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Windstream VoIP


Windstream is a leading communications and software company that provides cloud computing, voice and data solutions, managed services, and network security to businesses nationwide. The company serves residential, small business, enterprise, and wholesale customers in rural communities and cities across the United States.

Windstream offers an array of advanced network communications and technology solutions to both government agencies and commercial enterprises. The company’s wide range of services includes SD-WAN, UCaaS, CCaaS, optical wave solutions, on-net and off-net cloud connections, and edge computing services.

Windstream is perhaps best known for its high-speed internet, voice and TV services delivered over its nationwide fiber optic network spanning 150,000 route miles. A major offering provided to both residential and business clients is VoIP phone service.

Windstream brings an innovative approach to delivering the highest quality of service and end-user experience across its product portfolio. The company has a strong track record of leveraging its infrastructure, partnerships and internal engineering expertise to enhance its service offerings.

Windstream’s VoIP Services

Windstream provides VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone solutions designed to meet the needs of businesses across industries as well as government agencies. Windstream SIP Trunk and Windstream Essential are the company’s primary VoIP solutions for business.

VoIP Available to Federal, State and Local Agencies

Windstream offers customized VoIP solutions suitable for organizations in the public sector. The company has extensive experience delivering VoIP phone service with integrated unified communications features and management to government agencies at the federal, state and local levels.

Specific capabilities provided by Windstream’s government VoIP solutions include:

  • Replacement of legacy PBX desk phones with VoIP versions – This cuts costs by utilizing converged voice and data networks. Windstream can replace traditional PBX systems with modern IP phones.
  • SIP trunking – Windstream integrates VoIP calling into an agency’s existing telephony infrastructure to realize the cost savings of VoIP.
  • Detailed call analytics – Windstream provides easy access to call statistics to monitor performance and usage.
  • Call center features – Options like call queues, interactive voice menus, call recording and agent monitoring enable efficient contact center operations.
  • Mobility – VoIP capabilities extended to softphone clients for PCs and mobile apps. This keeps personnel connected remotely.
  • Redundancy and emergency failover – Windstream offers automatic rerouting of calls in the event of power or network outages to avoid disruption. Locations can failover to alternate sites.

These government-tailored solutions aim to modernize communications through VoIP while meeting all compliance and security requirements. Windstream also assists with qualifying initiatives like E-Rate discounts.

Offers Customized Networking Solutions for Businesses

For commercial enterprises across all verticals, Windstream delivers VoIP through its proprietary Kinetic solutions. Kinetic Voice is an end-to-end, cloud-based VoIP system delivered over Windstream’s private, nationwide IP network.

Windstream designs Kinetic Voice deployments specific to each organization’s infrastructure, locations, and feature needs. This provides complete flexibility no matter how complex an environment.

Kinetic Voice integrates with key business platforms to unify multiple forms of communication. Native integrations include Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Office 365 and Teams, workforce management tools, and CRM or ERP software.

Key highlights of Windstream’s business VoIP offerings:

  • Cloud architecture makes scaling easy as needs evolve.
  • Call center queuing, monitoring, and dashboards optimize customer service.
  • Auto attendants and interactive voice menus enhance customer experience.
  • Granular call analytics uncover operational insights.
  • Mobile capabilities keep remote/traveling employees connected.
  • Integrated messaging with email, SMS and fax.
  • Customizable to accommodate growth, M&A activity, and changing requirements.

Windstream works closely with each business to design the optimal VoIP solution from the ground up rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach. It provides the flexibility to modify configurations as needs change.

Provides High-Speed Transport Services for Participants of Network Nebraska

Windstream supplies the fiber connections that enable Network Nebraska, a statewide education network. Thousands of schools utilize Network Nebraska for internet access, distance learning, and video conferencing over the infrastructure.

Windstream’s dedicated high-speed optical wave transport service links Network Nebraska participants across the state. This provides ample bandwidth to support usage growth within the education community. Windstream manages the service end-to-end and monitors the infrastructure for maximum uptime.

For Network Nebraska, Windstream delivers highly reliable, low-latency fiber connections. Windstream maintains industry certifications for service assurance including MEF CE 2.0 and ISO 9001.

Windstream often collaborates with education networks and consortiums to design specialized broadband and voice solutions catered to learning institutions. The company’s services aim to advance digital education capabilities through modern infrastructure.

Benefits of Windstream’s VoIP Services

Windstream VoIP solutions provide advantages over traditional telephony across critical areas:

Improved Customer Experiences

Windstream designs its VoIP solutions to enhance customer satisfaction across sales, service and support interactions. Features like intelligent call routing, CRM integration, and dashboards give businesses data-driven insights to deliver more positive customer experiences.

Voicemail transcription and unified messaging ensure users never miss key information from customers. Custom greetings, on-hold menus, and callback options create a professional image. Scalability facilitates adapting to surges in call volumes to decrease wait times.

Network analytics allow tracking each stage of the customer journey. Windstream partners closely with clients to optimize workflows and systems for service excellence.

Enhanced User Experience

VoIP desk phones have an intuitive graphical interface. Softphone apps tightly integrate calling functions into PCs and mobile devices. This results in a seamless user experience that mimics natural phone use.

Unified messaging centralizes voicemails, faxes and emails into one inbox. This allows efficiently managing conversations across channels. Mobile capabilities enable call control, transfers, conferencing, and instant messaging on any device.

These features simplify communications for employees and teams. Hands-free interactions boost productivity for high call volume roles like sales and support agents.

Personalized Service and Prompt Support

Windstream emphasizes tailored solutions based on understanding each organization’s communications goals and challenges. The company’s experts assess the existing infrastructure and operations to design a VoIP solution that best fits the environment.

Post-implementation, Windstream provides prompt support and maintenance. Technical teams are available 24/7 to troubleshoot issues and ensure optimal performance. Windstream proactively monitors VoIP systems and takes preventative measures to avoid outages.

The combination of customization and robust support enables an end-to-end managed service. Clients can rely on Windstream’s expertise throughout the solution lifecycle.

Windstream’s Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Windstream makes client relationships a top priority across its solutions and services. The company consistently garners high customer satisfaction scores.

Focus on Providing Great Service and Local Presence

The core of Windstream’s customer commitment is providing not just fast and reliable services, but also a great experience. The company empowers all employees to deliver prompt, thoughtful assistance to resolve issues quickly.

Windstream augments its national presence with local operations across many communities it serves. This enables forming strong relationships through local account managers and technicians. Customers can count on speaking to representatives dedicated to their business.

Empowering Employees to Act on Behalf of Customers

Windstream fosters a customer-first culture across its workforce. CSRs are trained to own inquiries from start to finish rather than transferring endlessly. Technicians perform site visits as needed to assess and fix problems. Sales staff take time to understand needs versus quick transactions.

By empowering employees to make customer-focused decisions, Windstream earns long-term loyalty. Customers feel valued through consistent care rather than feeling stuck in corporate bureaucracy.

Experienced in E-Rate and RHC Programs

For institutional clients, Windstream has deep expertise in navigating E-Rate and Rural Health Care support programs. These programs provide subsidies for connectivity services to schools and healthcare facilities.

Windstream helps customers evaluate eligibility, plan deployments to meet program requirements, and handle discount reimbursement procedures. The application process is complex, so Windstream’s knowledge makes it hassle-free for customers.

This experience demonstrates Windstream’s long-standing commitment to increasing access to technology through affordable solutions for public sector organizations.

Windstream’s Network Security and Infrastructure

In addition to technical expertise and responsive support, Windstream provides robust infrastructure and security to safeguard customer services.

Designed and Provided Smart Solutions for Various Sectors

Windstream has engineered thousands of complex network deployments across healthcare, education, government, enterprise, and wholesale markets. Each implementation reflects deep customization to the client’s requirements.

The company’s solutions architects design smart network topologies optimized for performance, redundancy, security, and cost efficiency. Windstream often works with third-party vendors to create an integrated solution combining best-of-breed hardware, software, and infrastructure.