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ExpressVPN Deals


In an increasingly interconnected digital landscape, virtual private networks (VPNs) have become essential tools for protecting online privacy. VPNs work by encrypting and rerouting your internet traffic through a private, secured network to keep your online activities, identity, and location private. With growing cybersecurity threats like data breaches and identity theft, more people are adopting VPN services for daily web use.

Among the numerous VPN providers available, ExpressVPN stands out as the industry’s gold standard thanks to an extensive server network, watertight security protocols, and proven consistency at delivering ultrafast speeds for HD streaming or browsing. However, top-tier VPN performance typically carries premium price tags, often stopping new users from trying out services.

Luckily, ExpressVPN seems to run exciting exclusive partnership promotions all year long alongside seasonal sales events like Black Friday, making the editors’ choice VPN far more affordable through steep discounts. New subscribers stand to unlock ExpressVPN’s blazing speeds and best-in-class encryption at almost 50% off, vastly increasing online protection at minimal cost relative to value gained.

ExpressVPN Deals and Coupons

ExpressVPN surely emphasizes quality over price, but that doesn’t stop them from crafting money-saving opportunities allowing more customers to benefit from industry-leading online privacy and security protections. Current 2023 promotions making ExpressVPN far more wallet-friendly include:

49% Off Exclusive Discount + 3 Months Free

ExpressVPN’s steepest price cut reserved for affiliate partners like popular YouTuber Marques Brownlee drops monthly rates nearly in half to just $6.67 over 12-month plans. On top of 49% savings, the deal tacks on an additional 3 months free, extending coverage to 15 months for the yearly charge.

Accessing the unbeatable offer requires signing up through exclusive partner links, but delivers the top-rated VPN for less than $100 overall.

12 Months + 3 Months Free

Prefer not to sign up through an intermediary? ExpressVPN’s current standard welcome offer still chops 35% off upfront, reducing costs to $8.32 a month over 12-months. Plus an extra free 3 months makes it 15 months for the price of 12.

HP Customers: 6 Months Free

Current HP laptop or desktop owners qualify for one of ExpressVPN’s longest free trial periods at 6 whole months tacked onto new ExpressVPN purchases using valid credentials. HP owners on the fence get over 180 free days to evaluate ExpressVPN’s lightning speeds.

All ExpressVPN promotions include the same suite of award-winning VPN features like 256-bit AES encryption, unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 live chat support and a guaranteed 30-day money back window allowing hassle-free refunds.

How to Avail the Deals

Activating unmatched ExpressVPN savings requires just a few quick steps:

1. Visit ExpressVPN Order Page

Use affiliate links from YouTubers or directly access ExpressVPN’s website to pull up the signup order page.

2. Pick Subscription Length

Select from 6-months, 12-months or longer subscription packages. Longer plans have higher discounts automatically applied.

3. Submit Payment

Complete order by safely submitting accepted payment methods like major credit cards, PayPal, or Bitcoin.

It’s crucial to enter ExpressVPN’s order page through the specific affiliate links advertising the available 49% discount in order to automatically enroll the exclusive lower pricing.

Following the streamlined purchase process quickly unlocks ExpressVPN’s award-winning VPN service secured at huge markdowns versus standard rates.

Testimonials and Expert Endorsements

ExpressVPN garners universal praise as the leading VPN choice from trusted tech personalities, security professionals and satisfied customers.

Well-known YouTube tech commentator Marques Brownlee (MKBHD), lists ExpressVPN as his personal VPN recommendation thanks to unmatched connection speeds during testing. Brownlee’s endorsement holds significant weight considering his in-depth product comparison analyses.

High profile artists and public figures like music producer Benny Blanco and actress Scarlett Johansson also publicly endorse ExpressVPN for protecting privacy. The provider’s credibility secures trust from celebrities handling sensitive information daily.

Alongside famous user testimonials, Expert Reviews lauds ExpressVPN as the “fastest and best VPN” across annual performance rankings thanks to responsive 24/7 live chat, intuitive apps and super-fast servers optimized for streaming.

Real user reviews further validate ExpressVPN’s credentials earning a 4.8 TrustScore on TrustPilot built upon almost 10,000 independent experiences. ExpressVPN clearly satisfies beyond expectations for average consumers and experts alike.


As cybercrime proliferates globally, ExpressVPN continues providing citizens across the world with unmatched online privacy protections and browsing freedoms through premium encryption solutions. While ExpressVPN’s blazing speeds and rock-solid security normally demand higher subscription rates, limited-time promotions make the top VPN far more affordable at almost 50% off.

All subscribers stand to gain the same elite suite of features that won ExpressVPN titles like PC Mag’s Editors’ Choice and CNET’s Best VPN for Speed. One can hardly find better value given the sheer utility gained from ultra-safe web surfing, identity protection, and access to restricted content.

Users wanting maximum online security for work, personal entertainment or any other web activity should absolutely take advantage of ExpressVPN’s unbeatable deals while they last. Locking in exclusive partner discounts of just $6.67 monthly creates a tiny price to pay for long-term peace of mind each time you browse the internet on any device.