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Surfshark Antivirus Review: A Newcomer VPN Provider’s Security Suite

Surfshark entered the cybersecurity scene in 2018 as a VPN provider and has since expanded into antivirus software with Surfshark One. This review will examine how Surfshark Antivirus stacks up against competitors on malware protection, system performance impact, user experience, and value. We’ll compare it to leading antivirus products and provide a verdict on who should consider using Surfshark for securing devices.

Surfshark Antivirus Features and Protection

Here are some of the key capabilities of Surfshark Antivirus:

  • Real-time scanning – Continuously monitors activity and blocks malware infiltration on Windows and macOS. Also provides webcam protection against peeping.
  • Malware detection – Includes signatures for identifying known malicious files plus AI for detecting zero-day threats. Shows a threat map highlighting infection severity globally.
  • Anti-ransomware – Stops unauthorized changes to files that may indicate ransomware encryption is underway.
  • Manual scans – Allows on-demand full system scans or custom scans of specific files and folders.
  • Quarantine – Isolates detected threats instead of outright deleting for recovery if needed.
  • Updates – Automatic background signature updates ensure the latest protections.

While covering essentials, Surfshark lacks extras like a firewall, parental controls, password manager, or PC optimization tools. Protection is also limited to individual devices.

User Experience

Surfshark delivers streamlined usability:

  • Interface – The dashboard uses a clean modern design with intuitive navigation and graphics. Scans are easily scheduled or initiated.
  • Compatibility – Runs on Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. Cannot scan network drives or emails.
  • Installation – Initial install and setup takes under 2 minutes. Sign-in uses existing Surfshark credentials.
  • Scanning – Quick full scans take under 10 minutes on average. Shows real-time threat blocking notifications.
  • Customization – Settings allow tweaking which files and folders to scan, exclusion rules, and cleanup options after threats removed.

The experience compares well against competitors, though advanced users may desire more scan configuration and threat analysis options.

Surfshark One Bundles Antivirus with VPN

In addition to the standalone antivirus application, Surfshark offers an integrated suite called Surfshark One which bundles:

  • Antivirus for Windows and macOS
  • Surfshark VPN covering unlimited devices
  • Search tool removing trackers from web queries
  • Alert service for breached accounts and passwords

Pricing starts at $2.49 monthly for the bundle, a $1 savings compared to purchasing components individually. Surfshark One provides an aggregated solution for privacy, security, and malware protection.

How Surfshark Antivirus Compares to Top Providers

Malware Protection – Scored highly in AV-Test evaluations, on par with Kaspersky and Bitdefender1. Real-world testing showed 99% malware blockage2.

Impact on System – Light footprint with minimal RAM usage around 250MB. Installs without driver software for less system alteration3.

Speed – Quick initial and recurring scans. Background protection causes minor 4-5% performance lag during active scans4.

User Interface – Clean, visually appealing dashboard requires little user training. Falls short of Avast’s sleeker experience5.

Price – Around $35 per year for one device. Comparable to pricing of mid-range products like Webroot but not as low as Windows Defender.

Summary and Verdict

The Pros

  • Stellar at blocking malware and ransomware in testing
  • Very user-friendly interface and setup
  • Reasonably priced, especially as part of Surfshark One

The Cons

  • Light on additional security tools and mobile support
  • Lacks deep scan customization for experts
  • Unproven long-term track record

Surfshark Antivirus provides robust core protection against malware and phishing for individual users. While not as full-featured as veteran solutions, its fresh approach and blending with VPN make it worth consideration, especially for existing Surfshark subscribers. For complete multi-device protection, a more established provider may better suit. But overall Surfshark Antivirus brings innovation to personal cyber protection.