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Lookout Security and Antivirus


Lookout Security and Antivirus is a comprehensive mobile security solution designed to protect Android and iOS devices from a wide range of cyberthreats. As mobile devices have become ubiquitous for personal and enterprise use, securing them has become a top priority. Yet the majority of mobile devices lack adequate protections against malware, unsafe apps, phishing attacks, and other threats targeting sensitive data. This is where Lookout provides vital security layers customizable to individual risks.

With capabilities spanning from malware detection to stolen device tracking and backup protections, Lookout aims to safeguard mobile users with predictive security algorithms alerting them to emerging dangers before they escalate into breaches. As workforce mobility and BYOD policies drive extensive usage of mobile devices storing corporate data, Lookout’s integrated endpoint security platform gives organizations visibility with granular controls to sustain data policies even on employee personal phones. For consumers equally reliant on mobile devices now containing their digital identities across banking, social, medical and other accounts, Lookout brings welcomed security.

Features of Lookout Security and Antivirus

Lookout provides comprehensive security functionalities:

Malware and Virus Protection

The foundation of Lookout’s security lies in its malware protections utilizing predictive analysis to identify malicious or vulnerable apps before they compromise devices. Signatures and behavioral analysis examine apps for dangerous requests, code executions, encryption functionality and other attributes which could indicate risks. Machine learning algorithms compare app characteristics against known malware profiles to uncover pattern matches early.

Administrators gain visibility into any blacklist app installations with location tracing on managed devices while consumers receive alerts on infection attempts. By combining proactive app scanning with web protection against phishing links and device anomaly detection tracking suspicious activity spikes indicative of malware, Lookout catches threats from all major vectors.

Safe Browsing

Unsafe browsing exposes mobile users to phishing attacks, malicious sites peddling malware in downloads, and credential theft through session hijacking. Lookout alerts users to fraudulent websites and blocks known malicious links before access attempts. Analytics track sites accessing personal data like contacts or location without consent too.

For corporate mobile fleets, administrators gain insights into browse behaviors by department highlighting risks like excessive time on entertainment sites during work hours that could signal distraction or productivity issues to address through policy changes rather than necessarily security threats.

Theft Protection

Lost or stolen devices pose extreme risks of sensitive organizational and personal data landing in the wrong hands. Lookout can remotely lock and wipe devices when missing to prevent data access along with keeping encrypted backups secured from breach. Automatic wiping can be configured after a set number of failed unlock attempts to thwart brute force attacks.

An online portal lets users track missing phones on maps while enabling a loud siren alarm to help recovery. Integration with Microsoft Intune allows enterprises to revoke managed app access after remote wipe securing corporate data on lost BYOD devices.

Privacy Advisor

To inform smarter privacy decisions around app permissions, Lookout’s Privacy Advisor reports on excessive or unnecessary application access rights requests that could indicate risks. It flags when new permissions get added with updates that gather more data without user awareness. Historical visibility into permissions helps determine sensitive data exposures.

System Advisor

The System Advisor module monitors device performance metrics including battery drain, operating temperature, storage capacity, memory usage and CPU demand spikes checking for abnormalities suggesting crypto-mining malware or other infection. It identifies known bad app versions with security flaws or vulnerabilities as well. By establishing baselines then alerting on deviations, Lookout catches issues early.

Together these comprehensive features sustain mobile security for personal and professional usage across malware, phishing, data, privacy and performance dimensions.

How Lookout Security and Antivirus Works

Lookout utilizes a multilayered approach to mobile security:

Scanning and Detecting Threats

The foundation relies on real-time scans of device activity searching for malware, risky apps, abnormal performance and network traffic patterns that match known threats in an always-on manner. Signatureless machine learning algorithms analyze billions of data points referencing modular threat models that quickly expand coverage to new variants. Continuous monitoring maintains 24/7 overwatch tailored to each customer’s risk profile.

Blocking Threats

Upon detecting compromised apps, unsafe links or network connections to command and control servers, Lookout can automatically block threats and halt traffic instead of solely alerting users who may not act quickly enough. Preventative protection maintains device integrity rather than only reactive warnings.

Locating Lost or Stolen Devices

When devices get lost or stolen, Lookout leverages tracing functionality to help owners identify device location history with accuracy as high as 90% on average. This allows recovery or remote data wipe if the device appears unretrievable. Integration with Microsoft Intune allows managed app data to be separated from personal data for selective wipe on BYOD devices.

Providing Privacy and Performance Insights

Finally, embedded analytics offer actionable insights to improve security posture through visibility into excessive or unnecessary app permissions along with performance telemetry checks that could reveal early indicators of infection prior to harm. Recommendations guide users toward better data privacy practices and troubleshooting of issues.

This multilayered approach secures mobile attack surfaces through preemptive threat intelligence.

Benefits of Lookout Security and Antivirus

Key advantages of Lookout Security and Antivirus include:

Protection of Personal and Sensitive Data

By scanning apps, assessing vulnerabilities, checking networks connections and insulating sensitive files, Lookout keeps valuable personal and corporate information secured from adversary harvesting through malware or targeted intrusion attempts. Data remains shielded even if devices gets lost or stolen via selective wipe capabilities separating work and personal data partitions.

Device Integrity and Longevity

Left vulnerable, malware infections can rapidly corrupt mobile operating systems through excessive resource abuse and code injections ultimately rendering devices unusable. Lookout contains fast-moving threats through real-time analysis before major system compromise, preserving iPad and Android tablet integrity along with extending overall lifespan.

User Peace of Mind

Finally, Lookout delivers confidence for users that their mobile experience stays protected through always-on security monitoring various threat factors even when not actively using devices. Alert customizations avoid overwhelming users while keeping them informed to take actions when necessary against credible risks scoped to their tolerance levels. This sustainable balance of usability and security promotes engagement.

Together these strengths enable users to fully utilize mobile capabilities across apps and platforms without needing to compromise convenience for proper security.

Lookout Security and Antivirus Plans

Lookout offers personal and enterprise options with tiered feature sets scaling to needs:

Lookout Personal Basic

The basic personal plan focused on malware and web protection with privacy insights starts free. It leverages Lookout’s core protective capabilities for ad-supported usage blocking threats and unsafe apps or links. For full management controls, expanded features and lost device finding capability, Personal Premium upgrades capabilities starting under $4 monthly billed annually.

Lookout Business Premium

For commercial teams, Lookout Business Premium centralizes policy deployment with dashboard visualizations on the state of BYOD and managed devices interfacing corporate infrastructure. Threat containment automation can instantly isolate compromised devices restricting data flows. Starting under $14 monthly per user, Business Premium hardens mobile fleets against infiltration including integrated conditional access rules.

Lookout Business Premium Plus

With expanded device tracking and management flexibility such as selectively wiping corporate data alone from BYOD endpoints during remote provisioning changes, Business Premium Plus caters to highly regulated industries. Advanced traffic analysis and risk indicators quantify exposure while optimizing configurations for maximum security. Enterprise licensing agreements apply for full-scale deployments.

Scalable solutions allow consumers and global enterprises alike to benefit from Lookout while right-sizing capabilities to needs and budget.


As mobile usage grows exponentially, Lookout Security and Antivirus fills a critical niche securing devices and sensitive information from adversaries attempting to hijack phones and tablets full of valuable data. Going beyond reactive measures, Lookout’s predictive security algorithms provide device owners and IT administrators visibility with control to sustain trusted computing aligned with individual risk preferences. Both personal consumers and massive enterprises now have a purpose-built mobile security solution matching today’s ubiquitous reliance on mobile productivity and computing. With capabilities spanning malware detection, phishing protection, data backups, remote tracking, performance analytics and privacy management there exist few gaps in Lookout’s coverage – delivering comprehensive mobile endpoint protection where it previously lagged.