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Cloud Disaster Recovery Solutions

2023 is almost here. Think about what type of cloud disaster recovery plan you need. Choose the one that is best for you.

Every year, Solutions Review looks at all the cloud disaster recovery solutions and decides which are the best. They get this information from websites, talking to people who know about the solutions, and testing out the products with free trials.

Solutions Review made this guide to help people choose the best cloud disaster recovery solution for their business. It can be hard to choose the right one, and it takes a lot of research, not just about the features of the software. To make it easier, they put all the best solutions in one place.


Acronis is a company that helps protect data. They can help with backups, disasters, and making sure your information is safe. Acronis True Image helps keep your things safe. It can help you if there is an emergency or disaster. People from all over the world can get help from Acronis for 24 hours everyday. In 2020, they released a new product called Acronis Cyber Protect and bought another company called CyberLynx. We do not know how much money was used for this purchase.

Assured Data Protection

Assured Data Protection makes it easier to protect your data. They use special software and their experts have over 100 years of experience in this area. They offer services that fit the needs of mid-market enterprises, like on-premise private clouds or hybrid cloud approaches. They make sure these services are affordable too.


Axcient helps businesses of all sizes protect their data. Axcient Fusion can copy all the technology a business uses and store it in the cloud. This way, people can access and restore data from any device. It also lets you switch to different IT systems quickly and make sure your business is safe from harm. The help is available on public cloud with options for how long it takes to get back up again.


Carbonite is a company that helps small and medium businesses keep their data safe. They offer services to protect data, keep it available, and make sure it’s secure. Carbonite helps move data when needed. Carbonite Recover lets people pay as they go, and it keeps all the computer’s data in one place and copies important systems to the cloud. In May 2020, OpenText paid $1.2 billion to buy Carbonite.


Druva helps keep data safe and organized in the cloud. It’s like a service that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This makes it easy to use and cheaper because you don’t need to buy hardware, or worry about storage space or software management. Druva is the only company that offers a Cloud-native Software as a Service is a backup and disaster recovery solution. It helps keep your data safe in case something goes wrong. Customers can use data to make better decisions. Druva’s solution helps organizations make sure they follow all the rules and laws. In November 2020, Druva bought a company called SFApex. We don’t know how much money they paid for it.

Evolve IP

Evolve IP helps people use the cloud. It can help you with virtual servers, desktops, phones, and communication centers. It also helps if something bad happens by providing fully managed disaster recovery services, self-service recovery services, and cloud backups. Evolve IP works with leading disaster recovery companies such as Veeam and Zerto.


Expedient is a company that gives cloud, collocation, and data center services. They have 11 centers in the US. With their On-Site Private Cloud appliances, they help make sure your production work runs well on or off-site. Expedient’s services are for companies, schools, and government agencies. These services include virtualization, cloud computing, remote backups, storage area networks and disaster recovery.


Flexential helps people store their data and stay safe online. They have 40 places in 15 different states, Canada, and the Netherlands. They offer colocation, private network services, managed services, cloud-based data storage and managed security. The company created a service called Recovery Cloud. It helps protect your important information in case something bad happens. You can choose between different levels of protection for the best solution for you.


IBM has lots of different tech and advice. They help people if something bad happens, like a disaster. IBM can make sure your important things are safe and backed up. They also offer help with predicting things, making software, and managing systems. IBM makes it so that if something bad happens, you can get your stuff back quickly. They will even do the work for you to get everything back to normal!


iland is a company that helps protect data. They provide services like IaaS, DRaaS, and BaaS. iland has data centers in many different places around the world, including America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. iland has been working hard this past year. They added new ways to help people and can now work with more different kinds of computers. Their DRaaS solution lets them copy data from virtual and physical places.


Infrascale made a cloud that helps protect data. They help over 50,000 customers and one million devices around the world. With their service, people can choose how they want to be protected in case of a disaster. The goal is to make sure there is no downtime or data lost if something bad happens.


InterVision bought Bluelock in 2018. Bluelock helps people with disaster recovery and cloud computing. InterVision also offers services that let people rent the amount of storage, computing power, and data speed they need. Bluelock Solutions helps protect data and keep it secure. Companies can use different types of computers to do their work. In October 2020, MidOcean Partners bought InterVision Systems, but we do not know how much money they paid.


Microsoft is a big company. They make and sell software products. Microsoft Azure is one of their services that help businesses. It has something called Azure Site Recovery (ASR) which helps protect computers from disasters like Windows, Linux, VMware and Hyper-V as well as physical servers.

NTT Communications

NTT Communications helps take care of its customers’ infrastructure. This means they make sure it works correctly and keeps running smoothly. It has networks that cover 190 countries and regions and a Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service solution. This service provides tests for disasters, as well as a secure control panel to track networks and servers in real time. NTT Communications has a Cloud Recovery service. This service helps companies stay safe. It makes copies of the company’s systems, programs, and data and stores them in a secure place on the NTT cloud. It does this in real-time.


Quorum helps small and medium businesses with data backups, recovery, and staying connected. They have products like Quorum onQ which is secure and has three versions. This product can be used in different ways. Quorum’s technology allows people to use cloud, local, and remote services all together – it is called “High Availability Anywhere.”

Recovery Point

Recovery Point helps people and businesses stay safe and protected. They have services to make sure that people can work even if something bad happens. The services include things like getting help from the cloud, storing tapes somewhere else, getting hosting help, and getting help with recovery if something bad happens. Recovery Point works with many different types of customers. This includes federal agencies, state and local governments, and commercial businesses. They provide a service called DRaaS that can be used by any size customer. Gartner thinks Recovery Point is really good. They said so in a special guide they made in 2020.


StorageCraft helps you protect your computers. They give products that help you if something bad happens to your servers, desktops or laptops. They also have tools that can move data from one place to another and give more safety and less downtime. This is good for businesses. StorageCraft helps protect and restore data. They help people store, copy, get back, and protect their data. They give these services to companies through partners.

Sungard Availability Services

Sungard Availability Services helps companies with their IT needs. They give advice on how to keep information safe. They also have special software that can help keep your data secure in the event of a disaster. If something bad happens, they can help you recover. Their Disaster Recovery as a Service lets companies use different types of systems and add more services if needed. Sungard AS has four types of services that help you recover data. Sungard AS can help you if you live in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, or Europe. They have their own places for recovery and they use a service called Recover2Cloud that is provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS).


TierPoint helps people plan for emergencies. They make sure data and apps are safe and secure. This is called disaster recovery services. This involves using technologies like replication, cloud computing, and virtualization. The vendor owns 40 data centers in 20 different areas. They also have 8 cloud pods that are connected with a network across the whole country. Their solutions have three parts. Private, managed, and hybrid cloud options. In 2020, they got $320 million to help them out.


Unitrends helps businesses make sure their computers and programs are working properly. They also help back up important information. It also offers products that help you when something bad happens. The DRaaS solution checks to make sure companies are ready for emergencies. The Recovery Series appliances help with recovery and automation if an emergency does happen. Kaseya recently bought Unitrends.