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IPVanish Review

IPVanish is a prominent US-based VPN provider that has operated since 2012 across the consumer privacy and security spaces. The company suffered early criticism over a data sharing incident with authorities but has spent recent years rebuilding trust under new ownership.

In this updated IPVanish review for 2023, we scrutinize the provider’s features, speeds, privacy policies enforcement, and reputation to determine whether IPVanish qualifies as a recommended VPN choice after past transparency stumbles.


As one of the earliest consumer VPN providers catering to individual internet users separate from wider corporate IT implementations, IPVanish quickly built Salon early base across privacy advocates and security professionals.

The company touts a global server footprint now encompassing 75+ locations across 50 countries alongside modern apps for all major platforms. IPVanish also manufactures a reputation for supporting P2P and torrenting needs – albeit at the cost of public skepticism over logging clarity.

An improved focus pervades IPVanish following its 2019 acquisition by London Trust Media and J2 Global. New ownership implemented stricter logging policies after earlier customer data sharing incidents under previous management attracted backlash.

This updated review of IPVanish VPN examines whether adequate change emerged across company culture, privacy commitments, and account protections to warrant merits as a security provider moving forward.

IPVanish Features and Performance

Analyzing the technical competency of IPVanish’s global VPN network and software reveals a robust infrastructure:

2,200+ Global Servers

IPVanish grants access to 2,200+ servers in 75 different locations spanning North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. This allows extensive flexibility modifying assigned virtual IP addresses and locations to bypass geographic restrictions.

Latency and Congestion Tracking

The IPVanish interface displays precise latency metrics and live traffic volumes across different VPN nodes updated in real time. Being able to pick uncongested endpoints optimizes throughput potential.

Top Tier P2P Speeds

In P2P and torrent testing, IPVanish delivered excellent download speeds averaging 20-40 Mbps across worldwide endpoints – fast enough to handle 4K video files. Minimal variation existed across locations for trusted performance.

So from a basic network competency perspective, IPVanish provides competitive offerings on par with other reputable mid-tier VPN suppliers. Privacy policies generate greater debate.

IPVanish Privacy & Security

IPVanish promises central privacy pillars like stringent zero logs policies and independent audits verifying infrastructure claims. But some doubts emerge on jurisdictional arguments:

Verified No-Logs via Independent Audit

IPVanish enlisted Leviathan Security Group in 2019 to conduct external infrastructure analysis and logging policy reviews. Leviathan formally verified no usage or traffic analytics exist – restoring confidence after past failings.

WebRTC Leak Protection

Testing confirmed IPVanish successfully blocks WebRTC leak exposures both adopting the services owned DNS servers and relying on platform defaults preventing real IP leaks.

US Jurisdiction

However, IPVanish ownership, servers, and incorporation legally reside on American soil. Mandatory government surveillance requests could still compel user data sharing despite no-logs declarations.

So IPVanish nomination remediates previous auditing weaknesses. But US legal oversight still sparks some skepticism vs offshore providers on surveillance overreach.

Logging and Ownership History

The elephant in the room around previous IPVanish management must also be addressed – and new ownership’s response rebuilding user trust:

2016 Customer Data Sharing

IPVanish fell under intense scrutiny after public records revealed the company shared user data with US authorities in 2016 under old ownership – contradicting no log promises. Customer backlash rightly ensued over broken logging policies.

New Ownership Covenants

After acquisition by J2 Global Inc in 2019, IPVanish swore renewed commitments to enforcing no-connection or activity logs under any circumstances. The external Leviathan audit testifies towards reformed policies. But public perception still partially stings from past hypocrisy.

So ultimately IPVanish deserves credit reacting appropriately to past transparency failures under new management. But full redemption remains a work in progress years later.

IPVanish Pricing and User Experience

Renewed privacy assurances pair with wallet-friendly pricing models and polished apps for an improved all-around experience:

Competitive Annual Pricing

IPVanish costs $3.25 per month for its 1-year plan – very affordable compared to equivalent offerings from ExpressVPN and other rivals averaging $6-$8 monthly. Unlimited connections further the value.

Intuitive App Interfaces

The company invested heavily on in-house developed apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms calibrated for reliability and usability balancing both new users and technical experts across optimized clients.

4K Streaming Support

Impressively fast speeds enable smooth Ultra HD streaming from popular services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+ and Hulu only intermittently struggling during peak congestion periods on busier endpoints.

So not only does IPVanish excel on cost-efficiency next to larger peers, but also nails critical user experience points as well on both apps and streaming support.

IPVanish Customer Support

Rounding out vital evaluation criteria, IPVanish also provides responsive customer support through preferred live chat and email ticketing:

24/7 Live Chat

Quickly accessible on both desktop and mobile apps, IPVanish live chat delivered prompt responses in under 2 minutes on average for technical issues ranging from installation troubleshooting to rectifying DNS leaks and improving Netflix access reliability.

Email and Ticket Response Time

Slower inquiries routed through email ticketing and offline message portals saw replies within 6-8 hours on average – slower than chat but remaining fairly reasonable for lower urgency account and billing issues.

So IPVanish restored customer confidence through fast mediums like live chat for real-time troubleshooting needs and acceptable email efforts addressing follow-up requests or ongoing problems requiring escalation.

Conclusion – Does IPVanish Qualify as a VPN Choice?

Tallying the extensive evaluation points on IPVanish around capabilities, policies, pricing, apps, and redemptive actions re-earning user trust under new management – does IPVanish VPN earn consideration as a recommended provider?

The simplest assessment says…conditionally yes for the reformed privacy advocate. IPVanish clearly violated user trust under old ownership failing to live up to no-logs commitments made. And US legal jurisdiction still exposes potential surveillance overreach even under new regimes.

However, current IPVanish operators J2 Global should receive credit for not burying past sins but directly confronting skepticism through extensive infrastructure audits from third parties that verified no usage or traffic analytics now exist on any servers or company equipment. Apps also improved alongside competitive pricing.

So while IPVanish cannot claim a perfect record rebuilding public trust, ongoing transparency around audits and policy enforcement qualifies unique penance separating marketing falsehoods from accountability. Real steps neutralized dangers, even if work remains winning back customer faith after earlier stumbles.

Therefore in summary, IPVanish shapes up as a respectable value VPN play following ownership changes re-establishing security bonafides through independent verification. Lingering doubts persist on company history and legal jurisdictions. But actions taken over four years restoring protections and amplifying privacy check the right boxes conveying authenticity improvements securing user anonymity against previous faults.

For VPN newcomers valuing cost savings, IPVanish undoubtedly qualifies among leading budget providers in 2023. Veteran users wary after past data incidents may remain skeptical awaiting further audits and jurisdiction migration. But demonstrable efforts to date rebuilding integrity convey the sincerity necessary to recommend IPVanish as a qualified value VPN choice moving forward for most threat models.