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Enterprise Data Storage Solutions

We have found 28 ways to store business data safely. These will help keep your data safe in 2023.

Every year, Solutions Review makes a list of the best data storage solutions for businesses. They get this information by looking at online materials, talking to people who make the products, and testing out parts of the product.

Companies need a place to store their important information. This is called enterprise data storage. It helps protect and share the data. The storage systems need to be big enough, work with different kinds of computers, and connect to other networks. There are 4 types of enterprise data storage: SANs, NAS, DAS, and Cloud Storage. Data storage is important because new information is created all the time and more devices are using the internet.

Hyperconverged storage, flash technologies like NVMe and other newer methods are changing the market. These new methods allow people to store more data quickly with fewer delays. Storage for containers is also becoming popular, as well as special ways to store data on computers using APIs.

It can be hard to decide which data storage is best for your business. Our editors have a list of good options that you can look at if you want something new.

Amazon Web Services helps businesses with their computers. They can get help with storing, computing, networking, and more. AWS has tools like Amazon EBS and Amazon S3 to store files or data. There is also a tool called AWS Backup to keep everything safe. Different storage services are available like object, block, and file storage that you can choose from. You can also move data to the cloud but need to follow certain rules set by the vendor first.

Caringo is a company that helps people save data. They have a product called Caringo Swarm which allows people to store information without buying extra computer stuff. It can be used for school, doctors, games, and movies. It is available on the private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud or on your own computer with x86 hardware.

Cloudian makes object storage systems that work with S3. Their system, HyperStore, works in the data center and helps you store, find, and keep your data safe across different locations. Cloudian HyperStore is a platform that uses computers to store data. It can store data in its own computers or in the cloud. In 2020, it was recognized as one of the best ways to save data.

Cohesity helps people store information in one place. Cohesity is a company that makes one big storage area that works with private and public clouds. It helps keep information safe, makes it easier to find, and can do things quickly like testing or analyzing. Cohesity has two types of storage (C3000 and C4000) plus SpanFS which is a special file system. In 2020, they got $250 million from investors. They also got a special award for their Unstructured Data Management Solutions. The award was called “Leader” by GigaOm.

DataDirect Networks (DDN) helps companies keep their data safe. They have special storage systems to help companies save, use and share their data in big ways. DDN has two types of appliance options and also offers a software-only option. Companies like banks, hospitals, energy companies, government agencies and cloud service providers all use DDN’s solutions.

Dell EMC helps people use technology to change their lives. They do this by building things like computers, storage, and security tools. Their featured product is Dell EMC Unity XT. It helps you use multiple kinds of cloud with a special design for fast speeds. Storage can help virtual applications run better, hold data, and link remote offices. Unisphere is something that helps you manage your storage. Dell EMC offers file and object storage solutions. They have a new PowerScale solution for unstructured data as well.

Fujitsu is a company from Japan that makes technology. They offer solutions and services like consulting, integrating systems, managing services, renting out technology and cloud services. They also make storage things like all-flash storage, hybrid storage, software to manage the storage and backup or archive it.

Hedvig helps you store data for your business. Their software works well with different types of systems and can store a lot of data, even when you have a lot of applications running. Hedvig also helps you use your data faster and combines all the different storage systems into one platform. This system can be used on both public and private clouds.

Hitachi Vantara helps businesses with their data. Hitachi Vantara offers four solutions to help you. They are called HCP, HCP Anywhere, HDI and Hitachi Content Intelligence. These solutions can store things, share files, protect data, give access to the cloud and help you look for things. Hitachi Vantara is part of a bigger company called Hitachi Ltd. It also helps with saving your information and recovering it if something bad happens.

HPE SimpliVity helps store data. It combines different parts of IT into one node. This makes it easier to use for virtual workloads. Before, the company SimpliVity had software that worked on different types of computers. Now HPE owns the company and their software is built and supported by HPE.HPE has two platforms called the SimpliVity 380 and 2600. They use something called HPE Composable Fabric for their networks.

Huawei Technologies is a company that makes things for phones and computers. It has three parts in the US: enterprise, carrier, and consumer. The products they make are all types of storage. These include flash storage, hybrid flash storage, cloud storage, Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI), and data management. FusionCube for Cloud from Huawei helps people get resources quickly and easily.

IBM makes products that can help you do lots of things. These products include flash storage, Software-Defined Storage and tape storage. They can be used for hybrid cloud storage, virtual infrastructure, private cloud and more.Plus they can also help with blockchain, artificial intelligence and SAP.

Infinidat helps companies keep lots of data safe. Infinidat makes software that helps you save and keep data safe. Their storage includes big data, cloud, NAS, SAN, and object storage. Their main product is called InfiniBox and it helps store lots of data quickly and safely. In the last year they changed their operating system too. This includesthings like allowing data to be copied between different sites at the same time, making it more secure, and adding a new Kubernetes CSI drive.

Inspur helps companies with data, cloud services, and smart enterprises. They have two products called Active Storage (AS) and AS13000 that can be used on hardware or computers. Inspur’s storage business is bigger than their servers and they work a lot in China. The government and transportation/logistics industry give Inspur more than half its money.

NetApp is a company that helps people save data. It helps with using the cloud and storing info on computers. StorageGRID is a tool it offers that lets you get to your data in the cloud. This tool can help with doing work online, and will keep everything safe.

Nutanix makes software and tools to help businesses use virtualization. Nutanix Complete Cluster can handle a lot of data and many computers. It does not need extra storage solutions like SAN or NAS, which are very expensive. Nutanix has a storage system called Acropolis. This helps with virtualization, networking services, data protection and disaster recovery. Recently, they got $750 million from Bain Capital Private Equity to do more things.

Pure Storage is a company that makes storage for computers. They help make sure the data on your computer is safe and secure. They also make sure things are fast, so programs can run quickly and easily. Pure Storage helps people use their computers for different things like virtualizing, databases, and cloud computing. They also help people use new technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to get the most out of their data. In 2020, Pure Storage spent $370 million to buy Portworx.

Qumulo is a company that helps people store data. They have tools for Dell, HPE, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Qumulo is a company where people used to work at Isilon Systems, Adobe, and Wily Technology. They have File Fabric (QF2) which helps you save your data on your computer and in the cloud. You can buy pre-made appliances with Qumulo Core from them or find their software on AWS Marketplace. You can also get hardware from other companies or get hardware directly from Qumulo.

Rackspace is a company that helps people with their websites. It has storage like Cloud Files and Cloud Block Storage. Rackspace helps people use public clouds, which are like many computers working together. Rackspace now offers services to manage different types of public clouds too. You can find Rackspace’s cloud services in the US, UK, Australia, and Hong Kong.

Red Hat is a company that makes software. They provide products like operating systems, applications, and other types of solutions. Red Hat also offers support, training, and consulting services. Red Hat makes a product called Red Hat Ceph Storage. It helps people store data on their computers. They also have something called Red Hat Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Cloud. This helps with things like creating cloud systems, analyzing data, storing media, and making backups.

Scality is a company that makes software. The software helps store and manage data. They have a program called RING which stores huge amounts of data and keeps it secure. It works with different apps like NFS, S3, OpenStack Swift, and Cinder. Scality helps companies in the US, Europe, and Japan.

Silk used to be called Kaminario. It is a company that makes storage with fast flash technology. It was made by people who worked for Dell EMC, NetApp, and IBM. The data platform helps people get information quickly, use less energy in their data centers, and keep their digital things safe. The sixth generation of the platform lets companies make it bigger as needed. Silk works with other companies around the world to sell its products.

StorageCraft helps people store their data. It works in different places, like on-premise, in the cloud, or a mix of both. It also helps protect data and keep businesses running even if something bad happens. OneXafe is a popular product. It helps protect data and also stores it at the same time. OneXafe makes it simpler and cheaper to own and use. It also helps your business stay running even if something bad happens.

SUSE is a company that makes open-source software. SUSE Enterprise Storage (SES) helps people use and store files and data. SUSE makes sure Ceph software works well, and also creates new things for the Ceph open-source community. Companies like Dell EMC, Supermicro, HPE, Lenovo, Huawei, Fujitsu and Cisco have special designs on their hardware that work with SES. In 2020, SUSE bought Rancher Labs which helps with Kubernetes.

SwiftStack helps businesses store their data. They use Amazon, Google, and Microsoft to do this. Your data can be accessed either through files or special APIs. This helps with things like content delivery, archiving, working together, and more. SwiftStack helps with OpenStack Swift, 1space, and ProxyFS. They focus on hybrid/multi-cloud storage and file access. They also added support for Amazon S3 API. In 2020, they were bought by NVIDIA.

Violin Systems is a company that helps store data. They have special systems and software to help store data in the cloud, on the internet, or in a physical place. They also help protect your data and save money when it comes to buying or using their services. The provider sells different types of storage like server, desktop, private cloud, and hybrid cloud. They also sell hardware. Recently they bought Violin Systems but did not say how much money it cost them.

Virtustream is a company that helps people use cloud computing. Dell Technologies owns Virtustream. They bought it in 2015. They use EMC’s services and special storage machines from Dell EMC to store data on the cloud. The provider has lots of places where they keep their data. These places are in the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

Western Digital helps people save their digital information. It makes drives for computers, laptops, and businesses. WD also makes drives for DVRs, security systems and gaming consoles. The storage technology they use allows data to be sent from one place to another and it can even support special containers that work on the platform.