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Cloud Integration Platforms

This list has the 16 best companies to help you with your projects in 2023. These companies can help you connect different systems together.

Solutions Review makes a list of the best Integration Platform as a Service vendors each year. They pick the top ones by talking to people online and using their own rules. Solutions Review made this list to help people find the right vendor for their organization. It is hard to choose the best product and solution, so Solutions Review does research and looks at more than just how it works.We made it easier for you to search. We put all the best Integration Platform as a Service companies in one place so it is easier for you to find them. We have added names of products and solutions from the company, plus tutorials for using the software. That way you can watch the solutions in action.

Integration Platform as a Service Vendors are companies that offer services to help people put different things together. They are very good at what they do and some of them are considered the best.


Boomi is a company that helps you connect things and get them to work automatically. They have a product called AtomSphere that helps you connect different apps, programs, and cloud platforms. You use pictures to set it up. Boomi also has something called Atom that lets you get the connections where you need them. Boomi offers different versions of AtomSphere with different features.


Celigo has something called that helps people link different apps and systems together. It also helps them share information and do things more quickly. Celigo has a tool with lots of helpful features like drop-down menus, an API assistant, and something called visual field mapping so you can see what’s going on. There are also ready-made templates in the marketplace that help you create new flows quickly and easily.


Cleo Integration Cloud helps companies connect to different kinds of applications and websites. It can accept and change data from any source, and it can be used in different ways. Cleo Integration Cloud is a program that can help other companies with tough jobs.


Flowgear is a company from South Africa. It helps people link their apps together. Flowgear makes tools that are easy to use for developers. Flowgear works in the cloud and can help move data, host tasks, and make pictures. DropPoints are little services that let applications on-site work with the cloud. Flowgear also helps people manage connections between different systems quickly and easily.


IBM has different kinds of tools to help businesses work with data. They can be used on computers in the business or through the cloud. These tools can do things like copying and batch processing, or syncing and making virtual data. IBM also has parts that are already made so it is easier to use them. Their cloud product is really good and will get even better soon!


Informatica is a company that makes products to help with data. Some of their products are Intelligent Data Platform, PowerCenter, PowerExchange, Data Replication, B2B Data Transformation and more. They also have Enterprise Data Catalog and Enterprise Data Preparation as well as EdgeData Streaming.

Informatica makes tools to help businesses manage data. They have both cloud and on-premise software that helps with different tasks. They also use a special AI engine called CLAIRE Engine which uses machine learning to help make the software even better. It is easy for their tools to work together because they are designed to work well together.


Jitterbit is a company that helps organizations move data from one place to another. They use their product called Jitterbit Harmony which makes it easier to get the data where it needs to go. It has an easy-to-use graphical interface and users can choose if they want the tool in the cloud, with both cloud and on-premise, or just on-premise. The data that is moved can be used for real-time analytics.


Microsoft has two ways to help you move data from one place to another. The first is called SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). It comes with the SQL Server Database Management System. The second way is using two cloud products called Azure Logic Apps and Microsoft Flow. Microsoft Flow works well for people who want to connect things together and it comes with Azure Logic Apps.


MuleSoft helps companies use special tools called APIs to join data, apps, and devices. This can help organizations make their applications better. MuleSoft also connects on-premise and cloud-based applications and systems with its APIs. They offer different kinds of services to help improve businesses.


Oracle has tools to help move and use data. These tools work for both old and new ways of using data. You can use these tools with your own computers or with cloud ones. They help you get access to different kinds of data, change the data so it’s easier to work with, copy the data, track what kind of data it is, make sure the customer and product information is accurate, and more!


Qlik has 4 different products to help you with your data. Qlik Replicate is a special tool. It helps you copy, share, move and get data from databases, warehouses and Hadoop. Qlik Compose helps you work with data lakes and warehouses. Qlik Catalog makes it easier for your business to find the right information. Finally, helps you connect to other programs without having to write any code and also automates applications.


SAP helps us connect our data and processes. They have two main ways to do this. SAP Data Services is a way to make sure that our data is organized and of good quality. The other way is through the SAP Cloud Platform which can help connect cloud apps, applications from other companies, and things that are stored on our own computers.


SnapLogic is a platform that helps people communicate and share information. It works with apps, databases, data warehouses, big data, and even things like phones or computers connected to the internet. It lets both technical and non-technical users easily use the platform to move data around. The tool has a special artificial intelligence program called Iris which will help you do more with the system. It can help with complex tasks like changing things or grouping them together in different ways so it’s easier to reuse the information.


TIBCO has a product called TIBCO Cloud Integration. It does not need any special code. It helps people quickly make, design and use APIs. In June 2018, TIBCO bought a company called Scribe Software and added its features to TIBCO Cloud Integration as an extra bonus. TIBCO also has something that can connect data in many different ways. They got even better when they bought Cisco’s data virtualization technology too! helps people put together complex tasks fast. Users can quickly start using the product and customize it to their needs. Tray also has a special connector that works with almost any type of API, plus some connectors that are already built-in. If the API ever changes, Tray will keep working without any problems. Tray is available in different versions depending on what features you need.


Workato helps businesses connect their apps, both on the internet and in their own office. Workato helps different apps work together to do tasks. You can make recipes that combine apps, triggers, and actions. Workato works with over 300 enterprise apps and keeps adding more.