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NordVPN Chromecast


NordVPN has rapidly become one of the most popular virtual private network (VPN) services available today. Founded in 2012, the Panama-based company now boasts over 14 million users worldwide. NordVPN is renowned for its strong encryption, strict no-logs policy, high speeds, and ease of use. The service allows subscribers to securely access restricted websites and content, keep their browsing activity private, bypass geo-restrictions, and connect up to 6 devices simultaneously.

Chromecast is a popular streaming adapter from Google that allows users to view content from their phone, tablet or laptop directly on a big screen TV. The small dongle plugs into any TV with an HDMI port in order to cast content from hundreds of apps. However, Chromecasts currently have limited native compatibility with VPN applications.

Why Use NordVPN with Chromecast

While connecting NordVPN directly to a Chromecast isn’t straightforward, using the VPN service on the casting device itself or router offers major benefits:

Unblock Geo-Restricted Content: By routing traffic through servers in other countries, NordVPN can unlock region-specific streaming content catalogues when travelling abroad or looking to access more shows and movies. This allows Chromecast users to view a wider selection of restricted content.

Enhanced Privacy and Security: NordVPN encrypts internet traffic and hides IP addresses, making it much harder for cybercriminals to steal data or spy on browsing activity. The service adds a critical security layer for all connected devices, including Chromecasts.

Overcome Internet Throttling: Some internet service providers deliberately throttle traffic speeds for streaming video platforms. Connecting through NordVPN bypasses these bandwidth caps to enable smooth, HD casting.

Setting Up NordVPN on Chromecast

Since Chromecast doesn’t natively support VPN apps, users need to install NordVPN on either the casting mobile device or the router itself:

Method #1: Install NordVPN App on Casting Device

The easiest approach is to download and set up the NordVPN app on the smartphone, tablet or laptop you use to cast content from.

To do this:

  1. Download the NordVPN app for iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS or Linux
  2. Sign in or create a NordVPN account
  3. Connect to the server location of your choice
  4. Launch casting app and play geo-restricted or throttled content
  5. Cast content normally from casting app to Chromecast

With NordVPN active on the casting device, all traffic including casting streams are encrypted and routed through remote servers, allowing access to wider libraries and enhanced security.

Method #2: Install NordVPN on Router

For more advanced users, installing NordVPN directly onto the WiFi router that connects the Chromecast enables VPN protection for all devices on the network, including smart home gadgets.

To set up a router VPN:

  1. Purchase a router that supports third party VPN installation like Asus, Linksys or Netgear
  2. Install latest firmware update on the router
  3. Access router admin console and install NordVPN app
  4. Enter NordVPN credentials and select server location
  5. Re-connect Chromecast and other devices to the VPN-enabled router signal

All internet traffic flowing through the router from all connected devices, whether laptop, smartphone, Chromecast or smart appliances will now be encrypted by NordVPN for private, anonymous access. However quality of streaming content will depend on the router hardware performance.

NordVPN Features

In addition to letting users securely watch region-restricted casting content, NordVPN offers industry-leading VPN features like:

Blistering Fast Server Network

NordVPN offers over 5,500 worldwide server locations across 59 countries on ultra-fast 1 Gbps network infrastructure for smooth, high quality casting sessions without buffering even at 4K resolutions when content is compatible.

Robust Privacy Features

The VPN service implements top-tier AES-256 encryption, a strict zero logs policy, IP/DNS leak prevention, an automatic kill switch, and onion routing for anonymous access to Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, ESPN+ among hundreds of other streaming providers.

Connect up to 6 Devices Simultaneously

A single NordVPN account allows subscribers to protect and encrypt internet traffic across 6 phones, tablets, laptops or TV streaming boxes concurrently per the company’s terms of service.

User-Friendly Apps

Intuitive NordVPN apps for all major platforms make using the service a breeze even for VPN newcomers looking to binge shows abroad or beef up home streaming security.

Chromecast Compatibility

Unfortunately, connecting a VPN like NordVPN directly to your Chromecast is not possible currently, unlike native support for OpenVPN based connections on Android TV or Amazon Firestick devices.

Since Chromecasts lack VPN client apps in their stripped down firmware, users need to install NordVPN on their router or individual casting devices instead with the setup steps outlined earlier. All internet traffic from the phone, tablet or computer casting the stream is then encrypted across the Chromecast connection.

So although not technically compatible out of the box, Chromecast users can still readily benefit from NordVPN if set up correctly on other hardware like laptops or routers.

Factory Resetting Chromecast

In cases where users notice performance issues or connectivity problems between their Chromecast and other casting devices after setting up something like NordVPN, factory resetting the Chromecast generally helps resolve software conflicts.

Resetting the Chromecast device essentially restores original factory conditions, often fixing unstable streaming. Here are the factory reset steps for different Chromecast models:

Factory Reset Chromecast Gen 1

  1. Unplug Chromecast power cable from electrical outlet
  2. Wait 60 seconds
  3. Re-insert Chromecast and reconnect
  4. Set up Chromecast using Google Home app

Factory Reset Chromecast Gen 2 / Gen 3

  1. On Google Home app, navigate to Chromecast settings
  2. Select “Factory Reset” option
  3. Follow app prompts to reset device and set up again as new

Factory Reset 4K Chromecast Ultra

  1. Press and hold small button on Chromecast for 25+ seconds
  2. LED light will flash orange and restore factory settings
  3. Re-install latest firmware update after reset completes
  4. Use Google Home to set up again

Factory Reset Chromecast with Google TV

  1. Go to Settings > System > Advanced System > Factory Reset
  2. Choose “Erase everything”
  3. Confirm reset
  4. Follow initial setup prompts after process finishes

Note: Factory resetting the Chromecast device itself will not remove NordVPN or any VPN apps set up on your router or casting devices themselves. So be sure to uninstall those separately after reset, then re-setup Chromecast.


Although native Chromecast support is still unavailable in NordVPN to date, users can still readily enjoy all the perks of this premium VPN service while casting to the big screen. By installing NordVPN on either your casting computer, smartphone or tablet device directly, all content including streaming video and music can be securely routed through encrypted tunnels before hitting the Chromecast dongle with minimal setup.

Alternatively, connect your Chromecast and other smart home devices to a wireless router configured with NordVPN for a set-it-and-forget-it approach to enhanced privacy, access to wider streaming libraries, and greater internet security.

Be sure to check for the latest NordVPN deals online to save on longer term subscriptions. And take advantage of their generous 30 day money back guarantee to try NordVPN risk-free. Unlock your Chromecast’s maximum potential for casting region-free shows using their swift global servers.