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Object Storage Solutions

Every year, Solutions Review writes about the best Object Storage and Distributed File Systems. They look at what people like and don’t like about these systems. They also look at information from other websites to help decide which ones are the best.

Distributed file system storage is when several computers are connected together. They all act like one computer and can share information with each other. This way you can access lots of data quickly. The computers also help keep the data safe, so it will always be there for you to use. Object storage is different. Object storage is a way to store data. It uses systems and software to keep the data safe. RESTful HTTP APIs are used to get the stored data. Distributed file systems and object storage use different hardware and software made for a distributed design. They help with business needs because of the growth in unstructured data. Distributed computing means that the computer system will not be broken. The solutions need to be spread out on different computers. It can be difficult to find the right Object Storage and Distributed File Systems. We created a list of options that you can use if you need help finding one.

Cloudian is a company that makes object storage systems. Their special product, HyperStore, helps store data quickly and safely. It also allows people to access files from different locations.Cloudian’s technology helps you save, find, and keep your data safe no matter where you are. These processes can happen on a computer that you own, or they can happen in the cloud. It is all on one platform.

DataCore Software helps people access, store, and share data. Their main product is called DataCore Swarm. It lets people set up storage clusters without being stuck with special hardware. The software works in private, public, and hybrid clouds. People can also use it with any kind of x86 hardware.

DataDirect Networks (also called DDN) helps companies store and use data. They give solutions for businesses to save, look at, share, and move big amounts of information. EXAScaler is their special file system that works both in person and online. It can handle large tasks with lots of files. WOS stores the files and works with EXAScaler too. DDN’s services are used by banks, hospitals, energy companies, government offices and cloud services.

Hitachi Vantara helps businesses save and make money with their data. They have 4 tools that help with this. These are Hitachi Content Platform (HCP), HCP Anywhere, Hitachi Data Ingestor (HDI), and Hitachi Content Intelligence.With these solutions, companies can store their data safely, share it with people they choose, protect it from being changed without permission, and search for useful information in the data quickly. The HCP portfolio helps manage data and look at the information. It works across different areas and solutions. Hitachi, Ltd. owns the company that gives you help with backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Huawei Technologies helps people use technology like wires, wireless and internet. Huawei has different types of storage like flash, hybrid flash, and cloud storage. They give out OceanStor 9000 V5 for file systems and OceanStor 100D (which used to be called FusionStorage) for block and object storage. OceanStor 100D is good for keeping private information safe, storing archives, and sharing content. OceanStor 9000 is usually used for video security cameras, sharing videos and pictures, or doing work on computers. In the future Huawei will use OceanStor 100D to store all kinds of data.

IBM offers help with technology and consulting. They have different ways to store data like flash storage, SDS, data protection software, hybrid storage arrays, SANs and tape storage. IBM Spectrum Scale is a product that works on computers or in the cloud. Cloud Object Storage is another type of object storage from IBM which also works on computers and the IBM Cloud. Spectrum Scale is a good choice for businesses that need computers to work very quickly. COS works better for storing data and information safely. Spectrum Scale can be used with containers from OpenShift. Also, COS now has faster computers and servers that it works with from other companies.

Inspur helps companies with big data, cloud computing, and other businesses. The AS13000G5 series platform from Inspur stores files and objects. It is good for high-definition videos and is very fast. Companies can use it for commercial HPC (High Performance Computing), to store files safely, or to analyze information or a mix of those things. Inspur has many services but their storage business is the biggest after selling servers.

NetApp provides storage hardware and software for on-premises. They also have data services to help manage applications and data in the cloud or at home. NetApp has something called StorageGRID. You can use it in the cloud or on a hardware appliance. It also makes it easy to move data from your computer to places like Amazon and Microsoft Azure. The provider also has special features. These include: ILM when you put in information, the ability to increase capacity up to 2.8PB and 1 billion objects, software that helps balance how much work each part does, and extra security with multi-factor authentication.

Pure Storage is a company that helps people store data. They have a product called FlashBlade that helps people store lots of files and objects in their data centers. People can add more blades to increase capacity and performance. It also supports up to 150 blades, so you can store lots of information! Plus, they have a software called Purity//FB which copies the data and lets you go back to an earlier version if needed. Pure Storage helps people use advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. In 2020, Pure Storage bought Portworx for a lot of money – $370 million!

Qumulo helps companies store data. It can be used on special Qumulo storage servers, or on computers like Dell and HPE. You can also use it in the cloud (internet). It is a software-defined solution that helps you manage capacity and track performance. Qumulo helps you copy files from its cluster into Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3. They also offer software that can be bought from AWS Marketplace and hardware that you can buy directly from them.

Red Hat is a company that gives software to businesses. They have two products called Red Hat Ceph Storage and Gluster Storage. Ceph Storage helps you keep files, blocks, and objects safe. Gluster Storage only takes care of files. Ceph can also help with OpenShift Container Storage (OCS) and Red Hat Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Cloud.People use Ceph to get content from different kinds of clouds. Gluster is good for saving, storing, and keeping track of your files. The provider can help you with linking multiple clouds together, controlling computers without people, storing things in the back-end, and setting up the utility.

Scality is a company that helps people store and manage very large amounts of data. They have a special product called RING which helps people store large amounts of unstructured data on computers. It can help people store lots of information, even up to hundreds of petabytes. RING is a special type of storage that helps it be more reliable. It works with many different kinds of applications. Scality is different because it can store both files and objects in one spot.