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Cloud Storage for the Healthcare Industry

Securely Store and Distribute Digital Healthcare Data on Nirvanix Cloud Storage

The Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network offers a managed storage tier that economically scales on demand to hundreds of petabytes to meet today’s explosive growth of digital medical data. The Cloud Storage Network complements the high-performance storage that supports core medical and lab processes, and by using standards-based APIs or the Nirvanix CloudNAS, you can consolidate storage for PACS, radiology, lab, and clinical information systems to eliminate the inefficiencies of disparate silos. To further reduce costs, Nirvanix technologies integrate with leading deduplication and compression technologies.

The Nirvanix cloud helps to enable compliance with HIPAA and other regulatory acts by featuring SAS 70-compliant nodes, policy-based geo-replication capabilities, robust encryption for data in flight and at rest, and strong password-controlled access. You can manage your institution’s storage with a single namespace and offer child accounts that provide designated users with quick and secure access to medical files, expediting both treatment and collaborations. We further reduce the cost and complexity of long-term retention by automatically and seamlessly migrating data to new disks on standard refresh cycles. With Nirvanix, you always have the secure, accessible, cost-effective storage that enables hospitals, clinics, labs, imaging centers, and other healthcare providers to fully realize the promise of electronic medical records.

Key Benefits

Unlimited Capacity

On-demand storage for the most burgeoning demands

Reduced Cost and Complexity

Eliminate redundant systems for storing, protecting, and sharing patient medical records

Easy integration

Streamline storage quickly and easily

Secure Storage

Support HIPAA-compliant applications

Are you prepared for the explosive growth in healthcare information systems?

The growing call for the adoption of electronic medical records (EMR) is very cogent. By digitally storing each patient’s records and clinical data, healthcare providers can diagnose, treat, and track patients faster and more effectively, especially when multiple specialists are needed. The result is lower costs and better care. Yet, as institutions deploy EMR, data growth will be exponential, especially from digital X-rays, MRIs, and CAT scans, which generate large files. Managing this data will be a huge undertaking and expanding primary storage is not the answer. NAS solutions run the risk of compartmentalizing data for various departments, and building out SANs means perpetually increasing IT budgets and data centers.

The Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network is designed to meet the scalability and accessibility required by the explosive growth in EMR. You can consolidate multiple tiers of NAS into one accessible archive, gaining near infinite storage capacity with extraordinary security. You will do away with the cost and headache of designing, configuring, and operating tiered storage that must constantly grow. You also will ensure that patient and clinical data are always accessible for both medical and regulatory needs. With the Nirvanix cloud, you have the practical, cost-effective solution for realizing the many benefits of digital healthcare records.

Are you adequately protecting your patients’ medical records?

The regulatory demands for healthcare data are among the most stringent in any industry. Patient files must always be private, safely backed up for years, and easily accessible. Tape, a traditional long-term retention strategy, is error prone and poses security risks when in transit. Tape also cannot meet accessibility demands because tape recoveries, particularly for extended timeframes, are very slow and laborious. At the same time, retaining an active mirror of a dataset presents challenges. Long-term retention demands multiple point-in-time copies, permitting a rollback of data to a previous state. In-house replication also incurs the cost and complexity of a remote data center that is over-provisioned to ensure future capacity.

The Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network meets the healthcare industry’s need for secure archives. You can use policy-based replication to store data at multiple storage nodes that meet SAS 70 compliance. Nirvanix solutions encrypt data both in flight and at rest and enable you to instantly verify the integrity of your files. You also can make data securely available to selected users. We even seamlessly migrate data to new discs on standard refresh cycles, eliminating the complexities of long-term retention. With its secure long-term storage, the Nirvanix cloud will help you to comply with HIPAA Privacy and HIPAA Security Rules as well as other mandates for data privacy.

Can you effectively share information to improve productivity and medical outcomes?

The sharing of information among hospitals, clinics, labs, and imaging centers is essential for high-quality healthcare. Data, however, is often stored in disparate silos within departments and labs, which hinder collaborative processes and are very difficult to manage and audit. Moreover, the rapid consolidation of healthcare organizations has forced many IT staffs to set up ad hoc storage solutions to support the integration of their applications, creating still more information silos.

The Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network lets you consolidate and distribute medical records and files from an almost infinitely scalable storage platform, eliminating the costly inefficiencies of separate repositories. Our CloudNAS software and open API allow popular backup and archiving products to write directly to our storage cloud and they support leading deduplication and compression solutions. The Cloud Storage Network is the only cloud storage service that offers global access under a single scalable namespace. You can create multiple, password-protected child accounts to permit and control access to data with whitelists for distributed users and workgroups, helping to ensure compliance with mandates like HIPPA.

To speed time to use, Nirvanix’s policy-based geo-location functionality automatically determines the optimal location to store your files within the network. You also can specify one or more globally dispersed nodes to place content in proximity to distributed users. The Nirvanix cloud gives you secure control over who accesses your archived data, enabling you to deliver critical patient information when and where it is needed.