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Lost Ark VPN


Lost Ark is an immensely popular action RPG developed by Smilegate RPG and released in South Korea in 2019. This free-to-play multiplayer game has since expanded to Russia, Japan, and the Americas, amassing over 25 million players globally.

When playing Lost Ark online, using a virtual private network (VPN) provides significant benefits around security, privacy, and access to different regional server locations. As an online RPG dealing with real-world currency and valuable player data, employing a VPN adds vital protection against DDoS attacks and other intrusions looking to steal accounts or sensitive information.

Furthermore, connecting through a VPN service enables changing your IP address to match server locations in other countries. This opens up playing Lost Ark in regions where the game may not formally be released yet or accessing unique in-game content, items and events exclusive only to say the South Korean servers versus North American ones.

Best VPNs for Lost Ark

Several premium VPN providers stand above the rest when it comes to seamlessly playing Lost Ark from anywhere while keeping your data safe using encryption and other privacy tools.


With ultra-fast connection speeds averaging 825Mbps and 3,000+ worldwide server locations across 94 countries, ExpressVPN delivers a smoother Lost Ark experience regardless of which regional version you are trying to access. Specific benefits include:

  • Seamlessly play on South Korean, Russian or Japanese Lost Ark servers using location-specific VPN IPs.
  • No lags or delays – leading VPN speeds for real-time gaming reactivity.
  • Enhanced DDoS protection against account hacking or drainage attempts.
  • 256-bit AES encryption obscures traffic from snooping eyes.
  • Trusted no-logging policy ensures gaming data isn’t harvested or sold.

Advanced features like split-tunneling allow encrypting only Lost Ark traffic while exclusions let you bypass the VPN only for game launchers, anti-cheat apps or VoIP clients. With support across Windows PCs, Macs, iOS and Android devices, ExpressVPN also offers a 30-day money back guarantee for user testing.

Private Internet Access

Providing strict no-logging policies around all VPN internet use alongside top-grade encryption, Private Internet Access (PIA) has a strong reputation for security and privacy. PIA offers:

  • IP addresses from 78 countries to select region-specific Lost Ark servers.
  • Up to 10 simultaneous gaming device connections.
  • 2048-bit RSA key authentication for added VPN protection.
  • Specialized IPs optimized for gaming traffic prioritization.
  • Port forwarding features reduce NAT issues for smoother online play.

Although peak speeds only reach about 300 Mbps, Private Internet Access focuses connectivity through highly secure VPN gateways best suited for those playing Lost Ark using real money for marketplace purchases or trades. Subscribing also allows utilizing its network-level ad and malware blocking to further boost gaming privacy.


For budget-focused gamers, Surfshark brings impressive value at just around $2 monthly alongside quality apps for all major platforms – making it easy to get started playing Lost Ark online.

  • 800+ VPN servers in 100+ countries to switch Lost Ark access points globally.
  • Secure gaming connections leveraging AES-256 encryption and improved WireGuard protocol.
  • Priority access servers optimize uptime and speed for gaming traffic.
  • Unlimited device support allows protecting all PCs and mobile gadgets.
  • RAM-only servers keep no user activity logs at all.
  • Helpful 24/7 customer support via chat or email for any issues.

Although overall speeds max out around 500 Mbps, Surfshark makes it simple to connect multiple devices through its single subscription for households filled with Lost Ark gamers looking to team up together internationally.

Specific VPN Server Locations for Lost Ark

One of the biggest perks of pairing a VPN service with Lost Ark is gaining access to country-specific servers hosting this immensely popular title globally:

South Korea – As Lost Ark’s native home originally launched by developer Smilegate RPG, the Korean servers feature exclusive content and in-game events not available anywhere else since 2019. VPNs grant access despite IP blocks.

Russia – Through publisher, Lost Ark has been supporting Russian speaking player bases since 2020 with special regional pricing and promotions tailored specifically to this audience with their own unique perks.

Japan – Hosted through publisher GameOn which also operates servers for other major MMO titles locally, the Japanese Lost Ark game world has special upgraded graphical capabilities and content launches timed differently than other worldwide releases.

North America / Europe – Offering English translations and global pricing adjustments, the North American and upcoming European Lost Ark servers also receive content roadmaps slightly different to the Korean and other Asian versions – using a VPN provides player choice.

Having access to VPN IPs matching the desired country you wish to play Lost Ark in makes switching between them for unique item events, special upgrades or gameplay experiences simple – regardless of where you are physically located.

Fixing Lost Ark IP Block Issues

As Lost Ark restricts access attempts from unknown IP addresses or flagged locations frequently switching countries, VPN users may occasionally encounter server blocks or access issues triggering captchas and other identity verifications.

Here are some tips for overcoming these hurdles:

  • Clear browser cookies/caches after IP address changes before logging into game client portals.
  • Switch to different VPN server IPs in same country being blocked to refresh identity.
  • Contact VPN support to troubleshoot any faulty configurations causing repeat blocks.
  • Enable kill switch and IPv6 protection in VPN apps to maintain security during disruptions.
  • Set up VPN connections at router level to have consistent IP addresses for your household.

Pairing these best practices alongside premium VPN networks like ExpressVPN, PIA or Surfshark known to operate reliably without widescale regional access issues keeps the Lost Ark experience smooth internationally.

Sticking to reputable paid VPN providers also offers recourse should any unfair IP restrictions occur unexpectedly since free VPNs typically have less solid infrastructure. As Smilegate RPG continues expanding Lost Ark servers more globally, utilizing a quality VPN service lets you freely surf between versions and player bases minus limitations.


Lost Ark’s unique position as a massively popular cross-regional RPG enjoyed by over 25 million players internationally makes pairing its globetrotting worlds with a versatile VPN an easy choice.

Top tier options like ExpressVPN and Private Internet Access deliver bulletproof security protections alongside server locations perfectly suited for those either wanting to team up with friends abroad or chase special items and upgrades exclusive to Asian versions of the game.

Meanwhile, Surfshark brings impressive budget-friendly credentials for protecting full households of gamers under a single subscription.

Whichever VPN provider you select, they open new doors for accessing this hit title launched originally in South Korea without slowdowns, lags or worrisome IP blocks triggered simply by changing countries. Alongside enhanced account safety leveraging military-grade encryption, Lost Ark and VPNs prove the ideal combination.