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The Complete Guide to Aura Parental Controls

I. Introduction

Parental controls refer to software tools that allow parents to set restrictions and monitor their children’s activities across devices and the internet. In an increasingly digital world, parental controls have become essential for protecting kids and promoting healthier technology habits.

Aura Parental Controls provides comprehensive parental supervision tools for Apple and Android devices to filter inappropriate content, limit screen time, block apps, and give parents visibility into usage behaviors.

II. Features of Aura Parental Controls

Some standout capabilities of Aura Parental Controls include:

Content Filters

Parents can block access to websites and online materials based on categories like violence, drugs, adult content and more regardless of device location. Protects kids everywhere.

Screen Time & App Limits

Put daily or weekly caps on app usage or total screen access. Limits are customizable by device platform or individually across game, social and entertainment apps tailored to your child’s needs.

Apple & Android Compatibility

Works across iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets. Cloud syncing means rules persist across all registered mobile devices in the household tied to a child’s profile.

Safe Gaming Mode

Special restrictions for gaming apps help control in-app purchases and interactions with unknown players during multiplayer battles. Optimizes gaming safety.

Flexible Age Profiles

Separate controls for preschoolers, pre-teens and high schoolers mean appropriate restrictions based on maturity level rather than one-size-fits-all allowance policies. Customizable as kids grow up.

Put together, Aurua Parental Controls provides a full 360 degree view and roles-based policy enforcement tailored to parenting objectives. Now let’s explore why online protections matter.

III. Online Safety for Kids

While the internet offers many resources for learning and entertainment, parents must help minors navigate potential risks:

Sharing Personal Information

Young kids often openly provide names, ages, locations and other details publicly that can enable stranger targeting. Limiting access to messaging apps and using nicknames reduces exposure.

Discussing Online Safety

Having regular conversations about online safety risks starting from an early age, even before providing internet access, develops critical thinking before bad habits form. Get kids involved in rule-setting.

Initiating Early Conversations

Age 5 or 6 when interest in devices begins is ideal timing to set expectations around appropriate websites and apps. Address early questions rather than reacting later to problems encountered.

In an always-on technology world, arming kids with knowledge and self-restraint skills helps set healthy boundaries.

IV. Review of Aura Parental Controls

Expert Evaluation

Independent assessments rate Aura Parental Controls as among the top iOS and Android filters for its granular policy configuration and multi-faceted defense tactics securing devices, connections and content.

Worth Considering

Unlike generic built-in mobile controls, the $9.99 monthly Aura subscription provides unified visibility and restrictions across all household devices – well worth it for families managing 5+ internet-enabled gadgets and multiple kids close in age.

For parents overwhelmed by complex router settings or usage across iOS and Android, Aura Parental Controls offers a simple yet powerful integrated command center to enact your household rules. After a few weeks of adjustment, families experience dramatically better sleeping habits once boundaries are drawn.

V. Controlling Internet Access at Home

Managing your home network environment works hand-in-hand with with per device controls:

Router-Level Parental Controls

All modern routers include basic parental control functions like scheduling Wi-Fi access hours. This establishes an internet off button for the entire household after bedtime.

Content Filtering

Aura surfaces inappropriate web domains for selective blocking at the firewall level for catch leaks across devices. Categories like gambling, social media and pornography can be restricted wholesale.

Together with in-app limits from Aura across your kid’s phones and tablets, full enforcement inside and outside the home achieves protection goals from all angles.

VI. User Guide

Executing effective parental controls requires:

Initial Aura Setup

  1. Create member profiles for each child
  2. Enter kid’s name and birthdate to enable age recommendations
  3. Assign devices to each profile
  4. Select content filters and time limits aligned to maturity

Ongoing App Usage

  • Monitor dashboards for usage activity aligned to rules
  • Receive notifications on rule violations
  • Fine tune restrictions as needed per child
  • Changes sync across devices automatically


If apps won’t launch or install properly, first confirm the device has been successfully added under your account. Then check age-based app permissions which can block installations. Contact Aura support if issues continue.

With Aura Parental Controls properly configured, parents gain peace mind while kids benefit from healthier device habits and online safety – a win-win for the household!

Let me know if you have any other questions!