control access via IP using whitelists. We even automatically migrate data to new disks on standard refresh cycles, eliminating the complexities of long-term retention. Moreover, because your files are always available on disk-based storage, you can quickly restore data for any e-discovery or compliance needs. With the Nirvanix cloud, your financial archives remain safe, private, and in your control.

Can you effectively share information to improve workflow productivity and business results?

Banks, asset managers, insurance companies, and other institutions must fully realize the business value of their data to remain competitive and profitable. Yet, managing storage across distributed sites like branch locations is very unwieldy and results in ad hoc storage silos that are difficult to audit. To expedite data-intensive workflows, many have deployed document management systems to ensure files are available for all manner of transactions and reviews, but the rapid penetration of these solutions into networks often produces even more dispersed storage on file servers. Additionally, uncontrolled file servers spawn availability and security risks that are unacceptable for sensitive financial data.

With the Nirvanix cloud, you can consolidate and distribute all financial records and files from one almost infinitely scalable storage platform, eliminating the inefficiencies of multiple repositories. Our CloudNAS software and standards-based API allow popular backup and archiving products to write directly to our storage cloud. We also offer the only cloud storage service that provides global access under a single namespace. You can create multiple, password-protected child accounts to permit access to data or deploy whitelists via IP. To further improve data accessibility, Nirvanix’s policy-based geo-location functionality automatically stores your files at the optimal location within the network. You also can specify one or more globally-dispersed nodes to place content in proximity to dispersed parties. The Nirvanix cloud gives you secure control over who retrieves your archived data so your institution fully leverages the value of its data.