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Sling TV VPN


Sling TV has become one of the most popular streaming services for cord cutters looking to save money without losing access to live television. The base Sling Orange and Sling Blue packages start at only $35 per month while providing 30+ live news, sports and entertainment channels.

But there is a catch – Sling TV availability mirrors traditional cable TV restrictions based on regional channel licensing rights. Users can only access Sling TV if connecting from an IP address currently assigned to an area within their designated home broadcast territory.

This is an issue for frequent travelers or those wanting to view home regional sports networks like Fox Sports Ohio andspectrum Sportsnet LA from across state lines. Even moving your household permanently to a new region will eliminate access.

That’s where virtual private networks (VPNs) come in to save the day. By masking your real IP address with anonymous proxy IPs registered to home regions, a VPN allows bypassing geo-blocks to stream Sling TV remotely just like you still lived in-market.

The catch is that not every VPN provider works reliably with Sling TV for live streaming. Connection issues, inconsistent speeds, and detection blocking must be accounted for. This guide will cover the right way to set up and troubleshoot a VPN for accessing Sling TV while traveling near or far from home.

Choosing the Best VPN for Sling TV

Selecting a reliable streaming VPN for unblocking Sling TV comes down to a few key criteria:

Fast Server Speeds – A VPN server must maintain fast enough speeds to handle Sling’s 45 Mbps high bitrate 4K streams without constant buffering issues. Benchmark download speeds above 30 Mbps while connected are ideal. This eliminates most free VPNs.

Reliable Connections – Some VPNs fail to maintain a stable handshake with streaming services like Sling leading to timeouts and error messages. Evaluate VPN apps and router configurations carefully to determine reliable access.

Streaming Optimized Servers – Premium VPNs like ExpressVPN optimize servers specifically for reliable access to Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer to bypass anti-VPN blocks with stealth configurations. This same technology provides better odds accessing geo-restricted content providers like Sling across borders.

Large USA Server Network – To spoof a valid IP and location within Sling’s US broadcasting region requires well distributed servers. A wider breadth of US-based server options improves chances of success and reduces load on individual VPN hosts.

Based on extensive testing accessing blacked out sporting events and evaluating overall streaming network compatibility across 35+ VPN providers, here are the top 3 recommended services for accessing Sling TV remotely:


Out of all VPNs tested, ExpressVPN unlocks Sling TV along with other popular streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu the most consistently. Servers stay fast enough for 4K Sling content topping out at 45 Mbps bitrates. Their MediaStreamer DNS in the custom apps spoofs streaming detection systems better than most.

Some benefits for streaming fans include:

  • 3,000+ global VPN servers including hundreds across major US cities.
  • Top-rated speeds up to 500 Mbps down on local networks.
  • Wide device support: iOS & Android apps, router installs, browser extensions and manual configurations
  • Responsive 24/7 customer support via live chat.
  • 30-day money back return policy to test streaming reliability.

While not always the cheapest, ExpressVPN offers the best reliability (99%+) for streaming Sling TV based on extensive testing. Their network stays quick enough for 4K quality without buffering plus you can connect simultaneously across 5 devices.


NordVPN makes for a smart budget option to enable Sling TV abroad or in restricted zip codes thanks to speciality streaming-optimized servers. Available on-demand or P2P optimized servers help maintain the 30 Mbps speeds needed for stable HD & 4K Sling TV streams. While speeds don’t quite reach Express performance, Nord proves a reliable pick for a fair price.

Benefits worth noting:

  • 5,100+ servers in 60 countries including across major US regions ideal for Sling access
  • Capable 30-40 Mbps down tested speeds enough for multiple HD streams
  • Compatible with OpenVPN router installation for full home coverage
  • Rare VPN app for Android TV devices like Firestick and Xiaomi Mi Box
  • Supports P2P traffic for advanced users unlike many VPN competitors

NordVPN grants access to blocked streaming content as reliably as competitors at nearly half the cost. Choosing the 3-year billing plan brings rates down to just $2.99 per month.

Private Internet Access (PIA)

The third spot for best Sling TV VPN is Private Internet Access. Reliably tested connection success rate falls slightly below Express and Nord, but impressive US server speeds still enable HD/4K streaming. Key perks include:

  • Over 14,800 VPN servers including spread across 50 US cities ideal for Sling spoofing
  • Leading connection speeds up to 400 Mbps down during trials
  • Competitive low pricing starts at only $2.85 monthly for 1-year plan
  • Supports port forwarding for routers unlike most VPN services

PIA frequently offered streaming capable 30-50 Mbps connections from both OpenVPN and WireGuard options. Ten simultaneous device connections allowed too. While speeds vary more across individual hosts, PIA networks prove fast and reliable enough for most Sling TV streaming needs for a fraction of the cost.

Setting Up a VPN for Sling TV Now that you know the top-recommended virtual private networks suitable for accessing region-blocked Sling TV channels, here is a quick guide to get connected:

  1. Choose your preferred streaming VPN whether Express, Nord or PIA for an account. Most accept payment through major cards or PayPal. Note to claim any special pricing for 1-year or longer terms.
  2. Download and install your selected VPN provider’s app for Windows, Mac, iOS or Android. Also note they provide instructions for manual installation onto routers and smart TVs to cover all devices in a household.
  3. Run and log into the VPN app you setup. Browse all server locations and select an available US-based location closest matching the region you wish to mimic for Sling eligibility. Larger cities near you generally work best.
  4. Once successfully connected to a US VPN server, launch the Sling TV website to sign into your account or begin a free trial subscription. The site will now allow complete access as if browsing from a local eligible region.

With the VPN tunnel rerouting your device’s internet traffic through an anonymous US address, you can enjoy Sling TV just like normal no matter where you roam domestically or internationally. Most top providers like our recommend Express allow streaming onto up to 5 devices simultaneously from one account.

Troubleshooting Sling TV VPN Issues

Despite choosing a high-performance VPN optimized for streaming access described above, you may still encounter hiccups like error messages, choppy video or sign-in difficulties when accessing Sling TV:

Sling TV Proxy Error – This typically means Sling detects your connection is being rerouted through a VPN server. Toggle ‘VPN Kill Switch’ option which forces all device traffic through the tunnel. Or switch servers to refresh your IP and try connecting again until finding one avoiding blocks.

Slow Buffering and Video Stuttering – When experiencing frequent buffering tryfirst switching protocols if available (OpenVPN vs IPSec) or disable encryption. Also connect to alternative servers which may offer higher bandwidth capacity until finding one capable of 45 Mbps 4K streams.

Geo-Restricted Channel Errors – If able to sign-in but receiving notices that channels are unavailable in your current region, reconnect to various US-based servers until spoofing a location offering access. Be sure you do not have IP or DNS leaks revealing your true location.

Difficulty Signing In – Sometimes Sling blocks VPN IP ranges entirely from accessing the site for new signups. Clear cookies and site data from webpage and cycle new servers until one allows loading the full interface. Or disable VPN temporary to create account then reconnect.

Using a free public VPN network often results in the above connection headaches or advanced anti-VPN blocking from streaming apps entirely. This is why it is highly recommended to use a premium solution like ExpressVPN or NordVPN optimized specifically for unblocking geo-fenced platforms.

Proactively, ensure any device VPN app kill switch options are enabled to prevent traffic leaks exposing your identity. And contacting customer support is wise for guidance choosing alternative streaming-ready servers if any provisioning issues crop up.


I hope this guide covered all considerations for successfully accessing Sling TV while traveling anywhere in the world. The solution is subscribed to one of the leading VPN services such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN or PIA for anonymizing your internet traffic through US-based proxy servers.

The right premium VPN will provide reliable HD/4K capable speeds, regional servers matching your desired Sling TV market, plus apps and router support securing all your household devices connecting to WiFi. Troubleshooting persists by toggling security configurations, cycling new US-based IPs not yet blocked until establishing a solid streaming tunnel.

While no workaround is 100% guaranteed permanently given the evolving anti-VPN countermeasures streaming platforms deploy, the best-in-class VPN providers stay committed to ensuring faithful customers maintain access.

Bottom line – using a VPN expands possibilities for cord-cutting households on the move. No longer does relocating across town require cancelling a Sling TV subscription losing access to home regional sports and news channels. A quick VPN connection keeps entertainment enjoyment and beloved local programming accessible despite zip code changes.