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Tier N Storage

Optimize Storage SLAs and Cost by Leveraging Cloud Storage as a New Tier

The Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network is your tier for unlimited & accessible storage

Moving forward, the costs and complexity of meeting relentless storage demands will only increase, as will expectations that even archival data be quickly accessible. The Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network is a unique managed storage service that offers virtually limitless capacity on demand at a lower cost than any on-premise solution. Simply install the Nirvanix CloudNAS software on a server (or in a virtual machine) and your applications can read and write to the cloud just like any file server. By leveraging a less expensive, disk-based storage tier, you will reserve your primary storage for production applications and data, while satisfying stringent compliance, SLAs, and governance demands. Moreover, our solution consultants can help you to implement best practices and standardize your storage service catalog using the cloud to achieve unsurpassed storage efficiencies.

Key Benefits

Lower Cost

Reduce the growth of your expensive, nearline storage environment

Highly Accessible

Continuously access and use your data

Reduced Complexity

Eliminate management, maintenance, and capacity planning for multiple tiers of storage

Better Performance Against SLAs

Accelerate recovery times for all data to meet business expectations for accessibility

Effortless Control

Policies, monitoring capabilities, and a familiar file system provide complete control over your stored data


How can I store perpetually growing volumes of data?

Data growth was once modest, files were small, and keeping primary data on NAS did not tax staff or budgets. But realities have changed. Networks now support most business operations, swelling data creation, and files are content-rich and much larger. Regulatory and business practices not only demand that enterprises retain key data for longer time periods, but also require that the files be readily accessible. Moreover, with network data business critical, SLAs necessitate faster recovery time objectives (RTOs).

In this new reality, traditional NAS, nearline, and tape strategies have become expensive and complex. Continually expanding a data center or DR site imposes heavy capital costs, greater power, cooling, and space demands, as well as larger IT staffs. Deduplication and compression techniques help only temporarily to slow data growth. Even if infinite money, floor space, and operations staff were available, building out bullet-proof storage to satisfy business, regulatory, and SLA demands is challenging.

With all this in mind, we created the Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network to meet your present and future storage needs. Using the Nirvanix cloud, you can consolidate lower tiers of storage and tape into one accessible archive, eliminating the complexity and expense of designing, configuring, and operating tiered storage. You will gain virtually infinite storage capacity with security measures likely to exceed those of your network, freeing you to focus on production data. You will enhance operational efficiencies and sharply reduce hardware, space, energy, and staffing costs.

Are you getting the ROI you expected from tiered storage?

To contain costs, enterprises keep production data on high-end, high-performance systems while consigning static and archival data to lower performing, less costly “bulk” storage. Yet, tiering storage poses recurring issues that undermine return on investment. In-house tiered storage still requires buying, configuring, and managing costly storage solutions with no end in sight. It also perpetually demands more floor space, larger power and cooling budgets, and more staff maintenance. Additionally, there are inefficiencies. To ensure SLAs are always met, applications as well as aging data, despite their low utilization, are often hosted on expensive storage systems that exceed agreement terms. The economic sweet spot is “just right” storage that sustains SLAs without incurring costs for unnecessary performance.

Cloud storage offers a highly cost-effective alternative to in-house lower-tier storage. At a fraction of the cost, Nirvanix delivers enterprise-ready storage that meets your SLAs. We simplify the management of your tiers by integrating Nirvanix CloudNAS with existing applications so you can seamlessly move data to the cloud. You can even use our policy-based replication to meet higher SLAs for availability. By turning to the virtually unlimited capacity of the cloud, you will realize the strongest returns on investment while still leveraging in-house storage for the applications that require it.

Does your non-primary storage actually meet your accessibility requirements?

Many enterprises invest in tiered storage to comply cost-effectively with data retention policies and SLAs. They eventually store data on tape in an off-premises vault, freeing up storage in the data center. However, there are rising expectations for data access due to compliance and electronic discovery requirements and the need to rapidly reuse data/content to realize their business value. Yet, when tapes are locked away, files become inaccessible. Both simple requests, like a user clicking on an old email, or complex ones, like a legal discovery that spans time segments, can require retrieving and mounting multiple pieces of media and then manually accessing the data.

The Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network keeps your data continuously accessible. By storing your data on disks in the cloud, your enterprise benefits from lower ownership costs and much faster recovery time objectives (RTO) and time-to-reuse (TTR) than tape. You will meet if not surpass your compliance, SLA, and discovery requirements.