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Online backup services

In 2023, it is a good idea to look for companies that can help you save your data on the cloud. These free or cheap services will help you store and back up your important data.

It’s important to save your data in case it gets lost or deleted. We will tell you about 10 good online backup services. This way, you can be sure that your important files like documents and pictures won’t get lost. This means you need to find the right online service for this. We have made a list to help you choose the best service for what you need.

  • Here are some things to remember:
  • IDrive is the best choice if you want to save your data. Backblaze and Carbonite are good for people who need a lot of storage. CloudBerry and Duplicati are better for people who already pay for cloud storage. Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office is the best if you want extra security features with your data.

We will explain the good and bad of each service. We want to help you figure out what the services can do for you. All of the 10 services are good, but some might be better for your needs than others. The list only looks at personal plans, not business plans.

When picking a cloud backup service, we compare different options. We look at different features to see which one is the best. We look at features, cost, how easy it is to use and understand, security and privacy for your information, customer support and how the backup works.

  1. IDrive is a service that helps you save important things. It works with lots of different kinds of devices, so you can use it on all your devices at once.
  2. Backblaze helps you make sure your data is safe. It gives you unlimited storage for a good price.
  3. Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office has added features to protect your data.
  4. pCloud is a good way to save your data online and make sure it is safe.
  5. Carbonite: Gives you a lot of storage space with extra protection for your information.
  6. CloudBerry Backup (MSP360) is a complicated program but it is very powerful.
  7. SpiderOak One Backup is a great tool. It can help you share and keep lots of versions of files.
  8. BigMIND Home is an easy way to back up your things. It also has cool features for photos.
  9. Jottacloud is a good way to organize your photos. It has lots of cool tools.
  10. Duplicati: It is free and has lots of features.

Different people need different online backup services. Some are very hard to use and some are easy. IDrive is the best choice, but if you want something easier, try Backblaze or Carbonite.

1. IDrive

  • IDrive is a service that lets you store data. It costs $79.50 per year for 5TB of space. Go to to learn more about it. It has good security and privacy, and you can use it with multiple devices for free for 30 days! But there is no unlimited backup and no monthly plan available.

IDrive is a good online backup service. It has lots of features, is secure and private, and it works on lots of devices like servers, phones, computers, etc. IDrive can help you save copies of your data. You will also be able to access old versions for the next 30 days.

IDrive is a fast way to back up your files. It only sends the parts of files that have changed, not the whole thing. IDrive can save data on your Android and iOS phones. If you have a lot of data or live far away, IDrive can send you a physical copy of your data by mail. They have a special delivery service for this.

IDrive helps keep your files secure. They use special code called AES 256-bit encryption to protect your files on their servers. They also use SSL/TLS to protect your files from hackers while they travel online.

IDrive is a great service. It has lots of features, it looks nice, and it is very secure and private. It also costs a good price which makes it the best choice for you.

2. Backblaze

  • Backblaze is an online storage provider. It has unlimited storage for $7 a month. It is easy to use, and it is not too expensive. But it doesn’t have private encryption that works well, you can’t change the backup process and you can’t back up your phone or disk images with it. The website is

Backblaze is different than IDrive. It keeps things simple and easy to use.

When you open the Backblaze app, you will notice that it has two parts. One part shows you how your backup is going and the other helps you to change settings. This makes Backblaze very simple to use, but not very flexible.

Backblaze is very safe to use. They use encryption, special data centers, and two-factor authentication so your data stays safe. But the way they make sure no one can access your information is not perfect because of how the recovery process works.

When you want to get your data back, you have to give Backblaze a special key. This key may cancel out the encryption that is on the client. But Backblaze says it will delete the key right away after giving you back your data. We believe them for now.

Backblaze is a good deal. It costs $7 per month for all of its features and you can store lots of things on one computer. If you pay for a year or two, you will get extra savings.

3. Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office

  • Good Things:
  • – You can pick where the server is located
  • – Has lots of useful features
  • – Keeps many versions of your files Bad Things:
  • – The design is hard to figure out
  • – It runs slowly on some computers
  • – The price is confusing

Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office has lots of cool features. It can make a copy of your computer, and it can also help protect against ransomware. You can back up your NAS, server, mobile and hybrid. It also has unlimited versions so you can keep as many copies as you need. Plus, it’s fast when uploading or downloading data. For security, it has zero-knowledge encryption and two-factor authentication – just like antivirus software! And you get to pick where in the world to store your data – like Switzerland which is safe for privacy.

Acronis has 3 plans. The Advanced and Premium plans both let you back up your files online. Both options cost either $89.99 or $124.99 per year and have unlimited storage space for one device’s backup. The Premium plan gives you an extra 1TB of storage, which can be used to save data from other devices too.

4. pCloud

pCloud is an online storage provider. When you sign up, you get 10GB for free. If you want more space, you can pay $95.88 for 2TB each year. Go to to learn more information about the service and how it works. It is easy to use but does not have as many backup features as some other services unless you pay extra money for them like zero-knowledge protection.

pCloud is a good cloud storage service. It is not as good as, but it still works well for basic backups and is easy to use. With pCloud, you can watch videos without downloading them first – this saves time!

pCloud costs money – 2TB of storage will cost $95.88 per year. You can also buy a lifetime plan if you want to keep it forever.

5. SpiderOak One Backup

SpiderOak One Backup is a service that helps you keep your files safe. It also lets you share them with other people. It also keeps your data private so no one can see it except you. For $6 each month, you get 150GB of storage. You can find out more at Edward Snowden recommends it because it has strong security and privacy features, fast downloads, and multiple versions of files stored at once. The downside is that the uploads are slow, there’s no mobile backup or disk imaging, and it costs a lot of money every month.

SpiderOak One lets you save many versions of your files. Other places only let you go back a little while, but SpiderOak will keep all changes and even deleted files forever. SpiderOak is expensive – it costs $6 every month, but only gives 150GB storage. That isn’t a lot of space. Other companies like Backblaze, Carbonite and IDrive cost the same or less but give more space to store your things.

6. Carbonite

  • Carbonite is a service that costs $4.20 per month and you can store an unlimited amount of data. It is easy to use and secure, but it does not have a lot of features and the download speed is slow. The website for Carbonite is

Carbonite is a good way to save all the information on your computer. It is easy to use and can be used on external drives, servers, and NAS devices. Carbonite has better security than Backblaze; it uses AES 256-bit and SSL/TLS which helps keep your files safe from people who might want to do something bad with them. If you need something restored, you can pay $9.99 for Prime users for the courier service.

Carbonite can help you make a folder on your computer like an extra storage space. You can see all the files that were backed up and you can also add or delete files. Icedrive and Egnyte Connect also have this feature. Carbonite has different prices for different things, starting at $4.20 each month, and you can store as much as you want. If you want extra features like automatic video uploads or server backup, those are only available with more expensive plans.

7. CloudBerry Backup (MSP360)

  • CloudBerry Backup costs $49.99 once for the Windows version. You can find out more at The good things about it are that it is flexible and has lots of features, but it also needs a third-party storage provider and can be complicated to use.

If you want a lot of control over your backups, CloudBerry Backup is the best choice. You can customize everything from how often to back up to how many versions you keep and what devices you use. It even has extra security like encryption and two-factor authentication.

CloudBerry helps you store information on the internet. You need to use another service that you will have to sign up for and pay for. CloudBerry cannot be used by everyone, only businesses. It works with services like Amazon S3, Backblaze B2 and Microsoft Azure.

CloudBerry is a good tool for people who use Google Cloud or Wasabi. It helps manage the backup process. You don’t need to pay monthly for CloudBerry – you only pay once. The cost depends on your computer’s operating system. Windows costs $49.99 and Mac and Linux cost $29.99 each.

CloudBerry is a good choice for people who are used to using IaaS providers. But if you want something more simple, it might not be the best option.

8. BigMIND Home

  • BigMIND Home is a service that helps you store things. For $2.99 each month, it will give you 100GB of storage space. You can visit to learn more about it. Pros: you can store photos and it has video streaming and mobile backup. Cons: it is expensive, no private encryption, no disk imaging, and there are limited devices and storage space available.

BigMIND Home is a cloud backup service like Zoolz. It is easy to use and looks good. BigMIND works faster than other online services for downloading stuff. BigMIND can save your data, do backups, and keep track of changes to files. It also works with Android and iOS devices, external drives, and you can stream videos from the server.

BigMIND Home has an app for iPhones and Android phones. It can save pictures and videos. The app also has a special feature called AI. AI looks at the pictures and puts them in different categories. It is not very good at recognizing people, but it can recognize objects.

The mobile app isn’t very easy to use. You must choose categories like photos or contacts, then upload all of them at once. BigMIND Home is more expensive than other services. It costs between $2.99 and $12.99 each month for a certain amount of storage space for some phones and computers, but it does not give you free unlimited storage or devices.

9. Jottacloud

Jottacloud is a service you can use to store files. It costs $7.92 per month for one device. Go to to learn more about Jottacloud. It is a good online backup service that works with all types of devices. It is good value and lets you sync and share files between devices, which makes it better than traditional cloud storage or regular backups. Some bad things about Jottacloud are that you cannot select individual files, or have private encryption for your data.

Jottacloud might look old, but it is still easy to use. It doesn’t keep your stuff private and safe, but the computers that it runs on are in Norway which has good laws that help protect your privacy. You can use Jottacloud on phones and tablets with either Android or iOS. You can store photos like you do with Google Photos.

Jottacloud also has good prices. For one computer you only have to pay $7.92 each month for unlimited storage, or even more if you need space for five devices from 1TB to 20TB of space for $7.74 to $118 every month. Note: This company uses euro money so the numbers may not be exact in other currencies.

10. Duplicati

  • Duplicati is free. You can find it on It is good because it is free and open-source and you can use it in a web browser. But, it can be complicated and you need to use third-party storage for it, and there are no mobile apps for it.

Duplicati is a backup service you can use online. It does not have its own space to save your data like CloudBerry, but it can work with other services, such as Dropbox and Google Drive. This makes it easier for people to use than CloudBerry. However, Duplicati is more difficult to set up than some other backup services. You cannot manage it from your phone either.

Duplicati is a different kind of cloud backup service. It does not have a special program like the other services. Instead, it works through your web browser. This means that you can use Duplicati on any computer with any operating system.

Duplicati is free and open-source. That means there isn’t much customer support available, and the only help you can get is from a support forum where people like you answer questions. This is to be expected for something that doesn’t cost anything.

CloudBerry is a good choice if you don’t want to use an IaaS service. It is not as simple as services like Backblaze and Carbonite, so if you want something easy then look for another option. Read our full review of Duplicati for more information.

This is the end of our list of the 10 best cloud backup services. IDrive is the best one, even though it does not have a monthly plan. Backblaze and Carbonite might be better for some people. If you want something that downloads faster than IDrive, pCloud is a good choice.