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Cloud Storage For Video

If you make lots of videos, you may need more storage than what your computer can hold. This article talks about the best place to store your videos in 2023. It looks at things like how much space it has, how much it costs, and if it can play your videos easily.

  • It is important to have enough storage for all your videos. Don’t just save them on a hard drive. Think about using cloud storage too.

When looking for a place to store videos online, you need to consider some special things. You should look for services that let you store huge files, upload quickly, and have special features like streaming videos. Here are eight good options to choose from.

  1. pCloud: The best for storing videos.
  2. Very safe.
  3. Icedrive: Get a lot for your money.
  4. Google Drive: Good for working together on videos with others.
  5. IDrive: Store and back up your videos online with extra features.
  6. MEGA: Free but not as good as the other options.
  7. Dropbox: Easy to use and has its own media player built in.
  8. Box: You can store unlimited amounts of video, but it costs more than other options.

When you make videos, it is important to have somewhere to save the original footage and also the finished videos. Some things like the size of the files, how fast it can be saved, and how much space there is become even more important. Many video creators use a special setup called NAS to stay organized. It’s helpful if you can back up all your network drives too.

There are eight different online services that are the best for storing videos on the internet. Using a video storage program can help you keep your videos safe. That way, they won’t get accidentally deleted or lost.

pCloud is the best cloud storage provider. You can upload big files quickly and it has a built-in media player. is the best choice if you need extra security, and Icedrive is very fast too. Other options are Google Drive, IDrive, MEGA Dropbox or Box.

1. pCloud

  • pCloud is a website where you can store your stuff. This storage space costs $4.99 a month or $47.88 for an entire year. It has 500GB of space and there is no limit on how big your files can be. The bad things are that you need to pay extra for encryption and it does not work with NAS (Network Attached Storage).

We think pCloud is the best for storing videos. It is very safe and cheaper than other options. You can easily share videos with it and it works on phones, tablets, and computers. To get started, read the guide about pCloud Drive. It works on phones and tablets with Android and Apple devices. You can get 10GB of storage for free. If you need more, you can pay $4.99 per month for 500GB or $9.99 per month for 2TB of storage. For extra security, pay more money for pCloud Crypto.

pCloud is a good way to save big video files like 4K or 8K. You can upload videos of any size and watch them on the web. It won’t work with some special devices but it has a media player that copies your videos so they can play online without problems. Your original files will stay the same.


  • com is a website that costs $5 per month or $60 per year for 200GB of space. It has unlimited file sizes and good prices with great security and privacy. But it does not have NAS support, can be slow, and the interface can be confusing to use. is good for pictures and videos, but pCloud is even better. The review said so. If you use, you do not have to worry about the size of your files being too big. They can be as big as you need them to be. But does not let you watch videos on their website or app like pCloud does, so pCloud is a better choice for this list. is a company from Canada that has strong privacy laws and extra security features like AES 256-bit encryption and two-factor authentication to protect it from hackers. This makes one of the safest online storage services available. When you sign up, they give you 5GB of free storage space. You can get up to 20GB if you tell your friends about it and they sign up too – for each friend who signs up, you get 1GB more! gives you lots of useful abilities for your money. It can save different versions of files for a month, keep videos safe with passwords, track who uses your account and delete files from linked devices.

3. Icedrive


Price: $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year for 1TB


Good things: It is cheap, you can upload big files, and it has a media player.

Bad things: You can’t sync quickly, there are no collaboration features, and you cannot generate links to upload files.

Icedrive is a new way to store your files in the cloud. It looks nice and it has good security so your files are safe. It is also very inexpensive. Read our review to find out more about Icedrive and why it is one of our favorite storage providers.

Icedrive is a great choice for videos. You can upload big files, like 8K videos. It also has a media player and it’s really fast. It costs less than other services and you don’t have to pay every month or year. You can get a lifetime plan if you want to!

Icedrive does not have any special features for working on video files with other people. It also does not have block-level sync, which is very important. You should consider using a different service if you need these features.

This is not a big worry for people who use their home computer. But people who make videos might get mad if they have to upload the whole video again just because they changed something small. NAS systems do not work with this service, so video makers should look at IDrive as it does support it.

4. Google Drive

  • Google Drive is a place to store your files and share them with other people. It costs $1.99 each month or $19.99 per year for 100GB of storage. You can use it to work with other people, there is lots of free space, and it works with Google Workspace tools. But, some people worry about their privacy on it, it does not store small parts of files separately, and you cannot connect it to an external hard drive or server (NAS).

Google Drive is one of the first big tech companies on this list. It is a very good provider and it has 15GB of free storage space. This means that you can store lots of videos for free.

If you have an account with Google, then you can use Google Drive. You will get space to store emails, photos, and other apps. It is also a great tool for teams to work together on projects.

You get 15GB of storage for free. That might not be enough to save higher-quality videos like those in 1080p. Google Drive offers extra storage for a fee. You can get 100GB of storage for $19.99 per year or 2TB for $99.99 per year. If you have the bigger storage, you can share it with your family so everyone can save their memories together. Google is not known to be good at keeping your private information secure. They have done things in the past that could make you worry, like ending people’s accounts if they don’t like them. But it is one of the easiest cloud services to use and it is very cheap.

5. IDrive

  • IDrive is a storage service. It costs $79.50 per year for 5TB of storage. You can find it at IDrive is great because you can save files of any size and watch videos without downloading them. But there is no monthly plan option available.

IDrive is an online service that stores videos. It is a good choice for people who make videos. It supports NAS drives which means it can store the video locally on your computer before saving it to the cloud.

With IDrive, you can upload any size of file. You can also make changes to a file and quickly upload it again. You don’t need to save the whole video file on your computer. You can watch it directly from IDrive. IDrive is different than Google Drive and OneDrive because it has special features like syncing and sharing. IDrive does not have a set price each month. You need to sign up for one year at a time if you want to store your videos in the cloud. IDrive is still very good because it is affordable. You can get 5TB of storage for $79.50, or 10TB of storage for $99.50 for one year. You can read more about IDrive by checking out the complete review of it online. You can try this out for free for 30 days!


  • MEGA is a website ( You can get 20GB of storage space for free or 400GB of storage space for only $5.89 every month. MEGA also has special encryption to keep your files safe, lots of free storage and the ability to preview your files before you open them. The bad things are that it is expensive and there are no collaboration tools and the user experience isn’t great.

MEGA is a popular choice for storing things online because it gives you 20GB of storage space without charging you anything. It calls itself “the privacy company” and it tries to keep data safe from the government. Kim Dotcom was the founder, but he isn’t involved anymore. You can find out more by reading our guide about Megaupload.

MEGA is a really cool name. This website gives you 20GB of free online storage. That’s more than some other websites. You can get even more storage if your friends sign up or if you download the desktop and mobile apps. But remember that this extra storage only lasts for one year.

MEGA offers from 400GB to 8TB of storage for $5 to $30 per month. You can get up to 16TB of data, but that might cost more. It is not as cheap as pCloud but it does have more storage (8TB vs 2TB). With MEGA you also get extra features like a secure chat and the ability to update files regularly.

7. Dropbox

  • Dropbox has lots of storage, 2TB, for $11.99 each month or $119.88 for the year. Go to to learn more. It is good because it syncs quickly and you can work with others on it easily. It is not so great because it is a bit pricey and your information might not be private enough.

Dropbox is not the best choice for streaming video. But it has a media player and cheaper plans than other services, so it can be an option. The free plan only gives you 2GB of storage which is too small for videos. You will need to pay or get people to sign up which adds 500MB each time.

Dropbox has some limits. You can share files quickly with others. You don’t need to add passwords or set dates for them to expire. This makes it faster and easier to send files. Dropbox also lets you watch videos without needing another app.

Dropbox is not the cheapest provider. Dropbox is a popular cloud provider that costs more than Google Drive for 2TB of storage. It does have a cheaper plan with 1TB of storage for $99 per year or $9.99 if you pay monthly. There are apps for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows that make it easy to use. In the past, it did not have good security so some people don’t trust it with their information and chose other cloud storage providers instead. Read our article to learn how Dropbox compares to other cloud storage providers.

8. Box

  • Box is a company that stores your data. It costs $7 each month or $60 each year for 100GB of storage. You can find more information on their website, Box is a great app. It connects to other apps, keeps your information safe, and you can store as much as you want in it. The bad things about Box are that it is expensive, there is a limit of 5GB per file and extra money needs to be spent for zero-knowledge encryption.

Box might not be the first place you think of when you want to store videos. It is mainly used by businesses and has apps for work. But, it does have plans with unlimited storage, which makes it a good choice for people who edit videos. It keeps files private and works with Microsoft Office and Google Docs.

Box looks like Dropbox on the internet.Box makes it easy to share videos between all your devices like phones. It has extra security like encryption and tests to make sure no one can get in. Box offers 100GB of storage for its basic plan, but it costs more than Google Drive which is $19.99 per year for the same amount. If you need a lot of storage, it will be $20 a month or $180 a year with Box, but the size of each file can only be 5GB – not as big as other providers offer.

Box is more for businesses, so it isn’t the best choice for personal use. But it does have good security and you could save lots of videos there. It also has password protection and will let you choose when files expire.

We hope you have chosen the storage plan that is best for your videos. If pCloud does not work for you, there are other websites that might. Try, Icedrive, Google Drive or Jumpshare. Each service has different good and bad things about it. Read reviews to help decide which one to pick.