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If you are a gamer, or interested in joining the gaming community, then discord software from VoIP systems will be something worth looking into. Discord software is a proprietary freeware VoIP application specifically designed for those in the gaming community. This type of software specializes in text and audio communications between users in chat channels of video games.

Most gamers and users will use discord technology for its voice chat services, because servers can be easily created with friends, making it easy to organize playtimes for their favorite games. In addition, this platform is very popular for communities to come together and communicate better, opening up servers to the public, allowing the best and largest communities to be made. The best part about this software is that it’s free to use, and there are no slot limitations within the servers

Not a Gamer but Wish to Use Discord? 

This VoIP software has a similar user interface to the most popular messaging applications, yet, discord prides itself on being more advanced and user friendly. Discord is an online community platform, so even if you’re not a gamer or with the gaming community, discord is still available for use.

Discord can utilize voice, video, and text communications, making it a leader for the business environment. This VoIP software offers users with more features like diverse integrations and services, a friendly user interface, and plenty of free servers, which have made this software dominate all other forms of communication for individuals, gamers, and even companies.

The Costs of Discord Software

Depending on the services your company is looking for, this type of software is incredibly cheap no matter the use. For example, a large company could use discord software for its main communication platform for only $99, lasting 12 months. Some companies can even bring this price down more and opt for the classic membership. The only thing that the classic membership lacks over the more expensive one, would be the serve boosting feature, which can let you give special perks to a server. This will come in handy if you are a streamer, developer or community leader, where interacting with your followers is crucial. By choosing this membership, fees will only be $49.99 for the whole year, which is exactly half of what the premium membership charges.

Discord Software for Businesses

Just as previously stated, discord is a communication platform that will allow all users to create private servers. Within these servers, users can create text-based channels to share all communications and will allow others to join. This software directly facilitates messaging from text, video, and audio.

There are a few benefits that this type of software can bring to businesses, and we will list a few. 

  1. Text-based and VoIP Channels- VoIP channels and texting are kept separate within the discord server. With that being said, these channels are separate but can be used concurrently. Users can chat in both types of services simultaneously, which enables multiple conversations or content sharing. There is no limitation on the amount of content or size of files that can be shared. An added benefit within these servers is that there are push-to-talk features that can allow for voice messages to be transmitted from one chat to another. These features can be powerful within a company and allows for advanced communication methods.
  2. Discord Server Size- This form of software has gained popularity as an alternative to the traditional online forums, because this software can host a multitude of servers. These servers can be populated with unlimited users as long as they are given proper access. If needed, this type of server can host an entire company. Technically, it’s worth noting that discord does in fact post a limit of users per server, but the number is outrageously high.
  3. Permissions- The thought of entering a voice chat with hundreds of users might scare some, but due to Discords extensive permission controls, these fears can be forgotten. The owner of each server has the ability to mute any members they like within text and audio channels, either permanently or for a short amount of time. This feature can allow conference call leaders to mute those that aren’t talking, which will enable smooth meetings with dozens of other people. If you are the one to be speaking, Discord technology will allow an individual’s audio to be louder than the rest, which might be useful in a business meeting where supervisors need to lead the call.
  4. IP and DDoS Protection- Security will always be a worry for businesses when systems are utilized through online channels. Discord’s client-server architecture can ensure that IP information will remain secure, and can protect all users from hackers and security threats. This application also features an IP location lock that can notify users when someone is attempting to login from an unknown device.

The Drawbacks of Discord Technology for Businesses

All of the features listed, and even those that weren’t, make Discord an enticing option for businesses. However, this software does not exist in a bubble. Even keeping in mind all the benefits that Discord could offer businesses, it’s important to remember the real reason this software was created. Simply put, it’s a tool for gamers. 

Most businesses are looking for a communication tool that can be used both internally and externally for clients, shareholders, employees and potential leads. Most managers wouldn’t dream of using this type of software for communications with shareholders, because it’s considered a gaming platform. All in all, this type of software isn’t the most professional for businesses. Of course, companies can adopt Discord for internal uses, but will then need to install different software for external uses.

Overall, the gaming communities are hitting the jackpot with this all-inclusive software, and businesses would be wise to at least keep an eye on Discord. With its many benefits, fast voice and text communications and rising popularity, the future is bright with Discord technology.