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NordVPN PlayStation 5


The Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) ranks among the most coveted gaming consoles globally. As an internet-connected device, the PS5 warrants protection to guard gameplay and media consumption against various cyber threats that could disrupt connectivity or compromise privacy.

Virtual private networks (VPNs) provide encryption to safeguard internet-enabled devices. However, directly configuring a VPN on the PlayStation 5 itself poses certain challenges. We’ll explore popular VPN options optimized for PS5 usage along with alternative connectivity methods to leverage their capabilities.

Best VPNs for PS5 Gaming & Streaming

While the PS5 lacks native VPN support, connecting your gaming network indirectly with a premium VPN service still offers tremendous advantages. Let’s compare top VPN recommendations purpose-built to enhance privacy, security, and unrestricted access on PlayStation 5 consoles and media capabilities.


As one of the largest and highest-rated VPN providers globally, NordVPN makes an ideal match for Playstation users. They operate over 5,500 servers spanning across 60 different countries worldwide. This vast infrastructure delivers leading connection speeds, optimized gaming support, and the ability to bypass regional restrictions imposed by certain streaming platforms.

Other main advantages of NordVPN for PS5 include:

  • Gaming-optimized servers prevent peak traffic congestion for lag-free online multiplayer sessions
  • Easy setup via router installation translates across PlayStation and other connected devices
  • Strict no-logs policy and offshore privacy jurisdiction for anonymous usage habits
  • Allows 6 simultaneous connections so all household members enjoy privacy protection
  • Unblocks access to American Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+ and other geo-restricted streaming services and internet content

With user-friendly apps across Windows, iOS, Android, and manual router configurations, NordVPN makes it simple to protect PlayStation ecosystems.


For the fastest throughput speeds while gaming, ExpressVPN consistently ranks among the fastest options in independent speed tests. Their massive server fleet located near key urban connectivity hubs help provide low ping times ideal for real-time action gaming requiring split-second reflexes without stutter or disruption.

Other attributes making ExpressVPN well-suited for PS5 usage:

  • Fast lanes and speed test tools help pick ideal servers for gaming and HD/4K streaming
  • TrustedServer network simplifies local network and device access issues common with VPN routing
  • Robust encryption, no activity logs, and offshore jurisdiction outside surveillance networks
  • Permits P2P traffic for direct downloads versus slow Sony server game updates

With superb speeds perfect for multiplayer titles, ExpressVPN makes another top contender for PlayStation users seeking protection paired with high performance connectivity.


This Romanian-based VPN provider markets itself specifically towards the gaming community. Servers optimized for gaming offer high speeds, low ping times, freedom to torrent game downloads, and avoiding peaks during other internet rush hours that might disrupt uninterrupted play.

CyberGhost VPN gaming infrastructure also provides:

  • Over 7,400 servers spanning 89 countries to access worldwide regional gaming content
  • Professionally configured routers with CyberGhost firmware for full home network protection
  • Strict no-logs policy across a server network outside intelligence agreements or mandatory data retention enforcement jurisdictions
  • Intuitive apps, great for less tech-savvy gamers who value ease of use

With specialized offerings catering to gamers, CyberGhost VPN presents another leading VPN solution for PlayStation console requirements.

Private Internet Access (PIA)

Perhaps best know for advanced technical controls, Private Internet Access (PIA) provides a huge array of adjustable settings allowing meticulous control over connectivity. PlayStation users can finely tune their VPN pipeline based on traffic category to optimize gameplay.

Customization highlights beneficial for PS5 usage include:

  • 35,000+ shared IPs make it easy to switch server endpoints quickly to find fastest routes
  • Enable port forwarding for popular PlayStation infrastructure needs
  • Disable IPv6 and enable connection obfuscation to avoid traffic throttling by internet service providers
  • Leverage MACE encryption adding extra security layers on top of standard OpenVPN and IPSec protocols
  • 10 simultaneous device connections per account to cover all household gaming items

With so many parameters to calibrate connectivity, PIA offers devoted gamers way above average customization capabilities.


This British Virgin Islands-based VPN provider maintains a relatively compact server fleet of about 3,200 across 65 countries – but their network continues expanding rapidly. Despite the smaller footprint, Surfshark still provides suitable speeds for gaming coupled with unlimited device connections – a rarity among VPN competitors.

Additional Surfshark assets:

  • Whitelister function acts as a split-tunneling tool allowing bypassing VPN encryption from the PS5 console itself or Sony streaming media apps without disabling protection fully
  • Confirmed P2P/BitTorrent compatibility essential for direct game ISO downloads from torrent trackers versus slow Sony servers
  • Strong no-logs jurisdiction outside intelligence-sharing networks and modest required personal details
  • Includes alert tools to notify users if VPN connection unexpectedly drops on devices

With quality speeds, unlimited device protection, and handy whitelister functionality, Surfshark holds its own to fulfill PlayStation 5 VPN requirements.

Based on server count, network performance, streaming catalog unblocks, and security prowess, NordVPN leads among these top-rated platforms catering VPN services to PlayStation 5 users. However ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, PIA and Surfshark all offer reliable alternatives depending on needs around speed, gaming-centric features, and advanced technical controls.

Why Use a VPN with PlayStation 5?

Despite no native VPN integration on the console itself, utilizing a virtual private network still provides two major advantages – greater privacy protection and bypassing geo-restrictions.

Enhanced Gaming Privacy

Like PCs, smart devices constantly connect to manufacturers for system telemetry data even during offline gaming. A VPN blocks this two-way exchange of usage insights that might reveal behaviors, gaming habits or potentially exploit security flaws:

  • Masks online identity across multiplayer titles to prevent stream sniping or DDoS attacks that could reveal IP address and location against the player’s wishes
  • Prevents snooping on gaming-related web traffic regarding cheat downloads, unofficial mods, adult-themed edits and other activity some players may wish to keep private
  • Hides Torrent activity related to pirating downloadable content, game ISO images or other copyright-infringing media

So while the PlayStation 5 lacks built-in VPN support, installing a reputable service on your home router or ISP-provided gateway still funnels all console traffic through an encrypted tunnel. This happens before anything leaves your local network enroute to the greater internet. Mandatory VPN protection across your entire gaming setup better conceals info from parties other than the intended recipients.

Access Geo-Blocked Gaming Content

Similar to streaming platforms, many game publishers geo-restrict access to titles, servers, in-game stores and related network infrastructure based on region. Gamers constantly seek workarounds to access prerelease content or full catalog availability in nearby territories different from their own.

For example, console owners in Europe clamor to access special edition titles or downloadable content sometimes exclusive only to North America and vice versa. Using a quality VPN providers solves this by letting PlayStation users select server locations that essentially mask their real-world geography.

To streaming platforms and game networks, the VPN makes it appear the PlayStation connects from New York City, Toronto, London etc. instead of the actual origins. This fools geo-restrictions allowing players to gain normally walled-off game content, expanded social play access, special promotions or user-generated add-ons limited to certain countries.

Setting Up a VPN Across PlayStation 5 Consoles

Ideally Sony would bake VPN functionality directly into their console firmware. However currently no native support for virtual private networking exists on the PlayStation 5 itself. Fortunately workarounds do allow external VPN deployment to still apply necessary protection:

Install VPN Software on Your Gaming Router

One method is installing VPN client software at the main router level which handles all internet connectivity for your household. Top-tier router firmware options like DD-WRT and OpenWrt allow installing reputable VPN apps to have encryption applied transparently across gaming consoles, mobile devices, streaming boxes and everything else on the local network.

NordVPN in particular provides great OpenVPN file packages that work across game-friendly WiFi router models like the Linksys WRT32X meant specifically for stable low-latency console game traffic. Other cross-platform routers like the Synology RT2600ac also offer NordVPN router integration.

Once configured properly, all devices connected locally – including PS5 consoles – route through the encrypted VPN tunnel automatically without any secondary apps required across the endpoints themselves.

Create Virtual VPN Router Using Windows 10 PC

Lacking an advanced router with VPN capabilities pre-installed? Another approach uses the built-in routing functionality on Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise editions to create a virtual VPN router. This software-based Windows router with NordVPN installed similarly funnels all traffic systemwide through the VPN.

Follow Microsoft’s online documentation for directions enabling Windows 10 virtual router capabilities using the hosted network or netsh wlan commands. Then downloading and installing the NordVPN Windows client routes systems and transfers network encryption across other hardwired devices like PlayStation gaming consoles connecting through the Windows PC.