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Nirvanix Enterprise Cloud Storage for VMware

As enterprises continue to adopt and expand VMware-based environments, protecting data used by virtualized applications is crucial for ongoing business operations. IT departments, therefore, have to maintain rigorous backup and replication processes in order to achieve recovery time and recovery point objectives. However, with data growing exponentially and backup and replication files multiplying equally fast, IT managers are faced with increasingly costly purchase/upgrade cycle of storage systems and tape silos in addition to the space, cooling, and power expenses, and staff to manage them.

Nirvanix cloud storage services not only provide superior economics over onsite backup and replication of virtual machines, but also maximize data protection through globally distributed redundant copies for disaster recovery. In addition, Nirvanix offers usage-based pricing for on-demand storage to meet spikes, while reducing power and cooling costs, and freeing up data center space and IT staff for applications that will enhance enterprise competitiveness.

Nirvanix Enterprise-Class Cloud Storage: A Seamless Extension of the VM Environment

Nirvanix’s battle-hardened, second generation implementation of cloud storage services seamlessly extend the backup and replication of VM environments and deliver:

  • Usage-based pricing – Lower CapEx from day one
  • Elastic, on-demand storage immediately deployable: expand or shrink storage pool as required – No physical storage systems or tape silos to buy, manage, and house; No idle storage
  • Guaranteed enterprise QoS – No excuses SLAs with up to five nines of data availability
  • Multi-level security – Safeguard critical business data used by virtualized applications
  • Global network – Access files from any location; Leverage redundant copies for disaster recovery
  • One flat monthly rate for unlimited uploads, downloads, bandwidth and replication – No maintenance fees; No tech refresh costs
  • Backup and Replicate VM Environments to the Nirvanix Cloud

Protecting business critical data used by VMware-virtualized applications by moving to Nirvanix cloud storage requires no changes to workflows or processes. The Nirvanix cloud is tightly integrated with backup and replication products from leading providers or you can simply establish the Nirvanix CloudNAS® Gateway as a target for CommVault, Symantec, or Veeam software.

Choice of Cloud Deployment Options

Nirvanix is the only company that offers public, hybrid and private cloud storage deployment options under its CloudComplete™ portfolio to protect VMware-based environments – with flexible, usage-based pricing available for all options.