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Cloud Managed Service Providers

In 2023, 25 companies will be the best at helping people use cloud services. They can help you store your data and make sure it is kept safe.

Solutions Review looks at different companies that provide cloud services. They read about the company online, talk to people from the company, and watch videos of how their products work. They then put together a list of the best ones each year.

Solutions Review made a list of companies that help you manage your cloud. It is good to know about them.

Cloud Managed Service Providers are companies that help you with things you need on the internet. They make sure everything works smoothly and quickly on the Internet. They can help you store data, host a website, and provide help with software.

2nd Watch

2nd Watch is a company that helps people use the internet to store and access data. They have been working with AWS since 2015 and help clients do things like move stuff to the cloud, make applications for the cloud, optimize it, and make sure it is secure. They also offer consultancy and management services to help modernize their customers’ clouds.

8K Miles

8K Miles is a company that helps people use a special type of internet called AWS. It is like the regular internet, but it has more features and can do more things. They know a lot about things like keeping people safe, running computers smoothly, taking care of people’s health and studying how living things work. People can hire 8K Miles to help them with their DevOps and data analysis. They also help when you want to move stuff online and need engineers for things related to the cloud.


Accenture is a company that helps other companies use the cloud. They work with AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. They can help you keep your system safe, running well and easy to use. Accenture can help businesses all around the world. They do different things depending on what kind of business it is.


So, AllCloud is a company that helps people with cloud computing. It was created when two other companies, Blat Lapidot and Emind, joined together. AllCloud helps their customers by checking what systems they have and making sure everything is working right. Their customers are usually startups, big companies, or businesses that provide services to others. AllCloud can help protect your data and make sure you are not spending too much money on cloud services.


Avanade was founded in 2000 by two companies, Microsoft and Accenture. It helps people make the most of their Microsoft technologies, like Azure. Avanade has more experts working with Azure than any other company. They help design, build, and deploy solutions for the platform.


Capgemini is a company that helps businesses with cloud computing. It is based in Paris but works all around the world. Companies use them to put their work on the public cloud. This helps them do things like move their work to the public cloud. They also help businesses connect their existing IT solutions to the public cloud.


Cloudnexa can help people access programs and data stored on the internet. They have been helping people since 2008 and are very experienced in what they do. They help with different parts of technology. This includes cloud computing, making sure it is secure and safe for people using it, and helping make sure applications work correctly. Cloudnexa can help both people who are just starting to use AWS and those who already have an AWS deployment.


Cloudreach helps people use cloud services like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. This means they can access these websites from the internet without downloading anything onto their computer. They give advice to make sure these services are used the right way. They can help you get ready for the cloud and make sure you’re getting the most out of it. They also teach you how to use it and make sure everything runs smoothly.


Cognizant is a company that helps other companies use the internet to store and access data. Examples of cloud services are AWS and Azure. They give advice, help with running the service, move data, keep it safe and plan for the future. They also help make sure applications follow rules. They have been helping since 2012.


Deloitte is a company that helps people use the cloud. They can help you get the cloud set up and make sure it works correctly. They can help design, build, and run them. Deloitte can help you change how your technology works to make it better. They will give you instructions on what to do. The company even has products like payroll management, tax services, financial advice, and supply chain planning.

DXC Technology

DXC Technology helps people use cloud services like AWS and Azure. They design systems to make it easier to use the cloud. DXC works with other companies like HP, Lenovo, Micro Focus and Oracle. This way customers have more choices when they use DXC’s services.

HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies is a company that helps other companies use cloud computing. They have a plan called Mode 1-2-3. HCL helps people build their business and keep it growing. They also make tools and applications that help the company be successful in the future. HCL even helps big businesses with their cloud computing needs.

Hitachi Vantara

Hitachi Vantara is a company that helps people use computers. It can help you move your stuff to the cloud and keep it running well. In 2018, Hitachi bought another company called REAN Cloud that knew a lot about software services like Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Infos is a company that helps people use the clouds from Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. They give advice and help to make sure that cloud works well. They can also help you move old applications to the cloud. Infosys helps you manage your cloud so everything works properly.


Logicworks is a company that helps people use the cloud. They help businesses like banks, hospitals, and stores make sure their information is safe. Logicworks can help you move to the cloud, build things in the cloud, start projects in the cloud, and keep it running. They also give monitoring and patching support plus 24 hour help from engineers who know a lot about this kind of work.

Maven Wave

Maven Wave is a company that helps people use Google Cloud. They make sure everything is secure and working right, and they help people manage their accounts. They started in 2008 and have been helping with Google Cloud since 2010. Maven Wave was chosen as the Partner of the Year by Google Cloud for 2017 and 2018.


Mission is a company that helps people use AWS (Amazon Web Services). It was formed in 2018 when three companies combined. Mission can help you set up, move your things to AWS, and make sure everything works if there is an emergency. They also help you plan how to spend money on the cloud and how to make sure your apps work well.

NTT Data

NTT Data is a company owned by NTT from Japan. They help customers move their applications to the cloud and make their old technology better. NTT Data uses ideas from other parts of NTT to set up networks, decide who can use it, and keep the network secure.


Onica is a company that works with CorpInfo. It helps people use the cloud for their work. Onica can help you switch to the cloud, make your computer applications better, and manage how the cloud operates. They have over 500 certifications with AWS and can help manage automated workloads on AWS deployments. This includes testing, integration, and monitoring problems in the cloud.


Rackspace helps people use cloud security and manage their cloud services. Rackspace helps people decide which cloud service is best for them. They have been doing this since 1999. In 2015, they started offering managed cloud services. Gartner said in 2019 that Rackspace is the leader in providing public cloud services and managing them around the world.


Smartronix is a company that can help you with your computer and internet problems. They can help you make sure your data is safe, and they know how to work with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Smartronix works closely with all of these companies.

Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services is a big company that works with other big companies like banks, media, insurance and energy. They help these businesses use cloud computing tools from Amazon and Microsoft. They also give customers technology tools to help them use the cloud services.


TierPoint is a company that uses Microsoft Azure technology. They have lots of data centers and cloud pods in the U.S.A. They can help you with private cloud, managed hyperscale, hybrid cloud, network services and disaster recovery.


Trianz knows a lot about Amazon Web Services. They know how to manage service providers, help with development operations, move data from one place to another and work with government agencies. They can help you with strategy plans and questions about the cloud. They can also help you migrate your application and database to the cloud. They offer big data solutions, machine learning and AI services too. Trianz will make sure that you get all the benefits of using the cloud.


Wipro is a company that helps other companies use cloud services. These cloud services are like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. These services make it easier for companies to manage their data and applications. They have a lot of experience building apps for big companies on these clouds. Wipro also knows how to help move companies onto the clouds and manage them. They are also good at other tech things like understanding data, giving advice, and creating products. So they can help companies with cloud needs in many different ways.