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Cloud Storage for Service Providers

Retain Customers and Create Revenue Streams with Nirvanix Cloud Storage

For service providers that must remain competitive against cloud computing firms, the Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network delivers a fully-managed storage tier with nearly unlimited, on-demand scalability. The efficiencies and pricing of the Cloud Storage Network permit you to offer storage to customers at a fraction of the cost of an in-house cloud storage solution and more economically than leading cloud computing providers. You will quickly bring to market a secure, global storage platform to support the applications and services needed to attract and retain customers. Our standards-based APIs or the Nirvanix CloudNAS rapidly allow applications to read and write to the cloud for seamless integration. You will always deliver the capacity and services that customers demand, eliminating the risks of over- or under-provisioning internal infrastructures. Moreover, Nirvanix features Offsite Data Protection and rock-solid security, ensuring the availability and reliability that enhance customer satisfaction and generate revenues

Key Benefits

Increase the Bottom Line

Reduce churn while gaining new revenue streams

Lower Risk

Eliminate forecasting and costly capital commitments

Reduced Time to Market

Enter the market in weeks instead of months

Instant Global Footprint

Store data on any of Nirvanix’s secure global storage nodes

Reduce Churn, Increase Service Offerings and Add New Revenue Streams

Are you at risk of losing customers to cloud computing services?

Cloud services are a compelling solution for end users who are looking both to reduce their costs and scale to meet peak loads. Users are increasingly testing cloud services and starting with cloud storage, where adoption is relatively simple. However, many traditional service providers will miss out as users focus on storing data with companies that also offer cloud computing services. Once an organization’s data is stored on a cloud computing service, the likelihood that it will also migrate its hosting and compute services increases substantially. Firms are driven by the allure of on-demand pricing and the desire to avoid multiple vendors and bandwidth latency issues. Service providers can mitigate this risk by partnering with a pure play storage-as-a-service provider like Nirvanix. By doing so, they can economically supplement existing services and infrastructure without needing to manage a complicated software solution.

Are you looking to build a cloud storage option but lack the resources or time?

When adding cloud storage to a service offering, service providers have two high-level options. The first is to build and manage a solution in-house by developing software or utilizing software from a “private” cloud storage provider. This option is costly, complex, and time consuming. It requires significant capital expenditures to acquire and deploy hardware and software, and necessitates adding resources to monitor, maintain, and expand the solution. The second option is to utilize a fully managed cloud storage service provider like Nirvanix. Depending on your requirements, you can either utilize Nirvanix’s existing network or, if your need is great, deploy a storage node within your facility and become part of our global Cloud Storage Network. Either way, Nirvanix manages, monitors, and maintains the solution, reducing both initial and ongoing investments. You will benefit from an additional revenue stream and reduced churn.

Why is building a private cloud an impractical solution?

Building a private cloud by utilizing off-the-shelf hardware and purchasing software is one way to ensure that customers do not move to a cloud computing service. This option, however, comes with significant risk and may lead to a competitive disadvantage. Service providers need to accurately forecast usage, which often leads to low utilization and wasted capital or over-utilization and a poor user experience. Additionally, private clouds are limited to the locations where the software and hardware are installed, putting service providers at a strategic disadvantage to competitors that have access to global storage delivery networks. By leveraging a fully managed storage-as-a-service provider with a secure global network such as Nirvanix, service providers eliminate the need to acquire, monitor, and maintain an additional set of hardware and software and gain an instant global footprint.