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VPN with Adblock

I. Introduction

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) encrypts your internet traffic and routes it through a remote server, hiding your IP address and location. This protects privacy and security when accessing public WiFi as well as allowing users to bypass censorship and geo-blocks. Adblocking software, extensions, or DNS servers filter out intrusive ads from websites. Used together, a VPN and adblock create an encrypted, ad-free browsing experience.

With digital ads growing evermore pervasive, using a VPN alongside adblocking protections greatly enhances both security and quality of internet usage. VPN encryption prevents snooping parties like ISPs or hackers on public WiFi from intercepting ad data plus provides added assurance that ad networks cannot personally identify and target you based on real location or IP address. Meanwhile, filtering away annoying ads speeds up page loading times and removes distractions from content consumption. The VPN also unblocks access to sites that detect and deny entry to visitors with adblock enabled.

II. Using Outline VPN with Adblock

One option for using VPN alongside adblocking is Outline, an open source VPN project from Jigsaw focused on censorship circumvention and online privacy.

  1. Discussion of using Outline VPN as an Adblocker for YouTube and other sites

The Outline app and browser extensions provide VPN tunnel encryption but do not actually include native adblocking functionality. However, it can indirectly block ads when routing traffic through the VPN’s DNS servers and hiding your IP address. This prevents sites serving targeted ads based on location or selling data to third-party ad exchanges tracking users across the web.

YouTube app functionality tends to break after connecting to the Outline VPN because it still detects location-based restrictions. However, visiting YouTube through a mobile browser or desktop website should allow ad-free playback while connected to Outline with the caveat that videos may then be geo-restricted.

  1. Issues encountered when using Outline VPN with Adguard DNS

While Outline does not natively block ads, using it in combination with a third-party adblocker like Adguard DNS works effectively. To set this up:

  1. Download Outline Client and connect to VPN
  2. Configure Adguard DNS servers on device
  3. Browse sites through Outline’s encrypted tunnel while ads are stripped by Adguard

There should be few issues with web browsing or streaming sites employing this approach. However, the additional DNS lookup can slightly slow internet speeds. Outline’s lack of split-tunneling means all connections route through the VPN rather than just apps that need the adblocking protections. Surfshark or ExpressVPN may be faster alternatives if speeds are impacted noticeably.

  1. Comparison of Outline VPN with other Adblock tools

Compared to browser-based adblock extensions like uBlock Origin, privacy focused DNS servers from providers like Adguard, or Raspberry Pi solutions like Pi-hole, Outline as an adblocker functions quite differently by encrypting traffic as a VPN while relying on third parties for the actual ad filtering mechanism. Outline client does provide the unique anti-censorship capability lacking in typical adblock tools but requires custom DNS configuration to block ads across devices versus the ease-of-use that extensions provide. However, using DNS-based ad blocking avoids detection compared to in-browser solutions which websites increasingly ban.

III. VPN Adblock Purple

  1. Overview of VPN Adblock Purple, a secure and fast VPN application with an ad blocker

VPN Adblock Purple is a lesser known VPN service focused specifically on privacy-minded adblocking. It combines encrypted VPN tunneling using modern WireGuard protocol with customizable native ad filters powered by an up-to-date copy of popular hosts file Adaway.

Key features that make VPN Adblock Purple unique:

  • WireGuard VPN protocol provides very fast speeds
  • Servers based in 50+ countries maintain reliable uptime
  • Custom ad filters automatically update to block mobile ads, pop ups, etc
  • Split tunneling only sends app traffic through VPN that needs ad blocking
  • Supports P2P file transfers and streaming in HD quality
  • Strict no logging policy clearly outlined in TOS

With most adblock-focused VPNs relying on third parties for actual ad filtering, VPN Adblock Purple stands out by fully integrating private, encrypted VPN usage with streamlined controls to fine-tune extensive adblocking capabilities natively inside one multifunctional next-gen privacy application.

IV. Conclusion

The growing ubiquity of video ads, pop ups, notifications, and other intrusive advertising threatens both internet experience and personal privacy as marketers expend billions annually serving targeted promotions based on browsing patterns, geography, demographics, and more tracked data points.

Deploying a secure VPN like Outline or VPN Adblock Purple represents the most robust response through encrypting web traffic while blocking ads via DNS routing or custom filters. Preventing misuse of personal usage data provides added peace of mind alongside the practical speed and appearance benefits of ad-free browsing.

As ad blocking evolves into an essential digital privacy tool rather than just removing annoyances, the importance of Bulletproof VPN encryption grows clearer. Outline makes servers-side censorship circumvention easy to deploy but lacks some user controls. Purpose-built VPN Adblock Purple delivers fully integrated ad filtering uniquely configured to user preferences with the high performance of next-gen WireGuard connections.

Whether to increase security, eliminate distractions, or simply speed up the internet, savvy users are wise to safeguard themselves with a multifaceted VPN adblock solution tailored to this more transparent yet opaque modern web.