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Cloud Storage For the Media and Entertainment Industry

Nirvanix Preserves and Distributes Digital Media Assets with Unmatched Economy and Efficiency

For content-intensive companies like film, video, and music producers, television and radio broadcasters, magazine and book publishers, and advertising agencies, the Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network is a storage tier that scales on demand from terabytes to petabytes at a fraction of the cost of in-house tiered storage. You always have the storage capacity you require without upfront costs, even in this age of HD content. Our cloud complements high-performance storage that supports core digital workflows and is integrated with leading digital media archive solutions such as Atempo’s Digital Archive or Front Porch Digital’s DIVA Solutions archiving and distribution software.

The Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network is also a multi-purpose distribution platform that flexibly, quickly, and securely distributes media content for reuse. You can use the cloud as origin storage for a content delivery network, embed content on websites, create content-depot drop boxes, use whitelists to authorize access via IP, or deploy child accounts for distribution groups. Moreover, Nirvanix ensures security and reliability with offsite data protection, policy-based geo-replication, and data integrity checking. You will deter content piracy with secure encryption for files in transit or at rest and robust password-controlled access using token-based authentication with server-side session management. We also deliver extended lifetime storage by seamlessly migrating data to new disks on standard refresh cycles. The Nirvanix cloud even supports leading deduplication and compression technologies from Ocarina and others, ensuring the Cloud Storage Network is an unsurpassed solution for digital content storage and distribution.

Key Benefits

Reduced Cost and Complexity
Deploy a single archive for storage, reuse, and distribution

Rapid Time to Reuse
Gain flexible one-to-one and one-to-many distribution

Highly Scalable
Obtain on-demand, cost-effective expansion to hundreds of petabytes

Secure Storage
Deliver robust offsite data protection with policy-based geo-replication


Are you adequately protecting and preserving your digital media assets?

Media is now a digital business. Film, video, and music producers, television and radio broadcasters, magazine and book publishers, and advertising agencies create their new content digitally and are digitizing existing content. As the primary and irreplaceable asset for generating revenue streams, content must be kept very safe. However, tape vaults, a traditional long-term storage strategy, fail to meet business-critical needs. Writing, handling, shipping, and retrieving tapes is notoriously error-prone, with very few error-checking procedures. Yet the popular alternative, data replication, is expensive, demanding building, staffing, configuring, and operating a remote data center. It also entails installing over-provisioned hardware to ensure future capacity, driving up investments still further. The cost and complexity of maintaining secure long-term storage repositories for media content will only get worse.

With the Nirvanix cloud, you will gain extremely scalable, highly secure, long-term archives in which to preserve and safeguard even the most precious digital media files. Nirvanix’s policy-based replication allows you to copy content automatically to one or more of our geographically-dispersed storage nodes. Unlike tape, you can organize and manage your storage at any time, and permit designated users to rapidly and securely access files for reuse. Additionally, you will reduce the expense and uncertainties of mirroring data in-house for extended retention periods. You will avoid any guesswork for provisioning as well as purchasing, configuring, testing, and managing solutions that drain IT resources. We even automatically and seamlessly migrate data to new discs on standard refresh cycles, further streamlining your digital media storage.

Is your storage strategy limiting your ability to monetize your digital assets?

Given production costs of creating content, reuse of digital assets is critical to profitability. Media companies need to save different versions of content, such as directors’ cuts, outtakes, and raw footage, for potential reuse. Repackaging digital content requires a highly accessible yet cost-effective storage tier to maximize the monetization of these critical assets. Every distribution channel has its own format, however, and HD files are extremely large, resulting in media archives that are petabytes in size. At this scale, NAS is too expensive, robotic tape libraries are too complex, and offsite tape vaults are too inaccessible.
The Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network is designed to address the scalability and accessibility required by ever increasing digital media libraries. You can consolidate multiple tiers of NAS into one accessible archive, gaining almost infinite scalability and on-demand storage with dependable security. You will do away with the cost and complexity of designing, configuring, and operating tiered storage that you must grow constantly. The Nirvanix cloud is the practical, cost-effective solution for leveraging the value of digital media assets.

Is the cost of digital distribution limiting your revenue-generating opportunities?

To generate revenues, media assets must be distributed. Yet distribution can be complex and costly. Various media outlets demand multiple formats of content and have different distribution systems, such as traditional channels versus Internet delivery, or content delivery to cell phones, iPods, and other emerging media. Moreover, distribution workflows are often separate from creation and production workflows. And protection from piracy is always needed to preserve revenues. To meet these demands, as a result, storage costs can soar to the point where some distribution channels are uneconomical for all but the most frequently viewed “hot” content.

The Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network delivers file management to preserve and rapidly distribute digital media assets. It is the only cloud storage service to feature a global namespace, easing global access to data. You can deploy password-protected application namespaces or child accounts for different distribution groups, integrate your archive as origin storage for a content delivery network, or embed content in web sites for long tail distribution. You can create content-depot drop boxes for one-to-one distribution or specify access via IP with whitelists. Moreover, you can specify one or more globally dispersed nodes to place files in proximity to distributed users to optimize re-use. You can expedite distribution even further by using metadata functionality to tag, organize, and search for content. With secure control over who accesses your archives, the Nirvanix cloud enables you to distribute stored content with unmatched economy and efficiency.