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NordVPN AbemaTV


AbemaTV is one of Japan’s most popular online streaming platforms, offering a wide variety of Japanese entertainment content on-demand. However, AbemaTV’s availability is geo-restricted to Japan only, making it inaccessible for viewers abroad. This is where a reliable VPN service like NordVPN proves useful.

NordVPN provides an effective solution to access AbemaTV from outside Japan by masking your location. Its large server network includes dedicated servers in Tokyo offering strong speeds to stream AbemaTV smoothly. This article will discuss how NordVPN helps bypass geo-blocks and troubleshoot any issues accessing AbemaTV from overseas.

What is AbemaTV?

Launched in 2016 by Japanese cyberagent and TV Asahi, AbemaTV is an internet-based TV station providing Japanese viewers local news, dramas, anime, variety shows and live sports on-demand via web browser and mobile apps.

It has emerged as one of Japan’s largest OTT streaming platforms, offering fresh episodes and live streams of popular shows. Some major content offerings on AbemaTV include:

  • Local news and Japanese drama series
  • Anime including Naruto, Bleach, One Piece
  • Trending VARIETY programs
  • JLeague soccer matches live
  • Popular Korean drama series
  • Late night anime like Demon Slayer

AbemaTV has amassed over 18 million subscribers within Japan drawn to its broad content catalog streaming completely free but financed via ads.

The streaming service has partnered with over 85 TV stations creating online simulcast channels. It has changed viewing habits shifting Japanese audiences from traditional cable TV to internet-based streaming television.

Why Use a VPN for AbemaTV?

While AbemaTV has become integral to Japanese digital entertainment, the platform confines its streaming to within Japan only.

As per its terms of service, one needs a Japanese IP address for accessing AbemaTV. Trying to visit the site or use the app from overseas is met with a “service unavailable in your country” error message.

AbemaTV deploys geo-blocking based on IP addresses to enforce this tight region lock and comply with licensing restrictions from its content partners.

So how do Japan-lovers and anime fans abroad gain access? This is where using a VPN provides the only route to break these digital boundaries.

Bypassing Geo-Restrictions

A Japan VPN masks your actual location, assigns you a Japanese IP address and helps you bypass AbemaTV’s geo-blocks regardless of where you are in the world. It reroutes your traffic through remote overseas servers making streaming sites think you are accessing from Japan.

Securing Connections

Public Wi-Fi hotspots used while travelling pose security threats that can compromise login credentials and payment info submitted to streaming services. A VPN secures such connections with heavy encryption.

Unblocking Content

Changing your IP using a VPN in Japan opens up full access to AbemaTV’s entire media catalog including new anime episodes aired minutes ago along with breaking J-pop culture and entertainment.

NordVPN: A Solution for Accessing AbemaTV

Among leading VPN services, NordVPN is an ideal choice for accessing region-locked streaming platforms like AbemaTV abroad. Its capabilities include:

Huge Server Network

NordVPN offers over 5400 high-speed VPN servers in 60 countries including dedicated servers to match Japanese IPs needed for AbemaTV.

Quick Connectivity

Its consistent fast speeds, ultra-low latency and unlimited bandwidth result in smooth HD and 4K content streaming without annoying buffering or lags.

Strong Security

Top-grade AES 256-bit encryption secures user data and prevents tracking origin locations when accessing geo-restricted platforms via its private tunnels.

Easy Setup

User-friendly apps across Windows, macOS, iOS and Android make setup a breeze. Simply select any server from the vast Japan server list and connect via OpenVPN or NordLynx protocol within minutes.

NordVPN ticks all boxes as the ideal privacy and security solution for unlocking AbemaTV outside Japan with fast streaming connectivity.

How to Set Up NordVPN for AbemaTV

Using NordVPN for accessing AbemaTV is a quick 3 step process:

1. Create a NordVPN Account

Visit and sign up choosing a suitable subscription plan be it monthly, 6 months or longer 1-3 year options. The pricing is quite reasonable against top VPN industry standards.

2. Install & Launch NordVPN App

Download and install the NordVPN app for your specific operating system – Windows, iOS, Mac or Android platforms. Launch the app and log in using your subscribed credentials.

3. Connect to a Japan Server

Browse the Server List within the app and select any server located in Japan. Larger cities like Tokyo or Osaka will offer fastest connectivity. Finally, connect to AbemaTV through the VPN securing your traffic via its Japanese endpoint.

Advanced users can optionally enable added security features like CyberSec threat protection, Double VPN or Obfuscated servers to maintain full anonymity while streaming Japan-only content.

Does NordVPN Work with AbemaTV?

The ideal mix of strong encryption (AES-256-GCM) and a vast regional server network in Japan makes NordVPN highly capable of granting access to geo-restricted AbemaTV content abroad.

Testing has shown its reliability in successfully unblocking and smoothly streaming restricted shows on AbemaTV outside Japan without slow speeds or disconnections. Reasons it works so well:

Dedicated Japan Server Infrastructure – NordVPN operates hundreds of servers in Tokyo, Osaka and across Japan that provide the needed IP addresses helping overcome geo-restrictions.

Consistent High Speeds – 500 Mbps+ download speeds ensure zero lag when streaming HD shows. Fast server switching also aids in quickly troubleshooting any blocked connections.

Proven Ability to Bypass Geoblocks – Being location anonymity experts, NordVPN has demonstrated repeated success in unlocking regionally blocked streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer beyond just Japanese sites.

So NordVPN offers a tried and tested solution for expatriates in the US, UK or non-Japanese viewers worldwide to break through AbemaTV barriers enabling accessible anime and J-drama entertainment abroad.

Troubleshooting: AbemaTV Not Working with VPN

Using the optimal Japan server, AbemaTV access is usually smooth with NordVPN. However, in some cases connection issues may arise:

Server Busy/ Under Maintenance – If you get blocked, first try switching to another Japan server located in a different Japanese city to obtain a fresh IP address that may not be blocked.

Outdated VPN App – Ensure NordVPN app is updated to leverage the newest server network infrastructure and software updates needed to bypass advanced geo-restrictions.

Disable VPN Kill Switch – Temporarily turn off VPN kill switch under settings while testing connections. The safety feature may end up blocking all traffic including AbemaTV streams.

Checking these usual suspects helps mitigate common VPN connection issues accessing geo-fenced streaming content like AbemaTV from abroad. NordVPN’s responsive customer support can additionally troubleshoot specific problems accessing Japan streaming libraries.


AbemaTV has quickly become Japan’s top online TV platform for free streaming of anime, dramas and Japanese variety shows. However geo-blocking leaves international viewers frustrated without access abroad. This is where subscribing to NordVPN easily solves issues related to region restrictions.

Offering reliable connections via local Japan-based servers, NordVPN provides the ideal mix of speeds, security protections and toolsets needed to bypass blocks preventing access to AbemaTV outside Japan. Setup only takes a few minutes before enjoying J-culture entertainment to the fullest, overseas.

So if you are travelling or residing abroad long-term desiring your Abema fix, leverage NordVPN local servers to break through geo-barriers, securely stream the very latest episodes subbed or raw…and immerse yourself in Japan’s leading internet TV experience anywhere globally.