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I. Introduction

A VPN or virtual private network masks a user’s IP address by routing internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel to remote servers, effectively hiding the real public IP address. This allows users to bypass geographic restrictions, censorship firewalls, and gain enhanced privacy online.

By default, most VPNs use shared IP addresses, meaning multiple users connect through the same VPN server IP. This preserves anonymity among users. However, some VPN providers offer dedicated IP address options either as part of certain plans or as an add-on feature.

A dedicated VPN IP address assigns individual users a single, unique IP address to consistently route all their VPN traffic through. This gives users sole control of that IP address whenever connecting to the VPN network.

Although dedicated IPs do not provide full anonymity since the IP identifies individual users, there are several key benefits that make VPN dedicated IPs useful in many internet use cases:

II. Benefits of VPN Dedicated IPs

  1. Avoid CAPTCHA Requests

Websites commonly use Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart (CAPTCHA) challenges to fight spam and bot traffic. With too many users behind the same VPN IP, these protections may flag VPN traffic as high risk triggering extra authentication steps. Utilizing a dedicated IP limits connections to a single user, reducing these false risk profiles.

  1. Access Sensitive Services

Some identity verification systems block access from VPN ranges entirely to reduce fraud risks. Dedicated VPN IPs establish persistent trust associated with individual users allowing access to sensitive accounts. Examples include banking services, social media ads, functional testing sites, and financial trading platforms.

  1. Avoid Blocklists

Shared VPN IPs often appear on website blocklists due to malicious traffic from previous users. Exclusive use dedicated IPs have clean history, avoiding inheriting reputation problems from other VPN subscribers to ensure reliable access.

  1. Secure Business Server Access

Employees remotely accessing company servers through VPN need unique identifiable credentials for permissions management by IT teams. Dedicated IPs can explicitly authenticate approved remote workers rather than anonymity required for consumer privacy which creates security risks.

  1. Convenient Online Banking

Banks commonly implement security systems that require re-authentication or send confirmation codes when new device IP addresses connect. Maintaining a dedicated VPN IP minimizes disruptions across login sessions. Some banks even prohibit VPN access entirely increasing utility of whitelistable dedicated IPs.

III. How to Choose VPN Provider with Dedicated IPs

Not all VPN providers include dedicated IPs with core service tiers. And dedicated IP network robustness varies greatly across providers that do offer them. Key criteria for evaluating options include:

Server Network Reach

The server coverage footprint with available dedicated IP allotments determines what locations users can select IPs from. More server regions increase location spoofing flexibility. Top providers allow choosing server IPs matching intended usage regions.

Security Features

256-bit AES encryption, strict no traffic logs policies, DNS/IPV6/WebRTC leak prevention, and other security features should still protect dedicated IP traffic to ensure privacy. Additional screening provides authenticity around exclusive single user access.

Speed Performance

Higher speed VPNs deliver lower latency critical for use cases like video streaming. Multi-gigabit network backbones with unlimited bandwidth maintain performance even under heavy use. Speed tests help validate suitability for usage demands.

Dedicated IP Offering Details

Key details include number of simultaneous IP allotments permitted per user, dedicated IP pricing structure (monthly/annually/one-time), availability across server network locations, and any usage restrictions around specific websites or functions.

IV. Top VPN Providers Offering Dedicated IP Addresses

Here are highly rated VPN providers offering robust dedicated IP address services:

Private Internet Access (PIA)

PIA offers exclusive IPs on its high-powered 10 Gbps network servers as an account add on. Users get full selection of server locations supporting dedicated IPs with three simultaneous IPs allowed per account. The IPs avoid inherited reputation issues enabling access to blocked websites/services.

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost grants users one dedicated IP address usable across its 7000+ global servers. IPs route through residential proxies making detection unlikely compared to data center IPs. Users can refresh IPs anytime to reestablish exclusive access. Supported on all apps and torrenting traffic.


In addition to its shared IP servers, Surfshark provides private static IPs with residential IP profiles across 50+ countries. Only allows a single active IP per account. But the IP resets monthly to avoid blocks plus includes unlimited device connections with the one IP.


NordVPN offers dedicated IPs on a limited server selection, primarily US and UK locations. However, accounts allow up to four dedicated IP addresses assignable to four devices simultaneously. Unique IPs avoid triggering reCAPTCHAs and enable access to restricted networks like banking services. One dedicated IP runs around $5/month extra.

V. Conclusion

Dedicated VPN IP addresses provide unique, persistent IP identities even while routing through encrypted VPN tunnels to mask user true origins. Locking specific IPs to individual accounts increases compatibility accessing flagged services and avoids headaches dealing with false security triggers assuming suspicious behavior.

When opting for a VPN provider supplying dedicated server IPs, be sure to validate coverage footprints match intended use geography, multi-device support fits needs, and other key security and speed standard features remain robust. While anonymity suffers slightly losing entire server shared IP use, the reliability and access gains unlocked make dedicated IPs invaluable improving VPN experience for many specific applications.