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Cloud Management Platforms

There are 12 computer programs to help you manage things in the cloud. They are the best ones for 2023.

Every year, Solutions Review looks into the best cloud management software. They look at online information and talk to people who know about the software. They also check out demos and free trials of the products. Then they make a list which is called “The Buyer’s Guide for Cloud Managed Service Providers”.

The people at Solutions Review have made a list of the best cloud management software. It can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. To help, they have put all the names and features of these software in one place. They also have videos that show how they work so you can see what they do before choosing.

Cloud management software, platforms, and tools help you manage your computer files from anywhere. They make it easy to access and share your documents with other people.


Centilytics is a service that helps you manage your cloud. It’s made up of five parts that do different things. Cloud Visibility shows you all the details about the cloud services, regions, and tags that you use. Optimization & Allocation tells you how to use your cloud more efficiently so it doesn’t cost too much money. Cloud Automation makes backups and other jobs easier for engineers to do.


Cloudability is a platform that helps businesses save money when using the cloud. It collects lots of data, like billing, usage and performance information. Then it uses this data to figure out how much money businesses are spending on the cloud. Cloudability can also help businesses see how they use the cloud and provide tools to help them use it better.


CloudBolt is a tool that helps people manage their cloud environments. It helps you keep track of the different clouds that you use. It can also help automate and organize your workloads and keep track of how much money you spend on them. CloudBolt gives you special charts to help you make good decisions about your cloud environment. You can connect it with other tools like ServiceNow, Terraform, Ansible, and Chef too!


CloudCheckr CMx is a platform that helps you keep your cloud safe, save money, and use it in the best way. It gives you information about your cloud environment and can help with cost savings, security, compliance, and much more. CloudCheckr works for single or multiple clouds like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure.


CloudHealth by VMware is a way for people to control their cloud. It helps people analyze and manage how much money they are spending, how secure it is, and other important things. It gives people reports on what they can do to save money and stay safe. They can also customize security policies for different parts of the business. CloudHealth also shows you information about Kubernetes, Mesos, and Amazon ECS containers.


Flexera helps companies use clouds. It helps discover, create, and manage the clouds. Flexera can also help with monitoring and cost optimization. It works with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, VMware vSphere and more.


IBM Cloud Pak helps people manage things in the cloud. It lets you use one dashboard to help manage multiple clusters. It can make sure rules are followed and it can help predict problems before they happen. It also has a backup and disaster recovery system, as well as ways to move things around when needed.

Morpheus Data

Morpheus Data is a platform that helps people use cloud technology. It has 50 apps and tools to help you use the cloud. You can get everything from operating systems to databases and web servers. You can also use Morpheus Data to work with many different clouds at the same time. You can upload, download, and move around different files like binary artifacts and compressed archives.


Nutanix Beam is a tool to help people save money and keep their cloud safe. It helps the person in charge see how much money they are spending on the cloud. It also finds things that are not being used and helps them save money. It can also check if things are safe or not and fix problems right away.

Red Hat

Red Hat CloudForms helps IT departments manage their cloud and infrastructure. It can help them control what users can do, like setting up virtual machines or private clouds. Administrators can use it to set up and manage physical, virtual, and private clouds. Also, users can check what resources they have on their private clouds or virtual spaces. They can also ask for new things through the web-based self-service catalog.

Snow Software

Snow Commander is a tool that helps you manage several different types of clouds. It can help with approving and setting up services, as well as taking them down when needed. It also has ways to make it easier for people to get the services they need without having to wait. Snow Commander also helps keep track of how much money you are spending on using these cloud services.

Trianz is a platform from Trianz that helps you manage your cloud and infrastructure operations. It gives you a big picture view of all your IT operations, including your apps and infrastructure on AWS and Azure. You can get information about what’s happening from the monitoring tools, like if things are up or down. It also has one tool to keep track of when things were deployed and to watch how everything is working in the cloud.