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NordVPN Samsung TV


The advent of smart TVs and streaming media players has revolutionized home entertainment. However, as more households adopt internet-connected televisions, they also increase vulnerability to cyber threats, surveillance and content geo-restrictions. This is where virtual private network (VPN) services like NordVPN prove extremely valuable by enhancing privacy, security and content unblocking capabilities.

NordVPN ranks among the leading security and encryption platforms used today for safeguarding internet-enabled devices. Later sections will cover how to configure NordVPN across Samsung smart TV models and other common streaming hardware. First we’ll briefly introduce NordVPN for those unfamiliar with its stellar industry reputation.

What is NordVPN?

Founded in 2012, NordVPN now secures over 14 million internet subscribers making it among the largest VPN services worldwide. They claim the fastest speeds, widest device support, and deepest security across their platform. Core capabilities include:

  • 5500+ servers in 60 countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia and beyond
  • 6 simultaneous device connections per account
  • Apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux platforms
  • Encryption via next-gen protocols like WireGuard and AES-256
  • Strict no-logs policy and offshore headquarters outside surveillance alliances
  • Unblocks popular streaming sites like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+ and more
  • Optimized servers for P2P sharing, gaming, video streaming
  • Blocks ads, malware and malicious websites

NordVPN consistently ranks at the top of trusted industry analyses – named #1 VPN by CNET, Wired, PC Mag, TechRadar, Tom’s Guide and more leading publishers. This stellar reputation comes from fast speeds, robust platform support, and dedication to user privacy and security.

Next we’ll cover how to access NordVPN’s industry-leading capabilities on Samsung smart TV hardware.

Installing NordVPN on Samsung Smart TVs

Samsung operates one of the largest smart television manufacturing businesses globally. Their models run the proprietary Tizen software platform instead of common alternatives like Android TV or webOS. Unfortunately the native NordVPN client app does not support the Tizen OS directly.

However all hope is not lost. A few handy workarounds allow setting up NordVPN functionality on Samsung smart TVs despite the lack of Tizen support. Let’s explore a solutions…

SmartPlay and SmartDNS for Samsung Smart TVs

While NordVPN lacks a Tizen VPN app of its own, it does provide SmartPlay and SmartDNS options specialized to circumvent geo-blocks across smartphone, tablets, computers and yes – Samsung smart TVs running the Tizen platform.

The SmartDNS connects Sony, Samsung, Roku and other unsupported devices with NordVPN, allowing international streaming not normally accessible in certain regions:

How It Works

  1. Set your TV’s DNS settings to use NordVPN’s SmartDNS servers
  2. This tricks streaming platforms into believing you reside in another region with expanded media catalogs
  3. Access and unblock video libraries from US Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+ and 200+ other streaming sites

It’s not a full VPN tunnel, but convenient SmartDNS access helps Samsung TV owners unlock tons of desirable streaming content otherwise walled off by location.

Additional workarounds for NordVPN on Samsung TVs

A few other options exist as well for enabling NordVPN on Samsung smart TVs, including:

  1. Installing VPN directly on your router to cover all devices connected to the local network.
  2. Deploying a Raspberry Pi as a network-wide VPN firewall.
  3. Using a VPN on your mobile device and casting streamed content to the TV.

So while direct native app access remains elusive, NordVPN still offers solutions for Tizen-based Samsung televisions. Next we’ll look at approaches for other Smart TV platforms.

Installing NordVPN on Smart TVs in General

Smart TV platforms come in wide variety, each with their own capabilities and limitations when it comes to VPN support. Let’s break down the best practices for getting NordVPN running across today’s most popular smart television operating systems.

Direct Installation on Android TVs

Many smart TV makers leverage Google’s Android TV platform built specifically for large-screen hardware. Top manufacturers running Android TV include Sony Bravia, Nvidia Shield, Xiaomi Mi Box, plus budget brands like TCL and Hisense.

The good news – NordVPN provides direct native Android TV app support. You can install the NordVPN APK directly onto compatible Android televisions with just a few clicks. This delivers full VPN tunnel encryption protecting your entire device.

How to Install

  1. Enable sideloading within Android TV system settings
  2. Download NordVPN Android TV APK file
  3. Open APK file and tap install
  4. Launch NordVPN and log into your account

With the app configured, your Android TV joins all other platforms with native NordVPN integration. This makes configuration simple across mobile, desktops, tablets and now smart televisions running Android TV operating systems.

Using SmartDNS for Other Smart TV Platforms

For smart TV models running webOS, Tizen, Roku and other OS platforms, the solution lies with NordVPN’s SmartPlay DNS service described earlier.

The SmartDNS connects your television to NordVPN servers, fooling streaming sites into providing access as if coming from another region with expanded media catalogs open to you.

Simply configure your TV’s DNS settings to utilize NordVPN’s SmartDNS servers. This allows bypassing geo-restrictions to unlock tons of covoted content.

While not a full VPN tunnel, it conveniently expands options for streaming platforms that lockout users based on location detected via DNS data.

Benefits of Using NordVPN on Smart TVs

Now that we’ve covered various methods for installing NordVPN across today’s most popular television platforms, let’s explore key benefits this unlocks for Smart TV owners.

Enhanced Privacy & Security Protections

Like smartphones, smart TVs represent a treasure trove for hackers seeking access to sensitive data about personal habits, conversations, and media preferences. Their always-on microphones constantly listen for voice commands while cameras watch living spaces.

NordVPN encryption protects against external intrusions by fully encrypting traffic in an impenetrable tunnel. This safeguards against internet service providers recording your streaming habits or malicious groups infiltrating your television’s vulnerable OS platform.

Unblock Geo-Restricted Streaming Catalogs

Video streaming remains one of the primary use cases for internet-connected televisions. However annoying geo-fencing means certain platforms only allow access to subset libraries based on your location. American Netflix for examples contains way more movies than the UK version.

NordVPN provides geo-spoofing to defeat regional blocking across 200+ streaming services. Simply connect to a VPN server in the United States, Canada or other country and gain instant access to sought-after titles unavailable in your actual geography.

Improve Streaming Quality & Reliability

In additional to unblocking geo-restricted catalogs, NordVPN also optimizes connection quality through dedicated streaming servers. Video-centric IPs deliver prioritized bandwidth for buffer-free Ultra HD and 4K streams.

Choose streaming-optimized servers in your region when watching domestic video services without geo-restrictions, and pick international streaming servers when accessing abroad video platforms blocked where you live.


As smart TVs fast become the entertainment hub of modern households, NordVPN provides much needed security enhancements. Direct integration with Android TVs makes configuration seamless while alternate SmartDNS options give access across other leading platforms like Samsung Tizen OS.

With streaming media consumption skyrocketing, NordVPN further sweetens the experience by unblocking sought-after catalogs geo-fenced based on location. Furthermore their high-speed infrastructure improves streaming reliability and quality via specialized streaming servers for HD, Ultra HD and 4K content.

NordVPN offers a 30 day money-back guarantee for trying out their service plus quick assistance through 24/7 customer support. Their industry-leading capabilities for privacy, security and bypassing internet limitations make NordVPN an ideal match for today’s smart TV needs.