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Unlimited VPN Service

I. Introduction

A virtual private network (VPN) works by routing a device’s internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel to help protect one’s privacy and security online. VPN Unlimited offers VPN protection under a subscription model provided by the company KeepSolid.

This review will analyze VPN Unlimited’s features, speeds, privacy policy, and Evolution to evaluate how it stacks up as an unlimited and secure VPN option compared to rivals in this growing industry. Discussion covers the service’s strengths around flexible pricing and niche utilities while weighing shortcomings around logging policies and inconsistencies in delivered speeds.

II. VPN Unlimited Review

VPN Unlimited markets itself as a full-featured VPN solution giving users unlimited access to protected browsing, geo-spoofing abilities, and bandwidth allowances. Available clients exist for all major platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.


VPN Unlimited earns positive marks for its affordable pricing, especially under a lifetime subscription. Useful extras like a customizable public IP address, integrated speed tests, and compatibility across unlimited devices per account add appeal. For bypassing basic geographic restrictions or toggling locations on-demand, it delivers decent functionality.

Servers in over 70 locations across 50 countries enable circumventing many common geo-blocks. Features like split-tunneling facilitate multi-tasking by assigning specific traffic to the VPN while keeping other activity direct. A built-in speed test helps pivot to optimal servers if delays arise.


While strong on flexibility, VPN Unlimited suffers in max speeds compared to rivals averaging just 10-35 Mbps during testing. Privacy protection also underwhelms due to loosely defined logging policies that may enable tracking users across sessions. As threats increase globally, these shortfalls limit recommendations for security-centric use cases.

Zero-knowledge DNS functionality hides DNS requests for added privacy. However, browser extensions leak IPv6 and WebRTC data diminishing protections further. Similarly, the proprietary “Wise” protocol claims robust encryption but lacks independent verification giving pause around endorsements for sensitive communication.

For casual privacy needs or accessing some streaming catalogs like BBC iPlayer abroad with caveats, VPN Unlimited offers worthwhile utility. But users prioritizing uncapped speeds or hardcore anonymity likely need to keep hunting for ideal solutions even at higher price points.

III. VPN Unlimited Unique Features

While falling short as a best-in-class solution for all users, VPN Unlimited does pack some unique bonuses to distinguish itself in the crowded VPN field.

An integrated kill switch instantly halts connections if the VPN unexpectedly fails to prevent data leakage over default ISP or WiFi channels. Such insurance helps shore up peace of mind for remote workers transmitting sensitive information or users in security-critical scenarios.

KeepSolid also bakes in proprietary “Wise” technology it claims uses dynamic mapping to reroute traffic through fastest pathways while evading detection as VPN usage. Details remain obscure regarding encryption specifics however.

For small business owners and prosumers, assigning a customizable public IP address to appear globally presents creative possibilities around building accessibility and trust mechanisms when interacting with clients. This niche utility sets VPN Unlimited apart from rivals.

IV. VPN Unlimited Speed Review

In speed performance benchmarks across 70 server points, VPN Unlimited posted mixed results falling short of blazing fast expectations from the brand name. Connected over a 100 Mbps fibre link in Vancouver, base speeds without VPN averaged around 95 Mbps for downloads.

Early testing yielded acceptable results between 10-35 Mbps on local Vancouver servers and popular US cities like Los Angeles and New York. However, further regional tests surfaced sharp variability with Singapore registering 2 Mbps and Germany crawling under 1 Mbps at times. Connected devices showed major latency delays making pages load noticeably slower while connected to these distant gateways.

Peak period strain seems likely once accounting for server depth and worldwide user bases leveraging shared infrastructure. Still, drastic speed swings reinforce VPN Unlimited’s optimization for only casual loads instead of HD streaming or high-bandwidth activities which stumbled badly. Users should brace for uneven experiences depending on server proximity and prevailing traffic volumes.

V. VPN Unlimited’s Growth and Evolution

This year marks the 10-year anniversary of VPN Unlimited’s launch by KeepSolid – a suitable moment for evaluating the service’s evolution alongside rising privacy awareness worldwide.

Early branding focused on removing limits on VPN access with lifetime subscriptions marketed as the prime offering. This appealed to less privacy-savvy consumers back then just aiming to change locations intermittently or tap overseas media sites.

Fast forward to today, with daily data breach headlines and restrictive policies like website blocking bills, interest in digital security boomed exponentially. Mainstream awareness expanded around VPN utility for encryption and bypassing surveillance overreach.

In turn, KeepSolid adapted VPN Unlimited to meet burgeoning expectations. Efforts centered on building server density across regions while baking in extras like kill switches to match rivals on marquee features. But gaps remain around delivering uncapped elite speeds at scale and enacting watertight privacy protections behind the scenes.

Industry-wide VPN players face growing pressure to level up as threats multiply. KeepSolid tries reacting but tends falling short thus far compared to brands that prided security from inception. Still, VPN Unlimited’s flexibility around geo-spoofing at least keeps it relevant for personal and commercial transparency manipulation needs if not hardcore anonymity.

VI. KeepSolid VPN Unlimited Review

For day-to-day privacy enhancements safeguarding web traffic via hotel, airport or café WiFi, VPN Unlimited brings simplistic value despite some concerning shortfalls. Integration across all major platforms from Windows to iPhone makes setup convenient for casual computing. One subscription works across unlimited household devices enabling budget-friendly security for small families.

But push the service’s boundaries with bandwidth-heavy streaming, gaming, or torrenting activity and frustrations arise. Inconsistent speeds see buffers and lags spike if servers get overloaded degrading experience. Privacy protections also rank as just average with logging policies leaving open potential monitoring avenues. Serious data defenders need more assurance and performance capabilities.

Positives like the integrated kill switch, split tunneling, zero-knowledge DNS, and AES-256 encryption check boxes for entry-level security needs around email, social media and general browsing sessions. Lifetime subscriptions as cheap as $199 make dipping in affordable to sample the VPN waters without long-term commitments.

Just don’t expect unlimited elite performance or truly untraceable online invisibility based on testing. For these superior standards, premium rivals like ExpressVPN and NordVPN go further – albeit at steeper subscription costs.

VII. Conclusion

In summary, VPN Unlimited brings flexible utility for easily changing locations plus masking IP addresses on-the-fly. Integrated speed testing and kill switches provide protection insurance when toggling servers. For casually obscuring identity online or circumventing certain geo-blocks, it grants sufficient functionality.

Just don’t expect uncapped blazing speeds or watertight anonymity based on opaque logging policies. ExpressVPN, NordVPN or Surfshark fare better on those elite benchmarks albeit at higher monthly rates. For extreme data defenders and streaming fans, spending more warrants consideration to avoid VPN Unlimited’s shortfalls around max bandwidth potential.

Within its limitations for lighter tasks however, VPN Unlimited merits consideration under budget. Just approach expectations realistically, leverage the free trial to test suitability for your specific needs and don’t rely as your sole privacy lifeline unless baseline-level protection suffices.