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Embedded Storage for Web Applications or Devices

Control Your Storage Capacity with Nirvanix Cloud Storage

Embed Nirvanix into your application or device and you immediately have enough storage to meet even explosive growth. By relying on our managed, on-demand capacity, you will eliminate the challenges of forecasting, architecting, and maintaining your storage environment. The feature-rich Nirvanix Web Services API lets you easily and seamlessly integrate storage into an application, a web page, or an entire infrastructure. You will avoid upfront capital expenditures for hardware, free up resources to focus on your core application, and accelerate the delivery of solutions and services.

Key Benefits

Instant Scalability

Scale to meet the most explosive growth and eliminate storage forecasting and management burdens

Easy to Manage

Gain immediate insight into storage and bandwidth utilization

Reduce Time to Market

Access a robust file system and integrated child account functionality to significantly reduce your development time

Do you worry about over- or under-provisioning storage for your application?

Web developers and software-as-a-service providers often struggle to forecast storage requirements when creating a new service or application. Even their most informed projections can be wildly off the mark, resulting in dire consequences. Under-provision and you compromise the user experience, jeopardizing the application’s market adoption and success. Over-provision and you squander precious capital that can be put to better use.

By integrating the Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network into your storage environment, you never again have to worry about over- or under-provisioning storage for any application. Our Cloud Storage Network scales instantly and affordably, enabling you to develop applications or host your infrastructure to meet even the most demanding needs. End users will never know that Nirvanix is powering your online storage, and your solutions will prosper with unmatched cost efficiencies.

Need online storage to remain competitive, but lack the budget for expensive storage equipment?

Integrating online storage into an application can enhance the user experience and boost the provider’s competitive position. Yet, historically, only larger enterprises have offered integrated storage because of the costs and complexities involved. It demands purchasing and installing the appropriate storage equipment and then hoping that end users utilized the solution enough to justify the investment. These days, however, deploying and managing online storage consumes large chunks of IT budgets and every company is capital constrained, not just start-ups. As a result, this approach is now too risky for many organizations.

The Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network eliminates this risk by delivering on-demand storage that is economical and virtually unlimited. You can easily plan, use, and pay for the storage you need, when you need it. Nirvanix offers convenient à la carte pricing for storage requirements under 2 TB, and customizable pricing packages that feature discounts for storage over 2 TB. With Nirvanix, storage costs no longer impede the competitive delivery of applications and services.

Is developing, architecting, and managing a storage solution affecting your time to market?

Time-to-market is a vital consideration for any business, especially those in the fast-paced web application and software-as-a-service markets. Yet, time-to-market can be significantly impacted if you develop the storage infrastructure for your application or service in-house. It can take months, even years, to build, test, and implement the solution. In the meantime, your competitive advantages can slip away and you see no yields on substantial capital and operational investments. Delays in launches can doom companies, particularly start-ups.

By using the Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network, you will never again worry about purchasing or implementing storage, or whether you properly provision your infrastructure. With the feature-rich Nirvanix Web Services API, you have access to integrated functionality that significantly reduces your development time for such capabilities as media services and child account management. You will leverage an advanced, managed storage infrastructure that offers capacity upon demand, allowing you to bring your solutions to market with unprecedented speed.