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For many years businesses have begun to accept the fact that VoIP, which stands for voice over internet protocol, phone systems are much better alternatives than the average landline. Now, most homes are looking to make the switch to these types of phone systems as well, due to their countless benefits. By having your home make this change, you will experience lasting value for your place of residence.

The main benefit of using VoIP phone systems in your home is the fact that they utilize your internet connection and cloud systems to connect callers. Because of this, families can save plenty of money and activate broader calling capabilities in comparison to the basic landlines. VoIP phone systems offer renewed and more sophisticated features, which makes this type of phone system most ideal for households.


Why Are VoIP Phone Systems on the Rise?

Within the last five years, VoIP phone system usage has doubled due to many businesses and homes switching to this type of modernized technology. Overall, the VoIP phone system market is booming, making it the most desired solution for homes in the coming years.

VoIP will pair easily with all types of mobile devices that your family already has as well, and unlike landline contracts, households will not be locked into a pricy agreement with a single provider. When making the switch, there are countless VoIP companies to choose from. By doing the proper research, you can choose the features that are most attractive to you and your household, while also opting for the lowest priced service provider. Throughout this article, tips and insights will be provided for those who are looking into moving forward in making the switch to a VoIP phone system.

Gaining Insight on How Residential VoIP Phone Systems Work

Even for those with the most basic knowledge of VoIP phone systems, you will realize that these phone services work very differently than landline services. Landlines utilize older network systems and must rely on wires and infrastructure in order to connect users, leaving plenty of room for errors.

As stated previously, VoIP phone systems use the internet to transmit communications between users, internationally and domestically. By providing encoded digital transition signals, audio, and even video can be spread across most providers. Users can make calls on public networks, acting as a traditional phone call on a mobile phone, making it hard to pinpoint the differences. An added bonus to VoIP phone systems is that it can also support internet connectivity and video controls while saving you on costly new software.

To make the decision even easier, VoIP phone systems are just a direct extension of your high-speed internet providers. You can obtain VoIP’s advanced communication capabilities without having to install new and expensive hardware. The bottom line is that homes that switch to this type of system will save more in the long run. You will be receiving an updated communication channel, superior features, greater customer service, and optimal customization at an affordable cost. VoIP phone systems do more than just replace your average landline, they transform the way you connect with others personally, and professionally.

The Best Features to Look for When Switching to a Residential VoIP Phone System

Most VoIP phone systems include countless features, flexible plans, and multiple price ranges making it feasible to satisfy every home’s needs. There are plenty of basic features these systems offer, but we will get into some exciting bonuses you can invest in when purchasing this exceptional home phone system. Of course, some of these features will vary between providers, but reaching out to these providers directly can give you a better understanding of what they offer your household from their phone systems.

  1. Portable Number Services: If you are worried about losing the phone numbers of those you already have stored, there is no need to fear. Most of the VoIP systems allow you to transfer over existing numbers, which claims useful if you have a strong network of contacts. Your phone number and phone book will remain untouched, only improved.
  2. Area Code Selection: If you do wish to have your home number changed, you will have the opportunity to select the area code you wish to claim. This can be extremely helpful if you commute for a job and would like to have the same area code your office number has. Or, if you have family members that are close by but possess a different area code, selecting a new code that is similar to theirs is entirely possible and easy to do.
  3. Online Control Panels: As explained before, VoIP systems work through the internet, making it easy to manage accounts online. You will not need to call your service providers to update your phone controls, by simply logging into your online account, you can make these changes in the blink of an eye. Some online controls that you can adjust are voicemail options, transcriptions, call records, and any phone numbers you have saved.
  4. Free International Calls: Many users are in agreement that this feature is one of the best VoIP phone systems offer. This is beneficial if your household makes many international calls. Most of the time, making an international call from a landline is costly, but due to VoIP phone systems working through the internet, high-speed WIFI can make these calls possible, and absolutely free.


Finding the Best Residential VoIP Provider for Your Household

As you’ve seen, there are countless features that many service providers offer, and selecting the right one is imperative. Yes, these features are very attractive for many users, but features alone should not be the deciding factor on which provider to choose. By doing research, creating a comprehensive checklist, looking at customer service reviews, and inquiring more about each company, will leave you with many options to choose from. Finding a provider that offers the features you want, that has outstanding customer service, with the correct bandwidth requirements for the perfect cost, will be exactly what you should look for.

Are You Ready to Make the Switch?

Once you have selected the provider, you will need to talk about the setup for your new VoIP phone system. Most providers will offer setup and installation free of charge, making the transition period seamless and stress-free. When it comes to VoIP phone systems, you want a reliable cloud-based system that gives you all your family is looking for.  Don’t waste any more time dealing with your outdated landline, switch to a modernized VoIP system today!