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Lifetime cloud storage

Do you want to get cloud storage that will last forever? We can help you decide if it is worth it.

A lot of people use cloud storage because it makes things easier and it is secure. You can store your files right on your computer or phone as this makes it easy to access them whenever you need them.

More and more people want cloud storage, so there are more companies offering it. Each company has different features to help them stand out from the others. Now these cloud storage services have become very popular.

Some companies offer a one-time payment instead of a regular subscription. There are not many of these companies, so we found 4 cloud storage services that offer this kind of deal.

pCloud is a reliable and high-quality service for keeping your information safe.

Koofr is offering a special deal for a limited time. It’s called a hybrid type.

Icedrive is an easy and affordable way to store your files.

Stay away from Zoolz.

Do you think it is a good idea to buy cloud storage that lasts forever?

This lifetime cloud storage plan looks really interesting. Have you noticed that some companies offer special deals on their lifetime deals during certain times like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and New Year’s? Now some cloud storage offers cheaper subscriptions. Should you spend a lot of money for a one-time payment? Before deciding, let’s look at the good things that come with getting a lifetime cloud storage plan.

When choosing a cloud storage service, it is important to consider how much space it has and whether the features are useful. It should also be easy to use, fast, and secure. Security and privacy are very important when using cloud storage. So make sure that the provider you choose offers good security protection.

Privacy is important. Check if the cloud storage has zero-knowledge privacy to make sure your information is safe. Good cloud storage will also have features like Google Drive and be able to show you previews of files.

If everything works out, you can save lots of money. You don’t have to pay for your purchase over and over again. You just make one payment.

Think about it – your account will not be shut down if you forget to update your credit card information or don’t pay. The same features will still be available with a recurring subscription, but the amount of storage space may change depending on what they offer.

For example, pCloud lifetime gives you 500GB or 2TB of space. Icedrive lifetime gives you 150GB, 1TB, or 5TB. Both services offer good quality software and infrastructure that can help fix bugs and add new features when needed. But nothing lasts forever.

When a product says “lifetime access,” it does not really mean forever. The company can decide to stop offering the product at any time, so you have to follow their terms and conditions. For example, hubiC is a French cloud storage service for lifetime deals. This means that the company can stop offering it when they want to.

We talked about this at the beginning of the article. Why do cloud storage companies offer discounts on their lifetime plans? They often have special deals during holidays.

Companies often give special deals for a short time during holidays and shopping season. These deals are offered for a lifetime. Why do they do this?

Cloud storage companies usually do not change their prices unless they are adding new features. Sometimes, during special days like Black Friday or Christmas, the companies offer lifetime plans that are only available for a short time.

Some cloud storage companies offer special deals for a little while. They do this to make money, pay their employees, and make the service better. That’s okay!

If we buy these offers, are we getting a good deal and saving a lot of money?

Are we really getting good things and saving lots of money with these lifetime deals?

We want to figure out if these special lifetime deals are worth it. We will do some math with a few cloud storage offers. First let’s look at Koofr Cloud Storage. The article says you can get 1TB of storage for a lifetime for $169.99, 100GB for $29.99 and 250GB for $59.99.

We tried to use a promo code from Venture Beat but it didn’t work. The code had expired and that’s why it did not work. We looked at their yearly subscriptions and the prices are listed on their website.

  1. I) 100 GB: 2 euros each month, 24 euros each year, $29.13 total
  2. II) 250 GB: 4 euros each month, 48 euros each year, $58.26 total

III) 1 TB: 10 euros each month, 120 euros each year, $145.65 total

The lifetime plans cost a bit more than the yearly plans. But think about it – would you rather pay $145.65 each year for 1TB or $169.99 only once for the same amount of storage space?

If you spend $145.65 each year for the next 5 years, it will cost a total of $728.25! That is like winning a jackpot! Koofr is an option that we looked at and their reviews are good. Is it really that easy to win a jackpot? Polar Cloud, however, had bad reviews from customers.

Before you buy cloud storage, do some research. Koofr has lifetime deals that come available during special times of the year. Other good lifetime deals are from pcloud and Icedrive.

Check out the lifetime saving calculator to help you decide if paying a one-time fee or a recurring fee is better. Some cloud storage providers are offering cheaper plans. iCloud and Google Drive have very good prices but it might still be smarter to pay for the lifetime deal.

Cloud storage services are becoming less expensive. Should you pay a lot of money at once to get lifetime storage?

We thought about this too. Let’s compare two cloud storage providers that are affordable with those that offer lifetime storage plans like Icedrive. For example, Google One Plans are very cheap so let’s compare them to Koofr and pCloud lifetime plans.

Google Plan has a 2TB option that costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 if you pay for the whole year at once. That’s not bad! It is very affordable – only about $100 for 2TB of storage.

pCloud offers 2TB of storage space for a one-time payment of $350. That is much cheaper than what Google Plan offers for the same amount of storage.

At the end, it is up to you. Do you want to pay $99.99 each year for 5 years and total $499.95 or just pay $350 one time? The difference is $149.95! That money can be used for something else. You never know when Google might increase their prices or start charging for something that was free before like the free plan of Google Photos where you do not get unlimited storage anymore.

I think there is a great chance to save a lot of money.

We can compare iCloud and LTD Cloud Storage. See how they are different and how they are the same.

iCloud is a good and affordable cloud storage. You can get 50GB for almost one dollar each month! pCloud also has an option which gives you 2TB of storage for $350, but with iCloud it is only $119.88 every year. Compare them to decide which one fits your needs best.

The cost of $230.12 is a lot of money. That’s how much it costs each year. If you keep subscribing, the cost will go up after one or two years. After three years, the iCloud subscription will be more than a lifetime subscription for pCloud.

The verdict is in: the lifetime cloud storage service was approved.

We are done with our review. We did the math for you. If you get the Icedrive lifetime deal, you will save even more money.

You need to make the decision. If you want a lot of storage for a long time, get lifetime cloud deals. Lifetime storage plans also work well if you do not like paying subscription fees every month.