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Synology DS220j NAS

I think the Synology DS220j is one of the best home network storage device for people who are just starting out. It is simple to use and has many great features.

The world is connected by the internet. We need to be careful about our privacy and rights when using it. Unfortunately, we do not have much privacy online now. People are trying to control the internet more and more each day.

We are using computers that are connected to the cloud. This means we use programs and tools from a remote place. We store more data than ever before, so it is important to keep this safe in the cloud. We need to make sure that our privacy is not at risk when using the cloud for work and personal reasons.

Network Attached Storage is a useful tool for people who have a home computer. It can help store important data and it is easy to access.

Cloud backups can be reliable, but they might not be safe from security risks. When you put data on the cloud, you don’t know where it goes. Most of us do not read the privacy policies when we use these services. This has been a worry for me for a long time.

Cloud storage is really useful and you can modify it whenever you want. It can keep your data safe, but nothing is better than having privacy in your own hands. No cloud storage can do this.

I wanted to find a way to keep my stuff private. After looking into it, I found Synology. It is a company from Taiwan that makes good storage solutions. NAS is a type of device that people can use for their own needs or businesses. They come in different sizes, so you can pick one that works best for you.

The Synology DS220j is an entry-level computer device with two storage areas.

I’m going to tell you about the DS220j. I think it is the best NAS for a home or someone like me who is just starting out with NAS. I will also compare Synology with Qnap, which is another company that makes NAS products. Let’s talk about the DS220j!

The DS220j is a good choice. It is easy to use and has lots of storage space. It runs quickly and is dependable.

Synology is a company that makes special computers called Network Attached Storage devices. These computers are very good quality and easy to use. Every two years they make something new. The last one was the DS218 and the newest one is called DS220j. It looks like the DS218 but it is made for businesses and personal backups. It is very small – only 6.5 x 3.9 x 8.9 inches! It has a switch to turn it on and off, and some lights in the front that let you know if it is working properly. The Synology DS220j looks nice and runs well. It has 512MB of RAM, a 1.4GHz processor, and two hard drive bays that can each fit 16TB. On the back of the device there are two USB ports, a power port, a button to reset it and an Ethernet port for connecting to the internet. This means you can have 32TB total storage which is great for personal use!

You can set up the device using a method called RAID 1. It uses EXT4 as the type of file system. A fan is in the back of the room to keep it cool. It runs quietly and does not make noise. The Operating System it uses is called DiskStation Manager OS and looks like Windows, so it should be easy to learn.

I need to set up my DS220J quickly.

I chose the DS220j because it is easy to set up. To do it, take off the part of the case that slides off. Put your hard drives in the space inside and then put the case back on and secure with screws. That’s all you have to do!

To get the device going, you need to turn it on and install the OS. It will take less than 30 minutes. I tested it and it worked really well! This device has lots of features and is good value for money. It’s the best home NAS you can get!

Who should not take this opportunity?

I do not think this device is a good idea if you don’t have much data. If your data is small, like only a few GBs, it will be too expensive and take too much time to buy the DS220j. Remember that this device needs an internet connection to work well.

If you don’t have internet in your house, this unit will not be useful. Data is like a pile that gets bigger and bigger over time. You need a good way to save your data before it gets too big.

The DS220j is best used for certain tasks. These tasks are called “best use case scenarios.”

You know what the DS220j is and why some people should not get it. Now figure out who should use it and why they need it.

1) Heavy Casual Photo Shooter

The DS220j is a good way to store personal things like pictures, videos, and documents. You can also use it to make copies of your computer and cell phone. You can also add data from your phone or other electronic devices. This covers most of what people will use the DS220j for. I do this too!

The Synology Moments app is for people who have Synology NAS solutions. It helps you save your photos to the cloud. At first, it worked well and backed up my photos from my phone. But then halfway through, it stopped working. I tried resetting and changing the cache limit but nothing worked.

I had to delete and then reinstall the app. It worked better the second time, which was strange. If you have lots of pictures and videos to save, be patient because it could take days or weeks. I ran the app while doing other things. Moments is a program that helps you organize all your pictures and videos in one spot. It uses special tech that can recognize pictures so it’s easier to store them.

Moments let you upload special HEIC format files. The other photos will look the same as before. Moments can help you save room on your device by putting pictures in the cloud. It looks like the way your smartphone shows pictures. It also uses a special type of computer learning to group pictures that have similar things in them together.

  • This app has special features like:
  • – Live photos
  • – Automatic color and rotate with AI help
  • – Selecting important moments
  • – Photos and videos that go all the way around
  • – Special high quality pictures

The Moments app can give you lots of benefits. I think it is better than Google Photos because it keeps your pictures safe and the quality is better. Google Photos will not give unlimited storage after June 2021. People who take many photos need to find another way to store them. Moments is one way, and it gives enough space. A single photo takes up 1.5 MB of space. With a 2TB NAS drive, you can store up to 1.3 million photos that are very high quality. That is a lot!

2) Small Home Office User

A lot of people work from home now. Synology Office is helpful and free! It’s like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. First install Synology Drive to use it. You can get your files from the NAS server and make changes online right away. If you’re not in the office, it’s easy to show other people what you are doing and let them make changes too. Try out the Office suite to see how great it is!

If you are a home user, you may want to buy a NAS (Network Attached Storage). To pick the right one for you, consider how much data storage space you need and what features are important to have.

Do you need a Synology DS220j? It can be hard to pick the right NAS provider because there are a lot of choices. Here are some tips to help you make the best decision. Think about things like how much storage space you need and if it has enough power for what you want to do with it. Think about these things when choosing a NAS for your home. This will help you pick the best one.

1. Budget

Money is the most important factor when choosing a NAS for home use. You will need to spend at least $300 on the device and hard drives. For example, a DS220j from Amazon costs around $168 and two 2TB Seagate IronWolf hard drives cost another $160 ($80 x 2).

You may need to pay shipping or import fees, which will add to the cost. A 2TB Synology NAS with RAID 1 capability costs over $320. If that is too expensive, you can get a cloud storage plan for less than $10 per month. Or, you could try using a free cloud storage option. It’s better to have some kind of backup than none at all.

2. Storage Requirements

Think about how much storage space you need. If it is less than 1TB, you won’t need a NAS. You can use something called an external hard drive or SSD for extra storage. If you need more than 2TB, you should get something called a NAS. A NAS is also good for sharing things with other people so that might be something to think about in the future.

3. Number of Hard Drive Bays

It is better to have more storage space than less. You need at least two bays to use RAID or mirroring. This is why we offer NAS products. Without them, a NAS won’t work correctly. If you don’t have much data now, two bays will be enough for now. But if your data increases over time, you should get four bays instead. It is best to start small and then add more when needed.

4. CPU Specs

When looking for a computer, make sure you get one with a strong processor. It will depend on what kind of data you are storing. Intel dual-core chips are good for regular data. If you need to move big files, like 4K video, get a quad core CPU. Check the write speed and cache size too. This will help your NAS work faster. The DS220j is enough for everyday use in a home NAS.

Qnap and Synology are two different companies that make storage devices. They have some similarities, but also differences. Here is a brief overview of what each offers.

Qnap and Synology are two big companies that make computers for storing data. People might be confused about which one to choose. I’m going to help you understand the basics of each company. Qnap and Synology are both from Taiwan. They have different ideas for their businesses. Qnap has lots of products and good hardware, like Android for NAS. Synology is like Apple because they focus on making a good user experience. They don’t have as many products, but they last longer and you can get help from them for a long time.

I only tried the Synology DS220j, but I read a lot about home computer networks. That’s why I chose Synology. This is just my opinion from my research, not a comparison between Synology and Qnap. I might buy a Qnap if I need one sometime in the future.

This article talked about the Synology DS220j. I think it is a great NAS for people to use at home. Hopefully you enjoyed reading it and now know more about whether this NAS is right for you. If not, I gave you some tips to help find the best NAS that meets your needs.

Today, we use a lot of computers and store lots of data. To keep your data safe, you should get something called a NAS. It is perfect for keeping your personal and work data private in your home or small office. The DS220j is the best one to get.

Make sure you have internet and two hard drives in your home. Then, the ds-220j will give you a really good service. I like mine a lot.