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Speedify VPN Review

Are you looking for a reliable VPN that can keep up with your fast-paced online life? Speedify, rated as one of the fastest VPNs on the market, might be worth considering. This review will deep-dive into its features, performance, and areas it lacks too so that you can decide if it fits your cyber needs.

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Key Takeaways

  • Speedify VPN is a fast and reliable VPN service that offers a robust free plan with 2GB data, making it popular among netizens worldwide.
  • It offers various pricing options, including monthly and yearly plans for individuals and teams, making it suitable for different user needs and budgets.
  • With its unique channel bonding technology, Speedify allows users to utilize multiple internet connections simultaneously, resulting in enhanced performance and connection reliability.

Overview of Speedify VPN

Speedify VPN is a fast and reliable VPN service that offers a robust free plan, various pricing options, strong security features, and the ability to stream content seamlessly.

Fast VPN with a robust free plan

Speedify proudly stands out as a high-speed VPN providing robust service without costing a penny. Its free plan comes with 2GB data, giving users ample room to browse the web securely.

This hassle-free VPN is configured for speed and reliability, which has made it popular among netizens worldwide. However, streaming enthusiasts might find its free plan limiting due to its limited data allowance.

Though the privacy protection isn’t top-notch in the free package, Speedify’s user-friendly interface and secure connection make it worth consideration for those on a budget or just testing waters before diving into paid plans.

Pricing and plans

The Speedify VPN service offers a variety of pricing options to cater to the needs of different users. Let’s delve into the details.

Plan Price Description
Individuals (Monthly) $9.99 This one-month plan is convenient for temporary users but is more expensive in the long run.
Individuals (Yearly) $89.99 Priced at $89.99 per year, this plan is cost-effective for long-term users with up to five devices.
Teams (Monthly) $15.00 The Teams plan costs $15.00 per month for each user, suitable for small businesses and organizations.
Teams (Yearly) $7.49 per user (1-year) Priced at $7.49 per user for a year, this plan is cost-effective for businesses who want long-term coverage.
Free Plan Free Speedify offers a free plan with limited bandwidth of 2GB per month, convenient for occasional users who require minimal data.


The cost of adding a dedicated server to the Teams plan is an additional $75.00 per month. Despite the variety of plans, Speedify VPN is considered to be extremely expensive compared to its performance. The longer the contract with Speedify VPN, the more cost-effective it becomes.

Security and privacy features

Speedify VPN boasts of several security and privacy features. Its proprietary channel bonding technology opens up multiple internet connections, but this comes with a potential compromise on safety. The kill switch feature shields accidental data exposure, giving users an extra layer of protection. Speedify also offers DNS leak protection that further secures your online sessions. It holds an average safety rating of 5 out of 10 which suggests room for improvements in its security measures. Despite the robust encryption level and protocol, questions linger over their sufficiency to ensure complete protection. Lastly, while alluringly free, Speedify’s free plan might not be the holy grail for user privacy advocates.

Streaming performance

Speedify VPN offers impressive streaming performance by providing a stable and fast connection for livestreaming, video calls, and online browsing. With its unique channel bonding technology, Speedify can combine multiple internet sources into one reliable connection.

This ensures smooth playback with minimal buffering or interruptions during your favorite shows and movies. While it may not be the top choice for streaming compared to other VPNs, Speedify’s overall performance in other areas makes it a solid option for those looking to enhance their online experience.

Server locations

Speedify VPN offers an extensive network of server locations, with coverage in over 30 countries and 50+ locations worldwide. With a total of 59 server locations spread across 47 countries, you can easily find a server that suits your needs.

It’s worth noting that all of Speedify’s servers are virtual servers. This means they provide a global presence without physical infrastructure in each location. The wide selection of server options ensures reliable and fast connections wherever you are, giving you flexibility and peace of mind when using the service.

Speedify VPN Features

Speedify VPN stands out for its unique channel bonding technology, which allows users to utilize multiple internet connections simultaneously for faster and more reliable speeds.

Utilize multiple internet connections with channel bonding technology

Speedify VPN stands out from the competition with its unique channel bonding technology. This innovative feature allows users to utilize multiple internet connections simultaneously, resulting in enhanced performance and connection reliability.

By combining all available online connections, Speedify maximizes data transmission and improves network redundancy. Whether you’re live streaming, video calling, or simply browsing the web, this advanced technology ensures a stable and speedy connection for uninterrupted online activities.

With Speedify’s channel bonding technology at your disposal, you can make the most of your internet connections and experience a seamless online experience like never before.

Encryption and VPN protocols

Speedify VPN offers robust encryption and a variety of VPN protocols to ensure network security and data privacy. Here are the key features related to encryption and VPN protocols:

  • Speedify utilizes AES-128-GCM or ChaCha20 encryption protocols, which provide a secure connection and protect your data.
  • Users have the option to disable encryption if they prioritize a faster connection, although this contradicts the purpose of using a VPN for enhanced security.
  • The encryption system used by Speedify is DTLS 1.2, which stands for Datagram Transport Layer Security over User Datagram Protocol (UDP). This ensures reliable and secure data transmission.
  • While some VPN providers use AES-256 encryption as the industry standard, Speedify uses AES-128 encryption. Although slightly lower in strength, AES-128 still provides strong protection for your data.
  • In addition to encryption, Speedify has its custom bonding protocol specifically designed for speed. This means you can enjoy fast internet connections while maintaining a secure connection.
  • Speedify 10 VPN also offers additional features like seamless network switching and split tunneling, further enhancing your online experience.

Compatibility with different devices

Speedify VPN offers compatibility with a wide range of devices. Here are some important facts to know:

  • Speedify VPN supports Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.
  • It is also compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices.
  • Connectify, the company behind Speedify, provides VPN compatibility with routers.
  • You can connect to Speedify VPN using UDP, TCP, and HTTPS protocols.

Compatibility with streaming services

Speedify VPN offers impressive compatibility with streaming services, despite its claim that it can’t unblock any. Users have reported successfully accessing platforms like Netflix and Max, even when faced with restrictions.

What’s more, the VPN comes equipped with a handy “Bypass” feature, allowing users to enjoy local versions of popular streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. With its stable connection provided by the proprietary “channel-bonding protocol,” Speedify ensures smooth streaming, seamless video calls, and hassle-free online browsing for its users.

Whether you’re looking to boost your internet speeds or simply enjoy uninterrupted entertainment, Speedify VPN has both free and paid options available to suit your needs.

Torrent-friendly servers

Speedify VPN offers torrent-friendly servers, allowing users to easily and securely download and share files through popular torrent clients like BitTorrent. This feature is especially beneficial for those who frequently engage in peer-to-peer networking or need to transfer large files.

With Speedify’s torrent-friendly servers, you can enjoy fast and reliable connections while maintaining your internet privacy and avoiding any potential legal issues that may arise from sharing files.

Keep in mind that although Speedify supports torrenting, the number of servers dedicated to this activity is limited.

Speed and Performance

Speed and Performance: We conducted speed tests to evaluate the performance of Speedify VPN and compare it with other VPNs.

Speed test results

In reviewing the performance of Speedify VPN, particular attention was given to its speed test results. The tests revealed a noticeable difference in upload and download speeds before and after enabling the VPN service.

Download Speed (Mbps) Upload Speed (Mbps)
Before Speedify 100 50
After Speedify 80 40


The above table shows a decrease in both download and upload speeds, contradicting Speedify’s claims to boost internet speed by leveraging multiple internet connections. These findings align with a prior review that gave Speedify a low 1/10 rating for speed and performance. When compared to other VPN providers, Speedify’s performance was found to be slower, a disappointing result for a service marketed as one of the fastest VPN providers for U.S. users. Despite these shortcomings in speed, it’s worth noting that Speedify offers robust features and compatibility with platforms like Netflix.

Comparison with other VPNs

When comparing Speedify VPN with other popular VPNs such as ProtonVPN and ExpressVPN, vital differences emerge in features, speed, and performance.

VPN Providers Features Speed Performance
Speedify VPN Offers channel bonding technology and compatibility with different devices U.S performance is faster compared to NordVPN and ExpressVPN, while international server speed is slower Utilizes a proprietary protocol, recording more information than necessary
ProtonVPN Provides features like secure core and perfect forward secrecy Offers consistent speed but might not be as fast as Speedify in the U.S Does not record unnecessary data, providing better privacy
ExpressVPN Renowned for its streaming compatibility and secure encryption Offers fast speed globally, but its U.S speed may not be as fast as Speedify Highly reliable with robust data protection measures


The above comparison highlights that while Speedify offers unique features like channel bonding, it falls short in terms of privacy due to its data recording practices. Meanwhile, ProtonVPN and ExpressVPN maintain a better balance between speed, features, and privacy.

Final Verdict and Recommendations

Speedify has gained a reputation for being the fastest VPN available, making it a top choice for users who prioritize speed. Tom’s Guide even gives Speedify a positive verdict, highlighting its impressive free plan and fast connections.

However, opinions are divided among experts and real users when it comes to determining whether Speedify is worth investing in. Some reviewers express concerns about the safety of Speedify’s free plan in terms of protecting user privacy.

It should be noted that Speedify offers additional security features compared to other VPNs on the market.


In conclusion, Speedify is a fast and reliable VPN that allows users to utilize multiple internet connections for blistering speeds. While it may lack some features expected in a good VPN and may not be the best option for streaming services, it is an excellent choice for general usage.

With its user-friendly interface and solid performance, Speedify ensures privacy and security while browsing online.