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If you have a Synology device, there are five really good cloud storage services you can use in 2023. They will help you store and save your data safely.

Synology devices are very common. They store important data like pictures or music. It is important to back up the data in case something bad happens. We can help you decide what is the best way to back it up.

Synology DiskStations are very popular right now. People use them in homes and companies to save a lot of data. But sometimes they do not work properly. This article will help you find the best way to back up your files so that even if your Synology stops working, you won’t lose any of your data.

Remember these things:

  • Backing up your Synology NAS device is very important so that your data is safe. IDrive is the best way to save a copy of your Synology information. It costs less and has a special app just for your Synology.
  • Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office is a good choice for extra protection. It will protect your computer from malware and ransomware. Backblaze Business is also good, but simpler to use. If you know how to use technology, CloudBerry Backup might be a better choice for you.

You might use your Synology NAS as a place to store family photos or videos, or you could be a big company that keeps important work files. You need a good backup solution for the NAS.

A cloud backup is a way to save information. When looking for a cloud backup for Synology devices, you should choose one that is safe and simple to use.

There are not many online backup services that work with Synology devices. Here are the top five:

  1. IDrive: A safe way to save your data using an app.
  2. Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office: A cloud backup service that keeps hackers away from your data.
  3. Backblaze Business: The best option for businesses using Synology NAS storage.
  4. Carbonite: An easy way to store data on the internet from your Synology device.
  5. CloudBerry Backup: This is a good choice if you know a lot about computers and technology

When you store data for your company, it needs to be safe when you back it up. Find a cloud service that uses a special type of encryption called “zero-knowledge encryption” to protect the data. When there is lots of data to save, find an affordable cloud backup service. IDrive is good if you use home NAS. Make sure the setup for backing up the data is easy to understand and use with multiple settings if possible.

We have found five of the best cloud backup services that you can use with your Synology device. These services will help keep your data safe and secure.

1. IDrive

IDrive is the best backup solution for Synology. It can do backups and sync folders at the same time. It works with NAS too.

IDrive has many features that can help you save and restore your devices. Synology users have two options: either they can connect their Synology as a drive on the network, or they can get a special app. IDrive also gives you the option to get a special courier service that will bring you a device to back up your Synology.

IDrive’s Synology Backup App is a great way to make sure your data is backed up. You can decide when it backs up and keep your data safe using special encryption. It will also tell you when it finishes backing up. Plus, the app will look for and delete duplicate files so that you don’t save extra copies.

IDrive is a way to save your data online and it is the least expensive for Synology. It has a Personal plan with 5TB or 10TB of storage. This plan lets you save all your data from many devices in one place. If you have a business, then there are Team or Business plans but they cost more money.

IDrive is a very secure backup service for Synology devices. It is also one of the least expensive options. This makes it good for homes and small businesses. It also has an app just for Synology users, which makes it the best choice overall.

2. Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office

  • Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office is a program that lets you back up your files and keep them safe. It costs $89.99 per year for 500GB of space. You can learn more about it at Pros: You get lots of features, like encryption and protection from viruses and ransomware. Cons: It could cost less money.

Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office is a backup service for Synology NAS. It can save the things you store on your Synology device. The software knows how to back upSynology devices like other types of storage. Acronis has servers all around the world, so you can get fast transfer speeds because there will be a server close to you. The servers are also very secure and private in places like Switzerland and Europe that have good laws about cloud safety.

Ransomware is dangerous. It can cause lots of problems. To stay safe, you should make backups of your Synology device. But what if the backup has bad files in it? Acronis can help with this by checking for bad files and not saving them in the backup.

Acronis is not the cheapest cloud backup option. Its Advanced plan only has 500GB of storage, which may not be enough for your Synology device. It costs $89.99 a year, which is more expensive than other options. If you need to back up more than 500GB, you can get the Premium plan with 1TB of storage or buy extra storage too.

Acronis has strong security with encryption and protection. It uses Swiss servers which keeps your information private. But the storage costs too much for people at home, so we put it in second place.

3. Backblaze Business

Backblaze is a good way to back up your information online. It can save all the data on your computer without too much trouble. This makes sure that your information is safe. You might need to decide which data to keep out, but if you want everything backed up from your Synology device, Backblaze will work well for you.

Backblaze has a plan that lets you pay for the amount of storage you use. So if you only need 500GB of storage, you don’t have to pay for more than that. That makes it easier to save money and get the right amount of storage.

Backblaze Business is not too expensive. It costs $70 per year for each person using it. If you only need to save one computer, you can pay for just one user. This makes it an option for small businesses. But because of extra NAS charges, Backblaze Business is not meant for home users.

Backblaze Business is easy to use and not too expensive. But it has two problems: you have to pay more for Synology backups, and the security isn’t as good. That’s why it is in third place on our list.

4. Carbonite

  • Carbonite is a service that stores files. For 250GB of storage, it costs $287.99. You can find out more at It is easy to use and protects your files with special encryption codes. But it does not have some backup features and the Synology backup only works on the expensive plans.

Second from the last is Carbonite. It is easy to use like Backblaze. But, only the more expensive plans will work with Synology and those are not cheap. Carbonite makes sure your data stays safe but it costs a lot of money.

Unfortunately, Carbonite is not very complicated. It does not give you much control over your backup. But it is good because it keeps up to 12 old versions of your files for 30 days. This means that if something goes wrong with your Synology device, you can get back many of the things you lost.

Carbonite will make a new drive on your computer. You can see all the files you have saved with it and use them like any other drive. You can add or delete files, or restore data to and from your virtual drive. It is just like using a normal file explorer, so it is easy to use for everyone! The basic version of Carbonite does not cost too much money and has plenty of space for storage. But you have to get the Pro plan if you want NAS backups. 250GB of storage costs $287.99 for one year. Carbonite is very safe, with encryption and HIPAA compliance, but it doesn’t let you customize your backups, so we don’t think it’s as good as other options.

5. CloudBerry Backup

  • CloudBerry Backup is a service you can use to save your files. It costs $49.99 and has 5TB of space. You can go to to learn more about it. This cloud storage service has a lot of good features, like special encryption and custom backups. But you need to have another type of online backup and it can be hard to set up.

Cloudberry Backup is a good service for backups. It can help you keep your data safe and it works with Synology devices. This technology does not store your data in the cloud. It uses other services such as Amazon Glacier, Google Cloud Storage or Backblaze B2 to save your information instead.

CloudBerry Backup is a good service. It can do lots of things, like save multiple versions of your files, make copies of your hard drive, and upload files in pieces. You will need to sign up for a special CloudBerry subscription.

CloudBerry can help you keep your Synology safe. You can choose to have backups every day or just sometimes. You can decide when to pause the backups too. You also get to pick which cloud storage will keep your files so you have lots of options.

IDrive is the cheapest option. But CloudBerry could be cheaper with Amazon Glacier. You have to pay a one-time fee and a small yearly fee for CloudBerry. The Desktop Pro version can only back up 5TB of storage. If you need more, you will need to buy the CloudBerry Ultimate version.

CloudBerry Backup is a good way to keep your files safe. It is not too expensive, but some people don’t want another cloud storage subscription. The design looks old and it can be hard to use, so we ranked it 5th place.

Synology DiskStations are good for holding a lot of data. It is just as important to save your data as it is to save the information on your computer. There aren’t many apps to help with this, but IDrive is one that can help. It’s low-cost and easy to use. You can also look at other choices for the same job.

Network-Attached Storage (NAS) is a way to store your data safely in 2023. Keeping your files in the cloud helps to keep them safe and secure. It also means that they are backed up so you will not lose them.

Network attached storage (NAS) is a way to save lots of data and be able to get it from any place. It is now easier than ever before to make NAS, but even experienced users can have issues. To keep your information safe, research the five best companies that can store your data online. NAS can be damaged like an external hard drive. Fire or flood could ruin your data. Keep your data safe by using a NAS cloud backup service to save it in a different location.

Look for a website that can help you keep copies of your important files safe in case something bad happens to the originals. This is called an online backup provider. Look for one that has good reviews and a good price. Some companies do not offer a way to save the data from your NAS device. Others, like Carbonite, do but it can be very expensive. When choosing a provider for backing up your NAS device, look at how much it costs to store data. Think about other things like security, customer support, how easy it is to use and how fast you can transfer data.

  1. IDrive is a service that helps you back up your information. It is not expensive and it is easy to use. It works with any type of network storage system.
  2. CloudBerry Backup: This tool helps you control your backups.
  3. Backblaze B2: You can store data in the cloud cheaply with this one. It works with lots of different devices.
  4. MEGA: A good cloud storage option that works well with certain network boxes.
  5. Google Drive: If you want to use a famous company for your backups, try Google Drive.

IDrive is a great choice. It won’t cost too much and it will store your files in the cloud and back them up online. CloudBerry Backup is also good because it lets you control things. Backblaze B2 is simple and not too costly.

Fourth and fifth on the list are MEGA and Google Drive. MEGA works well with QNAP and Synology NAS devices. Google Drive has some nice features like working with Google Workspace.

There are 5 companies that can help you keep your data safe. They will store it and make sure it is backed up. They work with NAS devices.

There are lots of choices for backing up files online. Here are the best choices for NAS.


IDrive is a cloud storage service. It costs $59.62 per year for 5TB of storage. You can visit the website at Benefits of using IDrive include low cost, fast transfer speeds, secure encryption, and good cloud storage features. The downside is that you need to use a desktop connection to access it.

IDrive is the best backup provider online. IDrive is one of the top five services for NAS devices. The 5TB and 10TB personal plans will save your files from any kind of NAS device. You can use IDrive’s apps on your phone to save files or look at files you already backed up.

Plug your NAS into a desktop computer to do backups. This will make sure that the backup of your PC is always up-to-date. If you only plug it in for a few minutes, the backup won’t work properly.

When you use online backup, your data will be backed up quickly. You can sync and share files. Zero-knowledge encryption is a type of security that helps keep your information safe in the cloud.

Hybrid cloud storage is like getting a bigger hard drive for your device. It can store extra data.It stores lots of data and keeps it safe and secure.

A NAS can help you share files between different devices. IDrive is a special kind of NAS that helps you access your files both from home and online.

IDrive can help you keep your files safe. You can access them even when you are away from home. IDrive is also very inexpensive. IDrive costs $79.50 a year for 5TB of storage. That is less than 1 penny per gigabyte each month! IDrive is cheaper than Microsoft Azure if you need to use all the storage space. It has lots of good features, like security and low prices. You can read more about it in our IDrive review.

CloudBerry Backup

CloudBerry Backup is a program that can help you manage your storage. It costs $29.99 a year to use for 5TB of space, and comes with 200GB free. The website is . Pros include versatile tools, it works with many providers, and it has encryption to keep your data safe. Cons include no built-in storage and it can be hard to use at first.

CloudBerry Backup is different from other services. It does not give you room to keep things. It connects you with other providers that offer storage and then helps you control your backups. This way, it is easy to manage your backups even if the service itself doesn’t make it simple.

This program lets you plan when to back up your files. You can store different files in different places. You can use multiple devices, like extra hard drives and NAS drives, with lots of storage space for cloud backups.

IaaS Providers offer storage. This storage can be used for saving data and files.

CloudBerry Backup works with many different companies. It even has extra security if the company offers it. You can also mix different services to save your data. For example, you could have part of your data in hot storage and part in cold storage. You can also back up your data in multiple places at one time, or store important information separately from other files that are faster or cheaper to store.

CloudBerry charges money to use it. Duplicati is free. CloudBerry is not too expensive. Microsoft Azure has two kinds of storage that are cheaper – “cool” and “archive”. They cost less than a penny per GB each month.

Backblaze B2

Backblaze B2 is a storage service. It gives you 10GB for free and then after that it costs $0.005 per GB per month. You can find out more on the website It is good because it costs less than some other services, and has a fast courier backup system and works with many different programs. One bad thing is that it does not have great security features to keep your data safe. It can also be hard to use at times.

If you have a NAS or special computer, it may have a backup program already. For example, if you have a Synology NAS, use HyperBackup software. You need another service to store your data and Backblaze B2 offers that. Backblaze B2 is not easy to use but works with many backup programs. It is usually cheaper than other options and good for most NAS systems, especially if you are using TrueNAS or from one of the companies supported by Backblaze.

Backblaze B2 can keep your files safe with two-step protection and private encryption. You must turn them on to work. Private encryption is harder because you need to choose it and give a key each time you add something new. Server-side encryption is easier since it works for the whole storage area.

The Backblaze Fireball

Backblaze B2 storage is a good choice. You can get the Backblaze Fireball, which looks like a big box and holds 96TB of data. Plug it into your NAS and all your data will go in quickly – 10 Gbps fast! The initial backup will only take a few hours. If you have more than one NAS device, you won’t have to spend much time backing them up too.

This extra storage space costs money. You have to pay $75 for shipping, $550 for 30 days, and a $3,000 deposit that you can get back. This is useful if you need lots of data stored quickly; it would take over 100 days to back up 96TB on an 80 Mbps connection. You can also order 8TB hard drives with your data for $189 each and you will get your money back when you return the drive.

Backblaze B2 is a storage provider that is very inexpensive. You only need to pay $0.005 each month for every GB of storage you use. If you make 10,000 “class B” and 1,000 “class C” API calls after the first 2,500 are free, then you have to pay an extra $0.004. This price is cheaper than other services like it.


MEGA gives you 20GB for free. You can get 16TB for about $33 each month. It is secure, but it does not work with many other websites or programs.

MEGA CMD is a great way to save your things. It works with Synology and QNAP NAS drives. The bigger plans are very affordable, the security is top notch, and you can share and sync files easily.

We want our products to work with more providers. We especially want it to work on popular operating systems like TrueNAS. If you have a Synology or QNAP device, think about using MEGA.

MEGA’s Security

MEGA is a good way to keep your data safe. It has a type of code that lets only you get the information. In 2022, some issues were found with how it works. The company is fixing these problems.

MEGA is a safe way to store your files. It has two steps of protection and stores data in Canada, New Zealand, and the EU. This helps protect your data from bad weather or disasters. For 2TB of storage space it is more expensive than IDrive or Backblaze B2. But if you need 16TB of storage space it can be cheaper than other options.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a program that lets you store files online. You can get 15GB for free, or pay $49.99 per month to get 10TB of storage. It works with lots of different programs and comes from a big company. But it does not have the best security and privacy, and you don’t have full control over backups.

Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox are all good options to store copies of your NAS drive data. Google Drive is the best choice out of these three because it has bigger plans. You may need to be careful about security and features when using any of these, but they have great help and apps that can help you back up your Android phone.

You can connect to Google, Microsoft and other services with this product.

Google Drive is very useful. You can use it to store extra things in the cloud. Google Drive works with many apps like Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365 and Dropbox.

Google Drive is great for small businesses. It can do backups, share files and work with office software. You get 15GB free but you can pay for extra space like 100GB or 200GB for only a few dollars each month. Premium users can get even more storage.

Google Drive costs $49.99 for 10TB each month. This means that it is about 5 cents for every GB of storage you get. It may be cheaper to find other options, but Google will not cost too much if it works for you.

There are many ways to save your NAS online. You can pick a big company that is trusted or a smaller one with extra features. You can also use special software to combine different services. Make sure you make backups of your data so you don’t lose it!

In 2023, small businesses should use cloud storage to save their data. This will help keep it safe. This will make sure that all of your important information is safe and secure.

Businesses often need to back up their information. But it can be hard to find the right service. This guide will help you pick a provider that fits your needs and budget.

If you lose your data, it can be a big problem for your business. It could mean that all the work you’ve done in weeks, months, or even years is gone. Use a backup service so that your business won’t have problems. We have made a list of the best services to help you find one that is perfect for your business.

There are lots of cloud backup solutions for private use. But not all of them have special features for businesses. The ones that do might not be very good for professional settings.

If you have a small business, check out our list of the best online backup providers. This is for people who only need it for themselves. You can also read our guide to the best cloud storage or look at our comparison table for business cloud storage.

Cloud backup is a good way for a business to keep their data safe. It helps them store important information safely so they don’t have to worry about it being lost or damaged.

  1. CrashPlan for Small Business is a service that saves copies of your business data. It has unlimited storage, so you never have to worry about running out of space.
  2. Acronis Cyber Backup is a service that lets you save lots of information and pick where it is stored online.
  3. IDrive Business is a backup solution with many features. It can be used for lots of different devices.
  4. Zoolz Business is a helpful tool that lets you back up your files easily. It keeps your data private and secure.
  5. Backblaze for Business is an easy way to store lots of data. It has unlimited storage space.
  6. BigMIND Business is a service that lets you save pictures and watch videos online.
  • CrashPlan for Small Business is made just for businesses. You can store a lot of files and you can look back at what the file used to be like. It is easy to use but it does not have multithreading, courier recovery, disk imaging, or mobile backup.


CrashPlan is the best cloud backup service for small businesses. It only works for them. It has nice features, and it is very fast. Plus, it keeps your data safe and private.

CrashPlans can back up your computer, servers and external drives. It can save a lot of versions and has different controls you can use. You can schedule backups or have them happen continuously. The program only saves the parts of files that have changed to save resources.

Online backup does not have some features, like making copies of your hard drive. It also doesn’t work with mobile phones or other devices. But you can do user management and change settings for one device or account. CrashPlan is very fast when downloading things, even faster than expected!

CrashPlan is a service that keeps your information safe and private. It uses special codes to protect your data from people who want to steal it. It also has two-step security, which makes it hard for criminals to get into your account. You should use a password manager so you don’t forget your passwords. If you do forget, CrashPlan cannot help you. The only downside in terms of privacy is that, with People from Australia and New Zealand can use CrashPlan as one of the best online backups.The places where your files are stored usually are in the United States. That isn’t good because the US has laws like Patriot Act and PRISM that other countries do not have. CrashPlan costs more than other backup solutions with unlimited storage space.

This company will charge you $10 for each device. You can store as many things as you want and have as many users as you need. That is not too bad, but it does cost more than other companies that offer the same service.

CrashPlan for Small Business is a good choice if you are willing to pay more money for an easy-to-use cloud backup service. If you need special features like disk imaging or NAS and mobile backup, then look at different services.

  • Acronis Cyber Backup has lots of good things. It has unlimited storage and users, plus it is very secure and private. You can also choose where the server is located. There are some not-so-good parts too. Its pricing for businesses is hard to understand, and the client software can be slow or confusing to use.

Acronis Cyber Backup

If CrashPlan does not work for your business, you might want to try Acronis. Acronis can back up your computer, server, NAS device, phone or tablet. You can set it to run regularly or change how often it runs. It will only use a little bit of the connection speed and battery level so you don’t need to worry about using too much. Acronis also keeps old and deleted files forever so you can always get them again if needed.

Acronis Cyber Backup can be used on lots of different kinds of computers and systems. It can even work with old versions like Windows XP and Vista. You can use the management console to set up lots of users. Put them into groups so you can control what they can do with one action.

The client is not very simple to use. It can be difficult to figure out what the buttons do because they are not very clear. It also often runs slow and stops working for a bit.

Acronis does not have a feature called “multithreading” like CrashPlan does. That does not mean that it is slow, though. Acronis can still upload and download files quickly, even without the multithreading.

Acronis uses a type of encryption called 256-bit AES to protect your files. It also sends information using something called TLS. It follows laws like GDPR and HIPAA to make sure data is safe. But it does not have two-factor authentication.

Acronis is great at protecting your privacy. They have many data centers that you can use. You can pick from 8 different countries. Switzerland is one of them. It has good rules about digital privacy.

Acronis has data centers all around the world, so it doesn’t matter where your company is located. It costs less money than CrashPlan to backup regular workstations – $99 per year per device. Unfortunately, you cannot pay monthly for this service. Server backup costs a lot of money. It can cost at least $499 a year for each server you want to backup. The prices of different kinds of devices vary. It can be confusing to figure out what each device costs. You may also pay extra money for more features.

Acronis Cyber Backup is a good choice for businesses. It will help keep your data safe and it costs less than other options if you are only backing up computers or phones.


IDrive Business has lots of good things. It can be used by a lot of people and for many different tasks. It works with most types of devices and you can back up a lot of stuff. But there’s no monthly plan and the storage capacity is limited.

IDrive is a good option for people who want to save their data online. It is simple to use and has lots of features. Small businesses should look at other services like CrashPlan and Acronis, which have extra features just for businesses.

This software can be used with lots of different devices, like servers and phones. You can decide when to make backups, or do them automatically. It is easy to give people access and set up different rules for each person or group.

Disk imaging means you can save a copy of your information. Hybrid backups mean you have two copies of your information. You can also make lots of users and put them into groups for business. This can help give people access to files, slow down the speed for certain files, show old versions of files, send notifications and plan out backups.

Versioning lets you keep old and changed files. IDrive Express is a service that sends you a hard drive to help upload or download lots of data quickly. This can be useful for your first backup because it might take some time to finish.

With IDrive, you can use something called SSO which saves you time. That means that you don’t have to sign in every time. If you need help finding a good SSO provider for IDrive, look at the list of the best ones for cloud storage.

Storage Space

IDrive has plans for businesses. You can back up as many devices as you want. But the storage space is limited and costs different amounts. The least expensive plan is $8.29 a month for 250GB of space. The most expensive plan costs $966.63 a month for 50TB of space.

IDrive is more expensive than other cloud backup services. If you need to save lots of files but don’t need very much space, then Backblaze might be cheaper than other options. It is also secure and private too. Your files are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption and SSL protects them when they travel between computers. Two-factor authentication protects your files from being seen by anyone without permission.

IDrive has servers in the US which means it is not always private. But if you manage your own encryption key, this will help keep your information safer. IDrive also follows GDPR and HIPAA laws which are important for companies with secret information.

IDrive is a good cloud backup service if you need to store small files from many devices. But if you want to store huge files or want it to be very fast, look for another option.

  • Zoolz Business is good because it works quickly, is easy to use, and keeps your information private and safe. The bad part is that there are no apps for phones or tablets, and you can’t make copies of your entire hard drive.

Zoolz is a cloud backup service for small businesses. It is easy to use, secure, and private. You can get data from the cloud instantly with Zoolz Business instead of Zoolz Personal. With Zoolz Business you can also access deleted and changed files easily.

Zoolz has a way for you to let other people access your data. It is something that usually only happens with cloud storage, not cloud backup services. This is a great feature.

IDrive and Zoolz are both services that can back up your data online for free. With Zoolz, you can store 1TB of data for $15 each month or 50TB of data for $750 each month. It is more expensive than other services, but if you need to store a lot of information it could be worth it.


Zoolz can help you save information from things like computers, storage devices, and servers. But it cannot be used to back up phones or make a copy of your computer’s hard drive. It also does not have a continuous back up system, which means that if something changes on your computer before Zoolz runs its scheduled backup, you could lose that file.

Zoolz is very fast for both sending and receiving data. This is because it uses multithreading and has lots of different server locations around the world. Zoolz does not have its own storage buildings. It uses Amazon Web Services to store data in different places.

Zoolz is good for keeping your data secure and private. It uses strong encryption and you can control your own encryption key. It does not have two-factor authentication, but it is still a great choice if you want to back up more than one device to the cloud.

Backblaze for Business


  • You can store as much as you want.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is a good price.
  • It is fast
  • Cons:
  • The backup process can’t be changed much.
  • The encryption isn’t perfect.
  • You can only manage a few people at once.
  • No disk images or mobile backups allowed.
  • You cannot back up servers or NAS devices either.

Backblaze is a popular way to back up your computer. It can help you save everything on your device. But it doesn’t let you pick and choose what to save, so it might not be the best choice for small businesses. If you want to choose what to back up, then Backblaze isn’t right for you.

Backblaze helps you back up your files. Instead of choosing the files you want to save, you have to tell Backblaze which ones not to save. This can be annoying if you want more control over what gets backed up. Backblaze does its job well but it does not do disk imaging or store backups in different places. It also cannot back up mobile devices, servers, or NAS devices. That might be a problem for businesses that need those things saved too.

Backblaze is a good deal because it costs only $6 each month and you can store as much as you want. Check the Backblaze pricing guide to learn more. You cannot have multiple users with one license, which makes it difficult if many people are using one device. Compared to other cloud backup solutions, Backblaze doesn’t have very many options in its user management console.

Downloading files is fast, but uploading could be faster. It is not the fastest of the services, but it’s also not the slowest.


Backblaze has a problem with its private encryption. You can use your own key, but if you want to get your data back from them, you have to give the key to Backblaze. This means that Backblaze is not completely safe. Also, the only place where your files can be stored is in the United States. However, it does have good security and privacy for two-factor authentication and encryption while on their servers or being sent out.


BigMIND Business is a good program. It lets you watch videos and change files. And it makes it easy to organize your photos. But there are some bad things too: limited storage and users, it’s expensive compared to other options, and there’s no private encryption.

BigMIND Business and Zoolz are owned by the same company. It looks similar to Zoolz and it’s easy to use. The business version has server back up, which the regular home edition does not have. You can’t make a disk image but you can back up phones with the app. You can also set schedules for backups, and copy files in blocks or sections at a time.

Unlike other backup software, BigMIND limits both the number of users and storage. It is very expensive for what it offers. Prices range from $15 to $40 per month for 100GB to 1TB of storage. This price is high because there is also a limit on the number of users you can have.

BigMIND File Streaming is a way to access files and documents without having to download them. You can look at them online right away.

BigMIND is special because you can watch videos and edit documents online. You can connect your photos to services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Facebook. The mobile app can help you organize your photos. It has tools to recognize faces and objects, but it doesn’t always work correctly.

BigMIND has security that helps protect your information, but it does not do the best job of keeping it private. You cannot control your own encryption key. Also, most of the data centers are in the United States which makes things worse.

BigMIND is not the best choice because it costs more and you can only store a certain amount. But if you want to save pictures and videos or edit files on the internet, it could work for you.

It is a good idea to get a server for your small business in 2023. Look for one that will help your business be successful.

A server can help your small business. It can hold all the important files in one place and do difficult computing jobs. We have a list of the best servers for small businesses. Check it out!

Having a physical server can be helpful for small businesses. It gives you control over how data is stored. A good server helps keep your data safe and stores a lot of it. We listed seven servers for small businesses. They can work for simple things or more powerful tasks. Choose one that works best for you!

Important Things to Remember:

  • Small business servers can be expensive. But you don’t have to buy the most expensive one.
  • Think about how much the server can do when you choose it. Can it do more than just what you need now?
  • Servers are designed to be used for a long time, so it is better to buy one specifically made for this purpose instead of using an old PC.

We believe the HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen10 is the best server for small businesses. It is a good choice for most tasks because it has a good performance, balance of price, and how much you can add to it. It may be possible to find something that is better for you if you look around.

A small business server is very similar to a regular computer. It has the same parts like a processor, RAM, storage drives, a motherboard and power supply. But it can work continuously without having to rest.

Power supplies for servers are checked more carefully than regular computers. The parts also have backups that will keep the server running if one part stops working. Servers are different from regular computers. They have other special features too.

Computers and servers are different. Most computers use Windows, but servers can use different systems. These systems are not made for users to look at, they just do what they need to do. Examples are Ubuntu Server and FreeNAS.

The parts inside a desktop and server are not the same. Desktop computers usually have fewer, faster cores. Server computers have more, but slower cores. Desktops can have up to 16 cores while servers can have up to 64 or even more.

Servers can be used for many different things. They need lots of storage space. Servers are bigger than desktop computers. They have special spots where you can switch out hard drives when needed.

A small business server can help you keep your business running smoothly. It stores files, runs programs, and shares information. It can also help protect your data from accidental deletion or theft.

More and more people are using cloud storage instead of a small business server. The cloud has lots of features that make it easier to use. Some people may still choose to use physical servers even though there are other options.


Security is important. Cloud servers usually have features to keep data safe. But, you still need to send data over the internet. This can be risky. If your data is only for you and not anyone else, it’s better to store it on your own server, not online.

Expandable Space

Business servers can help you store more data if you need it. If your business works with large files, on-premises servers can help. A server that you have in your own building can store up to 100TB of data. But it might cost more than using cloud storage.


AWS and Azure are like clouds. They charge you for how long you use them. If you buy a server, then it belongs to you and you can use it for as long as you want.

Computers can be used in different ways. Servers can be used for many things. They can store files, host websites or databases, and even host emails. Most small businesses use at least one of these functions. But there are more things servers can do too.

When picking a server for a small business, think about how many people will use it, what type of programs and data you need, and how much money is available.

When you are buying a server for your small business, it is important to think about how much space and access you need. Servers can cost a lot of money. We recommend getting servers that don’t cost too much money, like under $10,000.

We chose servers that cost a lot of money. It is important to choose a server that you can add more RAM and storage to in the future. Our picks let you do this if you need more space.

Other things you need to think about when choosing a server are things like how it connects to the internet, how much data it can handle, and if it has cooling. We have five suggestions for servers that are good for small businesses.

  1. The Lenovo ThinkSystem SR550 is a type of computer for data centers.
  2. The Dell PowerEdge T40 is cheaper and can do basic tasks.
  3. The HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen10 is not too expensive, has enough power and can be changed or upgraded.
  4. For saving files, buy the Synology DiskStation DS220j which is affordable and used at home.
  5. The Dell PowerEdge T640 has everything a business needs but it costs more money.

We have a list of servers you can use. Some are better for certain tasks. The one called the is good at many things.

If you have a small business, it is important to pick the right kind of server. Different servers do different jobs. It is smart to look into which one will work best for your business.

We know what a server is and why it can help your business. Now let’s look at the top five options.

The Lenovo ThinkSystem SR550

The Lenovo ThinkSystem SR550 is a server made for small businesses. It will give them the same features as bigger companies have.

Pros: You can add lots of stuff and it comes with good hardware.

Cons: It’s expensive and needs to go in a rack.

The Lenovo ThinkSystem SR3550 is a good, affordable server. It comes with lots of slots for extra parts, hot-swappable drive bays, software RAID support and two Xeon Platinum processors.

The ThinkSystem SR550 has more space than the other one. You get one 6-core processor and 16GB of memory. It can fit up to 12 small drives or 8 big drives. Plus you can add another 8 hot-swap small drives if needed. And it has two power supplies too!

The SR550 computer comes with Lenovo’s XClarity Controller. This special part helps you do maintenance on the server and it can make some tasks easier. This computer system also works with other ThinkSystem servers. So if you get more computers in the future, they will still work with this system.

The ThinkSystem SR550 is a great server for small businesses. It provides enough power to get started and can be used for larger data centers too. It has lots of space to add more features, and Lenovo’s XClarity Controller helps make it even better.

Dell PowerEdge T40

Dell PowerEdge T40 is a good choice and it is not too expensive. It has a lot of power for what you pay.


It is not expensive.

It has a lot of connections inside and outside the server.


You cannot add more things to it than other servers.

The PowerEdge T40 is the cheapest server on this list. It is good for small businesses because it does not cost too much money up front. The basic setup includes a 4-core Intel processor, 8GB of special memory, and a 1TB hard drive.

The PowerEdge T40 is not as strong as the Proliant ML350. It can be used to store files and show web pages, but it is an entry level server. You can add two hard drives and get up to 12TB of space. You can also add up to 64GB of RAM.

The Dell T40 has lots of features. It has one slot that fits a PCIe 3.0 x16 card and two slots that fit PCIe 3.0 x4 cards, plus one PCI slot. It also includes 6 USB ports and one Ethernet port for connecting to the internet. Dell’s customer support is very good if you buy the T40 from them – you get one year of help with your hardware problems, and you can even buy extra help if needed.

  1. HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen10

HPE’s tower ML350 is good for most businesses. It has a lot of features and it is affordable. Some advantages are that it has two processor sockets and many expansion options. One downside is that the high-end configuration can be expensive. The HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen10 computer has a special kind of chip, 16GB of memory like in your phone, 500 watts of power like a lightbulb, and four places to plug in drives. You can add two more processors if you want to upgrade it. This one is good enough for an email server, storage or a database. You can increase the RAM to 32GB if needed and upgrade the power supplies to 800 watts.

You can add your own parts to the server. The Xeon processors support up to 1TB of memory in 12 different slots. The ProLiant ML350 computer is great for small businesses. It can hold up to 8 small drives or 4 big drives. You can get more cages that will hold 24 small drives or 12 large ones. You can add new cards into 8 slots which makes it really powerful and bigger than before.

Synology DiskStation DS220j

The Synology DiskStation DS220j is a great computer device for small businesses.

The Synology DiskStation DS220j is a two-part storage system for saving files. It is very cheap and has its own operating system. There are also apps for iOS and Android phones. The storage is basic, but if you just need to save files it will work. Synology makes some of the best network-attached storage units on the market.

The DiskStation DS220j is a great way to store your files. It has two places for hard drives, 512MB of RAM, and a fast processor. You can put up to two 16TB hard drives into it. Before you do that, decide if you want RAID 1, 0 or Synology Hybrid RAID.

The unit also comes with special software. It has a special operating system to help you organize your files. It also has software that makes backups, helps you watch movies and music, and can sync with your phone or tablet using Android or iOS apps.

Dell PowerEdge T640

The Dell PowerEdge T640 is a very expensive server. It has lots of great features, like two 10Gb Ethernet ports and hardware RAID. It is the most expensive server from Dell. The least expensive one from Dell is called the T40. You can get two Intel Xeon sockets, 216TB of storage, two 10Gb Ethernet ports and extra slots for PCIe 3.0 x16 if you are willing to pay more money for it.

This server has special parts like PCIe slots and dual 10Gb Ethernet ports. This can give it more power, like for doing machine learning. The T640 can hold up to 4 super powerful GPUs or 8 regular GPUs, such as the Nvidia Tesla P100.

Dual 10Gb Ethernet helps your computer send and receive data quickly. It is not as fast as 100Gb Ethernet, but it is still good for most networks. You can make it even faster by adding a free slot.

The PowerEdge T640 has lots of special features like hardware RAID support, Dell’s tools, easy to plug-in and take out power supplies, and up to 8 fans that have the same feature. This is a good choice for businesses but it costs more money.

There are other great computers that work well for small businesses. They are called honorable mentions.

We have two more server suggestions. These servers cost much more than the ones we listed first. That is why they are not on our main list.


The ASUS TS100-E10 is a good way to build your own server. You get all the features and connections you need to make a server. It costs only $300, which is cheaper than other options.

You will need to buy more with the TS100. This does not come with a processor, extra memory, or a place to store data. It does have a motherboard called Intel C242 that has two slots for M.2 parts and two ports for fast internet connections. The ASUS Control Center can help you manage any servers or computers in your group.

You have to buy some of the parts, but then you can pick which parts you want. The board can hold up to 128GB of memory. It works with a special type of processor called Xeon E and has a LGA 1151 socket. The board also has 6 connections that let you use RAID 0, 1, 5 or 10.

M.2 drives can help you save your data in two different ways. RAID 0 can make it go faster up to 84% and write speeds 40% faster. RAID 1 copies the same data on both drives, making it more reliable.


The ASUS ESC8000 is more than you need. It costs a lot, but it has lots of connections and space. It comes with special features like two 10Gb Ethernet ports and a motherboard from Intel C621. But it is too much for most small businesses.

This server has 8 large slots that can fit lots of things. It is made to put in 8 GPUs. It also has 24 spaces for RAM memory and 2 small slots. This server has 8 GPUs which is great for creating videos, photos, or teaching computers. If you have enough money and need a powerful computer, this server is perfect for you.

Scan 3XS SER T9X2

The Scan T9X2 is a computer server that was built with pieces from a store. But it also comes with special customer service that you cannot buy at the store. It costs a lot of money – more than $4,400 – but it has a lot of power. If you have enough money, it may be worth buying.

The Tower Server is a special kind of computer with two powerful processors, 64GB of memory, two internet ports and more. You can make it bigger with eight big drives and 768GB of RAM. It uses parts that you can buy in stores. Scan helps track the server while it is being built and gives you product support. They also do a 24-hour test and an 88 point quality check to make sure your server works great!

It can be hard to choose the right server for your small business. You need to think about how much space it has, how loud it is, how powerful it is and what it costs. If you need a reliable server, the ML350 might be the right one for you. It’s strong and can handle a lot of things!

You can find computers for different prices. The Dell T40 is a good, cheap choice for simple tasks. The ASUS ESC8000 G4 is very expensive and powerful, so it can do tough jobs.