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iProVPN Review

I. Introduction

iProVPN is a virtual private network service launched in 2018 promising online privacy protection and access to restricted content. As cybersecurity threats grow globally, VPNs like iProVPN are seeing rising popularity among personal and business users alike to encrypt connections over public WiFi and access geo-blocked platforms.

This review aims to deeply analyze iProVPN’s offerings to determine if its features, performance and pricing make for a compelling VPN choice in an increasingly crowded cybersecurity software market.

II. Background

Despite its relatively recent entrance, iProVPN has quickly gained traction especially among tech-savvy VPN subscribers:

Launch and current status The provider first launched VPN servers in 2018 based out of Delaware, USA where it maintains corporate headquarters currently.

User base growth
In just two years, iProVPN has organically grown a substantial user base through word-of-mouth praise of its VPN service quality. It clocks over 10 million downloads already across Windows and iOS platforms.

Positive customer satisfaction On TrustPilot, iProVPN scores a ‘Great’ 4.3 out of 5 rating based on 3500+ verified user reviews. This high early rating suggests positive user experiences and satisfaction with the VPN product itself.

III. Features

iProVPN comes fully equipped with standard VPN features plus some additional tools that enhance functionality:

Global server network It operates a network of over 300 servers in 46 countries including across North America, much of Europe and parts of Asia. Server count is lower than leading rivals however.

Encryption and protocols The VPN uses robust 256-bit AES encryption with perfect forward secrecy plus secure protocols like OpenVPN and IKEv2. This guarantees connection security for users.

Device compatibility
Apps are natively available for all major platforms like Windows, iOS, Android, macOS and Linux. Browser extensions also exist for Chrome and Firefox enabling quick VPN access.

Value-added tools Some extra features include an ad-blocker to remove intrusive ads and trackers, plus anti-malware scanning that runs file checks seamlessly during downloads.

IV. Performance & Speed

Thanks to good infrastructure investment, iProVPN manages to deliver generally fast and stable VPN speeds:

Speed test performance Independent tests record impressively fast download rates averaging 85-100 Mbps across different server endpoints. This is comfortably sufficient for 4K streaming and rapid downloads.

Media streaming & gaming Users praise iProVPN’s consistent and low-latency performance for buffer-free streaming plus lag-free online gaming across timezones and geographical locations.

Torrenting support P2P filesharing is fully permitted on specified ‘Torrenting Allowed’ servers only. Tests validate reliable speeds for active torrenting usage as well up to 20MB/s+ downloads.

V. Customer Support & User Experience

iProVPN believes in providing responsive customer support and constantly enhancing user experience:

Support availability Users have praised iProVPN’s timely responses and resolution of issues across live chat, email tickets and social media channels. Support staff appear technically competent tackling most troubleshooting queries.

Usability The custom VPN dashboard offers useful server insights like load and uptime metrics. Connection interfaces are also clean and simple enough for beginners. Some users however find settings limit power users.

Addressing user feedback
Client updates implement user suggestions like Split Tunneling for selective traffic encryption. iProVPN also expanded its server network and platform support responding to user requests. This receptiveness to improve is a positive sign.

VI. Pricing & Plans

At just $2.50 monthly for the 1-year plan, iProVPN’s pricing is among the most affordable in the industry:

1 month plan – $7.99 per month 1 year plan – $2.50 per month (billed $29.99 annually)
A 7-day free trial let users evaluate features risk-free.

Deals and upgrades Special deals like 75% off 1-year subscriptions pop up occasionally lowering rates further. Users can also upgrade to multi-line accounts starting an additional $1.65 per month. Bulk multi-year packages see larger cost savings.

Plan flexibility No long term lock-in exists with the ability to cancel and receive prorated refunds anytime. Short 12-month subscription terms also avoid premium VPN market norms of multi-year commitments.

VII. Pros & Cons

Based on this analysis, clear advantages and limitations emerge evaluating iProVPN’s current VPN offering:


  • Affordably priced subscriptions
  • Responsive customer support
  • Proven fast speeds for media streaming
  • No long term subscription lock-in


  • Smaller server network than top providers
  • App settings lack appeal for advanced users
  • Short company track record

VIII. Conclusion

To summarize, while still a relatively young VPN service, iProVPN has quickly built repute as an affordable high-speed privacy solution great for unblocking geo-restricted content. Customer support receives praise for timely issue resolution and receptive improvement of apps responding to user feedback.

The main downsides currently are a comparatively smaller global server presence and lack of sophisticated power user options in settings. However, iProVPN’s low pricing combined with proven performance for secure streaming still makes for an easy recommendation among budget shoppers.

As the provider continues upgrading infrastructure and expanding server locations in coming years, iProVPN looks poised to establish itself as a rising mainstream VPN contender blending security, speeds and savings in one neat package.