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Top Alternatives to Dialpad for Cloud Business Communications

Dialpad has emerged as a leading provider of cloud-based VoIP phone services and unified communications tools for modern businesses. However, several capable competitors match or even exceed Dialpad’s offerings in certain areas while coming in at more affordable price points. For organizations seeking alternatives, providers like Nextiva, RingCentral, 8×8, and Ooma represent strong options to consider.

When comparing Dialpad to other top contenders in the space, differences arise in channel support, integration capabilities, customer support, and overall value. There are advantages to exploring providers beyond just Dialpad when evaluating cloud business phone solutions. Matching your specific communication needs and priorities with the right provider results in the best fit.

We’ve done the research to highlight top alternatives to Dialpad across several criteria, including features, pricing, and overall user experience. Read on for an in-depth look at the leading options for cloud VoIP services beyond Dialpad.

Comparing Dialpad to Top Alternatives

Dialpad competes in a crowded field of cloud communications platforms. Here’s an overview of how some of the top alternatives stack up to Dialpad in key categories:

Nextiva – Comprehensive features, superior uptime, excellent support. More expensive than Dialpad.

RingCentral – Industry leader with strong channel ecosystem. Comparable pricing to Dialpad.

8×8 – Leading video conferencing capabilities. Integrations not as robust.

Ooma – Low pricing but less advanced features. Better SMB fit.

Zoom – Primarily video-focused. Light on telephony features compared to Dialpad.

Google Voice – Free consumer product. Lacks advanced call center and UC tools.

When evaluating alternatives, businesses should analyze needs around price, features, flexibility, integrations, and future scalability. Prioritizing criteria can point to ideal alternatives to Dialpad.

In-Depth Review of Top Dialpad Alternatives

Here is a more detailed look at four of the strongest Dialpad competitors:


Nextiva earns excellent marks for reliability, with exceptional uptime and customer support response times under 30 seconds. The VoIP quality is outstanding, and Nextiva offers powerful UC tools like video conferencing, team chat, and screen sharing.

Integrations like Salesforce, Zendesk, and Office 365 help drive productivity. Nextiva packs robust capabilities into packages starting at $20 per month. For rock-solid reliability and polished UC features, Nextiva is a superb alternative to explore beyond Dialpad.


As a long-standing industry leader, RingCentral offers sophisticated telephony features coupled with wide CRM, helpdesk, and other business app integrations. The mobile apps are highly capable. RingCentral provides dynamic auto-attendant, visual voicemail, and other premium tools.

Pricing is quite similar to Dialpad, while channel support is superior. For larger organizations seeking a widely-adopted platform with extensive integrations, RingCentral is a compelling Dialpad alternative.


8×8 wins points for its superior video meeting solutions relative to Dialpad. The platform delivers HD video conferencing, screen sharing, and team chat out of the box. On the voice side, 8×8 offers callable AI bots and generous 90-day free trials.

But some users report unreliability with call quality at times. Integrations are also not on par with leaders like RingCentral and Nextiva. Still, 8×8 warrants consideration from video-first organizations.


Ooma delivers surprisingly robust capabilities despite its budget-friendly pricing, which starts at just $20 monthly. The offering is targeted more at SMBs than large enterprises, with pared down admin controls. Mobile apps don’t match the polish of Dialpad’s.

But for basic voice services, Ooma gets the job done admirably. The pricing makes it attractive for smaller teams with tight budgets. Don’t expect lots of bells and whistles, but Ooma covers the fundamentals well.

Key Considerations for Choosing a Dialpad Alternative

When researching alternatives to Dialpad, keep the following purchase considerations in mind:

  • How reliable and consistent is call quality based on user reviews?
  • Does the provider offer channel partner support for your business model?
  • What VoIP solutions does the provider natively integrate with?
  • Does the platform scale smoothly to support your growth?
  • Does the provider offer superior value in your desired feature areas?
  • Can the provider fulfill your unique requirements around security, compliance, etc?
  • Does the provider offer trial periods to test drive the service?

Evaluating competitors on these factors will surface the best fit alternative for your specific needs. No two businesses are identical, so taking the time to research beyond just Dialpad can pay dividends in landing on an optimal cloud communications solution.

Choose the Right Dialpad Alternative for Your Business

While Dialpad is a solid option, competitors like Nextiva, RingCentral, 8×8, and Ooma warrant consideration based on your business priorities around features, price, flexibility, and scalability. Define your must-have communication capabilities, then evaluate providers on how well they fulfill those needs. Test trials allow first-hand experience before committing. With the myriad excellent alternatives now available, businesses have an opportunity to select an ideal cloud phone solution by matching their requirements to the provider that delivers maximum value.