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Megapath Hosted VoIP Features

I. Introduction

A. Definition of Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP refers to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system that is hosted on remote servers or the cloud. This means the phone service is delivered over a network like the public internet rather than an on-premises private system behind a business’ firewalls. Core call control software and routing intelligence resides in the provider’s centralized data centers rather than at individual business locations.

B. Brief overview of MegaPath as a VoIP service provider

Founded in 1996, MegaPath offers a robust portfolio of hosted VoIP solutions catering from SMBs to large enterprises spread across multiple locations. Their offerings integrate cloud PBX functionality with unified communications through mobility features, instant messaging and presence management. As a facilities-based Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) with an extensive private MPLS backbone network and nation-wide last mile access reach, MegaPath consolidates T1 lines, PRIs, analog lines and SIP trunks into an integrated Voice platform promising five 9s reliability and crystal clear call quality.

II. Standard Features

MegaPath delivers enterprise-grade high definition voice complete with standard PBX capabilities even on base tiers:

A. Dial tone over a standard SIP handoff

The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunk option allows connecting existing customer premises equipment like legacy PBX systems and hybrid Genesys contact center platforms into MegaPath’s cloud. This maintains continuity by proxing registrations and call control messages to register business identities and route calls.

B. Unlimited Local Inbound and Outbound calling

Ongoing monthly charges per seat provide unlimited calling within the continental US well suited for regular landline usage requirements without worrying about overage charges.

C. Call capacity sharing among locations (Enterprise Trunking only)

For large organizations with many regional offices, call concurrency user licenses can be intelligently shared and dynamically allocated in real-time between sites based on actual call traffic patterns. This optimization reduces underutilized excess capacity buffers helping maximize savings.

D. Metered domestic long distance and international long distance

While local calls within the US are unlimited, additional per-minute fees apply for any long distance direct dialed calls based on measured duration. International calls are charged based on destination specifics listed clearly.

III. Add-On Features

Beyond basic voice services, MegaPath offers several advanced capabilities through value-added features:

A. Account Codes

Enables tracking call details by customer, department or matter details by forcing users to enter designated digits during the call for tagging appropriately in billing reports. Helps allocate costs internally across business units accurately for showback or chargeback needs.

B. Audio Conferencing

Integrated audio conferencing bridges allow instantly setting up multiperson conference calls for meetings by dialing dedicated access numbers instead of needing third party services. Host controls provide management capabilities like muting lines, recording, and more.

C. Auto Attendant

The customizable automated voice menus allow callers to self-navigate departments or dial extensions directly without needing human assistance. Configurable day/night settings, holiday greetings and multilayer menus can effectively guide customers to appropriate teams.

D. Telephone Number (DID)

Purchase direct inward dialing numbers locally based on geographic area codes required to provision unique contact numbers for divisions.

E. Enhanced Telephone Number (DID)

Get vanity toll free numbers that are easy to remember for customers when contacting businesses nationally without incurring long distance charges irrespective of their location.

F. Directory Listing

For better discoverability and branding, key details can be published directly across public directory listings and 411 assistance databases so customer searches reach your business accurately.

IV. Supported Hardware

To enable reliable functioning, MegaPath certifies and supports a selective portfolio of phone equipment:

A. List of supported phone models

Validated IP deskphone models include popular choices like Cisco 78/88 series, Polycom VVX models, Yealink T4/5 series that interoperate seamlessly while delivering HD voice quality by prioritizing control/media packets and respecting 802.1p/Q VLAN markings.

B. Compatibility with IP PBX vendors

Leading IP-PBX options certified for trunking integration include Avaya Aura, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Microsoft Skype for Business, allowinghybrid deployments.

V. SIP Trunking

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking allows connecting enterprise Private Branch eXchanges (PBXs) and Unified Communications (UC) platforms securely into MegaPath’s resilient voice network core.

A. Benefits for businesses with multiple locations

For multi-site setups, MegaPath SIP services convergence voice and data over efficient private Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) links to simplify wiring with cost savings by bundling access plans. Local PSTN breakouts maintain regulatory compliance as needed per site. The unified dial plan extends seamless 4/5 digit internal dialing across locations.

B. Cost-effective voice solutions

Shared trunking maximizes utilization removing capacity planning guesswork across areas. Consolidating multi-vendor circuits under one pane simplifies manageability at lower costs by optimizing everything from call routing intelligence to billing.

VI. Hosted Voice/Hosted PBX

MegaPath provides full hosted PBX functionality delivered from cloud without requiring costly on-premise infrastructure.

A. Functionality and features

The reliable voice platform epicenter replaces limitations of dated PBX hardware models that burden growth ambitions within enterprises. Here capabilities stay current with latest innovations for unified communications spanning team chat, video meetings from any device.

Using self-service web portals, administrators configure call flows, hunt groups, interactive voice menus, schedules easily without needing vendor assistance every time.

B. Leasing or purchasing options for phones

MegaPath partners with leading deskphone original equipment manufacturers like Cisco, Polycom, Yealink. New handsets can be conveniently leased or bought outright as part of ongoing subscriptions. This melds capex and opex needs flexible to business preferences.

C. Unified Communications

Native integrations with popular cloud productivity tools like SalesForce, Office365, G Suite etc enable context preservation through screen pops saving agents handling effort. Shared presence visibility presence indications boost real-time collaboration.

VII. Mobile Capability

Complementing desktop phones, MegaPath empowers workforce mobility through VoIP capabilities extended securely on smartphones and laptops.

A. Integration of Hosted Voice Mobile

The MegaPath One app for iOS and Android devices provides full business phone functionality letting users make/receive calls, set availability status, instantly trigger audio conference bridges, manage contacts and voicemail through intuitive interfaces.

B. Other mobile-friendly features such as Find Me/Follow Me and Visual Voicemail

Unified Communications capabilities like Find me / Follow me call forwarding schemes ensure no missed business calls by ringing endpoints sequentially or simultaneously until answered.

Visual Voicemail presets avoid dial-in codes with voicemails directly reachable through apps like email for quick triaging. Speech to text powered transcription further aids productivity.

VIII. Conclusion

In closing, MegaPath offers secure, resilient business VoIP services delivered through a privately managed voice network ensuring Five 9s availability, crystal clear call quality with capabilities like unlimited local calling, corporate directory integration, advanced call routing use cases, integrated messaging/conferencing features etc. Their mobile SDKs extend capabilities to smartphones without compromise. Whether opting for hosted multi-tenant services or SIP trunking models, capabilities help anchor communications critical to enterprises spread across regions.