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Home » Icedrive Cloud Storage Review: How Does This Privacy-Focused Service Stack Up?

Icedrive Cloud Storage Review: How Does This Privacy-Focused Service Stack Up?


With remote work and reliance on the cloud becoming commonplace, secure and privacy-focused online storage is more important than ever. Icedrive aims to fulfill this need as an encrypted cloud storage solution that puts user privacy first.

Launched in 2019, Icedrive is still a relatively new name in the cloud storage arena. But with affordable pricing, zero-knowledge encryption, and a friendly interface, it’s quickly garnering attention as a viable Google Drive or Dropbox alternative.

This in-depth Icedrive review will examine its security protections, features, usability, pros and cons, and ultimately determine if it’s a wise choice for your cloud storage needs.

Pricing and Features

Icedrive keeps their pricing simple and affordable, with plans starting free and going up to $8 per month for advanced users.

The free plan offers 10GB of storage, basic file sharing, and 3 devices connections. Stepping up to the Plus plan at $1.99 monthly gets you 150GB, custom branded links for sharing, and 5 device connections.

For heavy storage users, the Pro plan at $3.99 per month includes 500GB of space, priority customer support, and unlimited external sharing.

Icedrive also offers lifetime plans for one-time access. This includes 500GB for a single $99 payment, 2TB for $199, and 5TB for $299.

Key Features:

  • Client-side encryption ensures only you can access files
  • File versioning and recovery to rollback changes
  • File sharing via links, Up to 10GB per transfer
  • Virtual drive functionality to access cloud storage like a local disk
  • Supports all devices: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS
  • GDPR compliance for data protection

Security and Privacy

Icedrive utilizes strong zero-knowledge encryption and other measures to keep user data secure and private.

Zero-Knowledge Encryption

All files are encrypted on your device before being sent to Icedrive’s servers. The encryption keys remain solely in your possession. This prevents any unauthorized access.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

2FA adds an extra layer of account security by requiring both your password and a temporary code generated by an Authenticator app.

GDPR Compliance

As a company based in the EU, Icedrive adheres to the strict General Data Protection Regulation laws surrounding data privacy and storage.

Privacy Policy

Icedrive’s privacy policy states they do not access, view, or share any user files. They only collect basic account data needed to operate the service.

Overall, Icedrive’s commitment to privacy is evident in both its infrastructure and policies. Your data stays fully secured and in your control.

User Experience

Icedrive gets high marks for its user-friendly interface and cross-platform access.

Interface Design

The dashboard offers an uncluttered and intuitive workflow for managing files. Core functions like upload, download, copy, and share are easily accessible.

Desktop and Mobile Apps

Native desktop apps for Windows and Mac plus mobile apps for iOS and Android make accessing Icedrive seamless across devices.

Customer Support

Support options include email, web tickets, and Discord chat. Support staff are generally prompt and helpful, though live chat would improve the experience.

Virtual Drive Capability

The ability to mount Icedrive as a virtual drive means you can interact with files just like a local disk without hassling with uploads/downloads.

Pros and Cons

Based on hands-on testing and real user experiences, here are the key advantages and disadvantages of Icedrive:


  • Affordable pricing with lifetime plans available
  • Zero-knowledge encryption for total privacy
  • File versioning for easy rollback and recovery
  • Support for all major desktop and mobile platforms
  • Generous free plan with 10GB storage


  • Maximum file upload size capped at 10GB
  • Lacks collaboration features like shared folders
  • No live chat currently for customer support
  • Limited integrations compared to Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Lifetime plans still carry a moderately high one-time cost


For privacy-focused individuals and small teams needing a secure place to store files online, Icedrive delivers. The zero-knowledge encryption ensures your data stays completely private, and the apps provide convenient access across all devices.

While the 10GB upload limit and lack of shared folder collaboration are weaknesses, the core storage functionality works excellently. For freelancers and remote workers wanting an encrypted Google Drive alternative, Icedrive is a great choice. The lifetime plans also offer long-term value if you need substantial secure storage.

For larger enterprises and advanced collaboration needs, Icedrive still has some developing to do. But for its intended purpose as a private and affordable encrypted file locker, Icedrive excels and continues improving with each update.