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Best Free Spyware Removers


Spyware refers to malicious software that gets installed on your device without consent to steal personal data like passwords, browsing history, credit card details and more. They often find their way bundled with free software downloads, infected websites and email attachments.

Once embedded in your system, spyware can secretly monitor all activity ranging from logging keystrokes to activating your webcam and microphone. The stolen confidential information is then transmitted to external cybercriminals.

Since spyware mostly operates covertly without obvious symptoms, using a dedicated spyware removal tool is essential. The good news is you can find plenty of free and effective options today from reputed cybersecurity vendors.

In this detailed review, we will cover the top free spyware removers that provide reliable scanning and in-depth cleaning capabilities. We evaluate both standalone tools focused solely on malware removal as well as full-featured security suites with bonus protections like web filtering and real-time shields.

Best Free Spyware Removers

Avast One Essentials

With over 435 million users worldwide, Avast is a dominant name in the consumer antivirus space. The freemium software is packed with advanced malware detection capabilities powered by machine learning and one of the world’s largest threat intelligence networks.

Key Features:

  • Bank-grade 256-bit data encryption
  • Real-time protection against spyware, ransomware and viruses
  • Scans for vulnerabilities like outdated software with security holes
  • Automatically removes dangerous extensions/plugins and fixes malicious changes
  • Prevents untrusted applications from remotely accessing microphone, webcam and screen
  • Lightweight performance impact with automatic scans

In both lab evaluations by AV-Test and AV-Comparatives, Avast earns top-tier scores for malware detection ratio and low false positives. Although the free version misses out on features like an automated password manager and WiFi scanner available in premium tiers, core protections remain solid.

With a clean UI that puts important security status and alerts front and center, Avast One Essentials offers a marked upgrade over Microsoft’s pre-installed Windows Defender. One advantage is browser extensions that rate site safety and block dangerous links in real-time when you surf online.

Overall, Avast is Editors’ Choice amongst free antivirus platforms with a near-perfect blend of proactive spyware defense and cleanup of existing infections. An unobtrusive background operation causes minimal impact to PC performance too.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free

The free security software from Romania-based Bitdefender builds upon the company’s award-winning enterprise-grade infrastructure. Bitdefender Antivirus goes beyond the basics with multiple layers of protection fine-tuned to safeguard Windows environments.

Key Features:

  • Automatic monitoring of application behavior to block zero-day ransomware/malware attacks
  • Multi-layer anti-spam and anti-fraud engines protecting email inboxes
  • One-click app and document vulnerability assessment
  • Safepay hardened browser for banking/shopping with exploit protection
  • Built-in functionality to find lost or stolen devices via Bitdefender Central
  • Unlimited tech support from human experts

Bitdefender earns top ratings across testing labs like AV-Test and AV Comparatives for having one of the highest spyware detection rates coupled with fast system scans. The software is extremely lightweight with installs under 3 minutes.

For Android users, Bitdefender Mobile Security is also available for free. This guards against malicious apps with features like App Lock to prevent access to sensitive apps, anti-theft tools and a privacy advisor.

With decades of cybersecurity research and 270+ threat intelligence partners onboard, Bitdefender Free has your back when confronting spyware and unknown zero-day attacks. The inclusion of dedicated hardened browsers and password managers adds tremendous value typically only found in commercial suites.

TotalAV Antivirus Free

Developed by security specialists based in the UK, TotalAV Antivirus goes beyond basic scans with real-time monitoring tools that deliver all-around protection.

Key Features:

  • Real-time Virus Monitor watching over memory, apps and critical system areas
  • Embedded Web Shield browser extension to block malicious URLs
  • Multi-layer anti-phishing and anti-spam filters
  • Disk analysis to reverse changes made by active malware
  • Automatic quarantine of suspicious files
  • Camera blocker against unauthorized remote access attempts
  • Junk file removal frees up hard disk space slowing down your system

TotalAV is designed specifically with novices in mind who want security made simple via automatic configurations. The well-organized dashboard lets you manually launch quick, full or custom scans with one click.

Helpful educational pop-ups during the install process teach you how malware enters and TotalAV protects against each threat type. Dedicated phone, email and chat support channels help troubleshoot technical issues or using advanced tools.

While lab test results from venues like AV-Test are not available,TotalAV earns top spots in independent testing by outlets like AV-Comparatives, AV-TEST and more. 10+ million global users speak to TotalAV’s trust and reliability as an antivirus platform.

With easy-to-understand controls and our favorite camera blocker feature that prevents spying, TotalAV Free keeps your devices locked down tight on all fronts.

Other Notable Free Spyware Removers

The free software arena has no shortage of options when scouting for spyware cleaners. While the above rank as our top recommendations, here are some other competent tools worth considering:

Malwarebytes Premium Free

If all you need is an on-demand scanner to seek and destroy nasty adware or Trojans on an already-infected device, Malwarebytes Premium Free fits the bill. Known for its military-grade threat detection and dismantling capabilities, a Malwarebytes scan often succeeds where others fail.

Running at just 10MB with no noticeable resource drag, Malwarebytes is purpose-built for raw scanning power. The default scan offers a good balance of speed and depth in searching down malware embedded deep in hard-to-find folders. Custom scan options allow tweaking the locations and speed/thoroughness trade-off.

While the Premium version adds welcome extras like real-time monitoring, ransomware rollbacks and privacy protections, the core on-demand cleaner remains generous and potent in its freemium form. One bonus highlight is the secured Browser Guard browser extension that annihilates e-commerce payment skimmers.

McAfee Malware Cleaner

A hidden gem amongst free spyware removal tools is McAfee’s Scanner product available for direct download. Developed by Intel Security subsidiary McAfee, this scanner leverages the company’s long malware research legacy into a no-frills Windows-based cleaner.

McAfee Malware Cleaner offers a quick or full-system scan seasoned by heuristic assessments trained on over 1 billion known bad samples. While the scanning itself can slow down your PC, it digs deep to purge embedded infections other tools miss. Just be sure to uncheck optional software bundles during install so as not to negate the freemium benefit.

Although the scanner itself lacks real-time guard features, McAfee’s WebAdvisor browser extension provides an additional safety net against dangerous sites based on reputation data compiled by McAfee labs worldwide.

As a bonus, McAfee offers 30-day trials to their premium Total Protection package if you desire full-on security. So the free scanner can provide a risk-free means to evaluate McAfee’s capabilities at large.

Comparison of Top 3 Free Spyware Removers

If still undecided between the best free anti-spyware platforms covered earlier, this snapshot comparison summarizes the key pros and cons:

Features Avast One Essentials Bitdefender Antivirus Free TotalAV Antivirus Free
Detection Ratio ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Real-Time Protection
Impact on System Low Very Low Moderate
Malware Cleanup Very Effective Effective Effective
Anti-Phishing Yes Yes Yes
Password Manager No Yes No
Tech Support Email Only Phone, Email Phone, Email, Chat

Avast tops out charts with a near-perfect blend of real-time malware prevention coupled with graphically-rich diagnostics when threats come knocking. But Bitdefender delivers the special sauce for banking securely online while TotalAV makes security blissfully simple. Choose the tool aligning closest to your individual priorities.


Cybercriminal operations powered by spyware infections demand having robust detection and elimination tools handy. Rather than relying purely on the pre-installed Microsoft Defender, third-party dedicated scanners like Malwarebytes and McAfee better expose and cleanse such hidden threats.

For ongoing protection, a full-featured free antivirus solution like Avast, Avira or Bitdefender equips devices and networks with multi-layer shields to repel malware before they turn nasty. Bolt on bonus browser extensions for isolating banking and shopping sessions in hardened environments away from e-skimmers.

While premium software with premium price tags can tempt with absolute protection, the free featured-packed alternatives covered in this guide prove more than capable against common spyware and adware threats lurking with questionable downloads or phishy websites.

So stay vigilant, run free scanners routinely and think twice before clicking on anything suspicious. And your devices will thank you by staying zippy fast with your personal data locked up safe and secure.